"My dearest Edward.

"I guess by the time you get this tape you'll know… well, that I'm not here anymore.

"It's okay if you're angry, hurt, sad or upset with me. I understand. I felt like that after my mom died, too. Time heals all wounds. It's true. Maybe you don't see it now, but you will, I promise.

"These past few months… I realized that life is better than you think. Live, Edward, please. You have everything you could hope for. You have a great family, everyone loves you…

"I love you. I didn't get to tell you, I couldn't, but I do. I fell so deeply in love with you.

"You're the best thing a girl like me could get. Really. Just be yourself and you'll be happy. All I always wanted was for you to be happy. I'm glad that I got to live some of your happiest moments with you. And I would have loved more than anything to grow old by your side.

"And for God's sake, you can afford a real car. I don't want the next woman you drive around to get the wrong idea about you.


"Don't stop playing piano, ever. I loved watching and hearing you play, the few times I had the opportunity.

"I love you…"