A/N: Warnings - Femslash, sex/smut(lemon), adult situations. Don't like, DON'T READ!

She knew she shouldn't be doing this. It was ... wrong. Plus she didn't really have the time. Quidditch practice was in a half hour.

Her pale pack pressed against the tiled shower wall, her left leg up on the low soap bar holder attached to the wall, her right hand rubbing her clit and occasionally slipping one of her small fingers into her warm tightness.
Her eyes were barely open, the shower steamy as hot water poured from the shower head.

Her mind was full of thoughts, of the girl she dreamed was there with her. She dreamed of her moon pale skin, her platinum locks, of their mouths pressed together in fervent kisses, hands exploring each other's small bodies. Hands cupping parts of the other that only 'boys' were supposed to, touching and kissing those things as well.

She gasped softly as she slipped two fingers in at the last thought, alternatingly pumping them fast and slow, her back arching from the wall to try to increase the pleasure she was receiving, wishing it was the girl of her dreams, her own hand couldn't get the depth she desired.
She continued to pump her fingers in and out at varying speeds and rubbing her clit with her thumb, eyes now closed, her hips bucking into her hand.

So focused on the pleasure she was giving herself, Ginny didn't notice someone else enter the shower and kneel before her. The other girl removed Ginny's hand from her warmth and replaced Ginny's fingers with her own tongue, easily pushing into the girl's lower lips, loving the sweet taste.

Ginny gasped softly, her eyes opening, back arching further, hand reaching down and pressing the other girl's face closer to her.

The girl, Luna Lovegood, smiled against Ginny's lower lips, sliding her tongue deeper into the redhead, licking quickly and deeply, swallowing the juices her friend released, loving their taste and wanting more.
Ginny moaned softly, her fingers becoming tangled in Luna's hair as she forced Luna's head closer. The blond pushed her face closer to Ginny, forcing her tongue even deeper and licking even faster, knowing she was close to her finish.

The red head's eyes opened to slits as she looked down at her best friend, feeling her tongue buried deep within her, licking at her core, tasting her, that thought drove Ginny over the edge, she clutched Luna's head, pressing her closer as her hips bucked into her friend's face, on her tongue. Luna continued licking Ginny as she came, licking off all of the cum and swallowing it, enjoying the taste of the red head.

Panting and slumped against the wall, Ginny looked at Luna who had stood.

"You taste very good you know," Luna said matter-of-factly.

Ginny blushed bright pink looking at her best friend who's cheeks were slightly flushed from the exertion.

"Maybe next time you should do the same for me," Luna smiled her dreamy smile.

"I think I'll do more than just that," Ginny replied, smirking despite her tiredness.

"Oh," Luna smiled at her friend, a blush tinging her cheeks.