Title: Jenko's Children

Disclaimer: Me no own, You no sue.

Warning: Spoiler for 1x07; implied slash

You watch as Jenko's children crowd into each other – crying, turning cold shoulders to the other cops around them. They ignored the condolences and the job offers from the various precinct captains.

"Jenko's children," one captain whispers, "I'd love to be given even one of them."

You shake your head and glance over to the group. You thought that they were too close, too dependent, and now, just a little too broken. You're pretty sure that Jenko's death has ruined them for any one else.

"It's going to take a lot of work to bring them back," says another captain.

"Think it'll even be worth it?" you wonder, turning back to the others.

The first captain shrugs, looking over to the young officers before sadly shaking his head.

"I don't know, Fuller," he says looking back to you. "I just don't know."

You nod and look up at the dark grey clouds that have started to roll in. You try your best to ignore Jenko's children as you walk by them on your way to your car.

But you still see the young woman as she wipes tears away from her eyes and buries her face in the Asian's shoulder. The other two men lean into each other, staring at the ground as they whisper stories of better times.

A tragedy, some would say. But tonight, when you pray, you'll thank God and all His angels that when He took Jenko, He also took that 16-year-old boy filled up on daddy's whiskey. Because, sure, Jenko's kids were good cops, but they were just too damned loyal. And loyal cops were ruined when partners were killed and loyalty did not mean justice being done, but revenge being taken.