Akise's just, too adorable. Like I mentioned, practice. Enjoy?


Akise was drawn to Amano Yukiteru instantly. He knew it wasn't his appearance that drew him in, but Akise rejoiced at everything that Yukiteru was. Yukiteru's personality - hesitant, highly sensitive, incredibly shy and full of hope - was one of the many, many reasons Akise Aru loved the boy.

Akise was positive he would love Yukiteru even if he was a purely evil, sadistic man chasing and killing all in order to become God. He wouldn't care how selfish Yukiteru was. He was sure he would even assist him in his conquest.

But, Akise preferred Yukiteru as he was now - he wouldn't even dream of changing him.

Akise thought Yukiteru was cute. Simple as that. Everything about Yukiteru was absolutely adorable to him. From Yukiteru's heart shaped face to his social anxiety, he was cute. Akise often drowned in Yukiteru's eyes, the beautiful eyes that resembled the vast ocean midday.

Yukiteru was beautiful to Akise, inside and out.