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Yukiteru, more often than not, found his self examining Akise Aru. Akise was odd to say the least. He was brilliant yet unconventional. His actions were unpredictable, but could be explained through logical means.

Akise was very attractive, Yukiteru could admit this without apprehension. His admittance of this wasn't an embarrassing, private confession. It was simply a fact. Akise was tall yet slender in stature. He had a mature face with surprisingly white hair(Yukiteru speculated that his hair reflected his inner age.)

Akise's eyes constantly held a focused gaze, his deep red eyes unwavering regardless of situation or time.

He had a reliable personality. Yukiteru occasionally became nervous, overly aware of the similarities and differences between Akise and Yuno, but he dismissed his worries. They were different people, and Akise hadn't tried to kill his mother, so he could be reassured they weren't too similar.

Simply stated, Yukiteru was aware that Akise was undeniably handsome.