Vanex: Hello all! Well, ever since I created my Time Lord version of Naruto, I knew I was going to make one in which he was confined purely to the Naruto world. In this case, the regeneration cycle is a lost bloodline of the Uzumaki and was the original reason that they were known for having longer lives. Of course, that bloodline faded overtime and the only sign it ever existed is the fact that the Uzumaki have longer lifespans than the average person. And of course, since Naruto's the hero, he gets to have the bloodline.

One other thing is that the concept of Naruto's family surviving and coming back to kill him is of course one that's been used before. In fact, the story that inspired me to use a similar plot to that is Naruto: The Betrayed, which is written by Jay Frost. Of course, if there's one thing you all know about me is that I go my own direction. NOTHING will be in any way similar to Naruto: The Betrayed. All it did was provide me a starting point. So, Jay Frost, I give you my thanks for that and I hope to see some future chapters of the mentioned story, as it's a great one!

Now, let's get to this story! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Doctor Who.

"Normal Talking"

"Normal Thinking/Dreams/Flashbacks"

"Tailed Beast Talking"

"Tailed Beast Thinking"

*Scene Change*


It is a dark night, many years ago. The village of Uzushiogakure is still standing proudly. But, it is a somber time for the people there. Their First Uzukage, Takato Uzumaki, is at the end of his life, for the thirteenth and final time. There is no coming back for him anymore. His bloodline has run it's course.

Takato coughs as he walks to his bed, knowing his death is upon him. He runs a hand through his gray hair as he thinks about the dream he had last night. It has taken all day, but he has now made sense of it and of how important it is for him to tell it.

He manages to slide into the bed and calls for his family to activate the city-wide intercom. They do so and join him around his bed. He smiles at them, grateful that they are here.

He clears his throat. "People of Uzushiogakure, this is your First Uzukage speaking for what will be the final time. I've had a good, long life, longer than that of most people. But everything must come to an end, and this is my time."

He looks at his family. "But last night, I had a vision. A vision of things to come and you must prepare for them. Years from now, the world will be thrown into chaos at the hands of a man in a mask. His entire purpose is to bring the world under his control. But, all won't be lost. The world still has a chance to be saved, but it's fate will fall into one of my descendants. A wandering Maelstrom, whose life will start off full of anguish and betrayal, but will change over time. Only he can save the world from the masked man. But he can also condemn the world if he so chooses.

You will know him, because on the day of his birth, he will receive a mark of the Shinigami and his life will be bound to an aspect of the Jubi himself. But it is this mark that will condemn his childhood to the anguish I mentioned. When he comes, you must make sure he is set on the right path. The path that will lead him to saving the world, instead of destroying it. Otherwise, all that we know will be lost."

He starts coughing again, but this coughing won't stop. His family try to help him, but it is too late. Death finally claims Takato as he slumps back on the bed. Everyone in the city starts crying, while swearing to themselves that they will make sure his final prophecy will play out the way he hopes.

Time passes. The bloodline of the Uzumaki starts to fade as less and less people get it, until it vanishes completely. Eventually, Uzushio is destroyed during a war, and it's survivors are scattered. One such survivor is a girl named Kushina Uzumaki. However, she is taken to Konoha at a young age to be the second host of Kurama, the Kyubi no Yoko. As such, while she does know of the prophecy and of the Lost Bloodline, she's not a strong believer of either of them. She falls in love with a man named Minato Namikaze. The two get married and Kushina becomes pregnant.

The day she gives birth to her son, Naruto is the darkest day in Konoha's history. A masked man appears and attacks, extracting the Kyubi from Kushina and using him to attack Konoha. Thanks to the efforts of Minato, the man retreats. Minato then seals the Kyubi into his infant son, Naruto, using a seal powered by the Shinigami itself. But all traces of him and his wife vanish, leaving a crying infant with a seal on his stomach behind. An infant named Naruto Uzumaki.

Vanex: I know it's a short prologue, but it get's the job done. But, I decided to be fair and have also released the next chapter, so go read it and hopefully enjoy it!