Continuation of Day 2

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Chapter Begin

"Welcome our new student." said a teacher with long black hair and purple eyes. All of the students looked at hair as if they were waiting for her to do something crazy. Just then, a girl with long brown hair stepped into the room.

"My name is Leaf Green. I hope to get along with everyone." Leaf introduced herself. Suddenly, the class asked Leaf about things like, "What do you do for a living?" "Where do you live?" "Do you have a crush on anyone?" and so on leaving the poor girl frightened.

"Settle down!" the teacher yelled at the students with her cold glare. The whole class sunk into their chairs with scared looks on their faces. "Good. You may sit ne-"

"Sorry we're late!" yelled a boy with spiky black hair and another with brown spiky hair. Leaf could tell who they were from their voices. Well, the brown haired boy to be specific.

"You two are late! Both of you have detention." The teacher scolded them as they stood still like statues.

"Yes maim!" the black haired one or rather Ash answered almost immediately.

"Hey! I just got here for the first day. You can't put me in detention already." the brown haired boy protested as he looked up. 'Boy, does he sure have guts, that Gary.' Leaf thought as she still put up a façade.

"I guess you are right. I'll let you off this time, Mr. Oak." the teacher reconsidered as she heard some yelling from the back of the class room. "Maple, Hayden! Stop you're bickering this instance!"

"He started it! Grasshead here threw a paper at me with a sentence that insulted me!" a girl with brown short hair, yet long bangs yelled back.

"No…more…" gasped a boy with green hair and to match with it, a beautiful pair of green eyes. All of the girls find every trait of him attracting except for one thing. He was being choked by the girl. Gary and Ash just sneaked away from the classroom entrance and went to their seats.

"Miss Maple! Let him go this instant!" yelled the female adult as she banged her long ruler on the chalk board.

"Yes Mrs. April!" agreed the girl as she dropped the boy's neck causing him to smack his head on the floor, leaving him unconscious.

"I am very sorry for the disturbing introduction. Please sit next to Misty Waterflower. Raise your hand please." said Mrs. April as a girl with orange or red hair raised her hand. Leaf smiled and waved to her and Misty waved back. "Maple, you bring Drew to the infirmary."

"Yes maim!" shouted the girl as she pulled the collar of the unconscious Drew to the infirmary.

"Man. Why do they have to argue on this one perfect morning?" asked Gary as he pushed his chair back, leaning on it. The fangirls in the classroom swooned over him with hearts in their eyes. He just smirked at them, causing them to sigh and faint.

"Gee, you're as popular as ever." whispered Leaf from behind him.

"What can I say? I'm a lady's ideal man." answered Gary. Leaf just huffed at him.

"Mr. Oak! Pay attention or do you want detention like your friends?" yelled Mrs. April. 'Who are his friends?' thought Leaf.

"No maim!" answered Gary as he sat up straight. The fangirls were already taken to the infirmary if you wanted to know.

"The girls were taken." informed a beautiful, young nurse with short brownish black hair. She was as young as 20 in age. Boys all swoon over and even get injured to be in her care.

"Boys." Misty said a she crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. Leaf just giggled at their unattainable love.

"Hey!" yelled Gary and Ash as the whipped their heads back. A boy with purple hair looked coldly at the new student.

"Don't disapprove of her that quickly." a girl with mid-length blue hair and cobalt eyes started a conversation with the boy. Leaf turned to look at them. "My name is Dawn Hikari and this is Paul Shinji. Don't worry. He's like that to everyone." Dawn answered Leaf's unspoken question in a happy and giddy mood.


"Quiet!" yelled Mrs. April.

-Lunch; 11:40-

"Class was kinda fun today." Leaf stated as she walked out of the classroom with Dawn and Misty. The boys had headed out first and went to the cafeteria.

"I guess. It was hard to hear after all of the yelling and screaming." Dawn said as she recalled the events that happened in the morning.

"It was the first time I've seen such an event in the morning. My old school was quite old in the etiquette." Leaf told her new friends.

"Well Leaf, you're going to have these events more often than you usually do." Misty told the girl. Leaf just sighed and had her back slumped.

"Great. More trouble than staying at the young sir's house." Leaf muttered to herself. Misty and Dawn stopped and walked forward. They turned back, hands on their hips, leaned to the middle and looked Leaf in the eyes.

"Who is the young sir?" they both asked. Leaf shuddered at how they can be so in sync with each other.

"Uh, Gary?"

"You're staying at his house!" yelled the girls. Leaf had to close her eyes and covered her ear to prevent from being deaf.

"Yes, I'm staying there and as a maid. It's to work for money to pay for my family's house bills. Is there something wrong with that?" asked Leaf.

"No, nothing." Misty answered. Dawn just nodded.

"We were just surprised." Dawn continued Misty's sentence. Leaf just smiled back.

"We better go get lunch. I'm hungry." Leaf changed the topic. The two just nodded and started to speed walk to the cafeteria. "Wait up! What's the hurry?"

"May is gonna be mad without enough food to fill her stomach." Dawn answered.


"The girl who choked Drew Hayden this morning. Brown hair. Blue eyes. You know-" Misty was cut off by a girl behind Leaf.

"Me." said a girl with long, brown bangs and short hair. Leaf jumped at her sudden appearance. The other two stared at her. "What?"

"Nothing." Leaf said as she held her chest and was breathing hard.

"Then let's get going! I'm hungry!" yelled May as she ran down the hall. The girls ran after her like she was a wild lion.

"Wait up!" yelled the three as they had slowed down and stopped breathing hard.

"She sure runs fast for a girl." Drew popped in between Leaf and Misty.

"Ah!" Dawn shouted as Misty and Leaf threw Drew to the ground in front of them for self defense.

"Ow! I don't want to be knocked out during the time I can eat lunch." Drew told the girls as he stood up and dusted himself off.

"Your fault for scaring us." Leaf said as she walked ahead.

"Great! I have a friend who can understand my feelings." Misty sounded pleased. Dawn walked ahead and caught up with Leaf. "Hey wait up!" yelled Misty as she ran to Leaf and Dawn.

"Girls are so mean." Drew stated as he rubbed his head and jogged to the girls who were already almost out of sight. 'Maybe this might be the funnest school I'll ever go to.' Leaf thought as she headed to her destination.

Chapter End

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