So sequel time as promised! If you have no idea what I am talking about then I'd suggest you read my other story "The Hate Inside Of Me" first because you may be missing some key details. Avenger's was so great and I am happy to be starting with this. I may add Clint/Natasha as a side coupled, because who didn't love their chemistry?

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Faye sat with her back straight in the metal chair. It was cold and oppressing like anything else in this place. The lights flickered and danced around her as the place was buzzing and yet it was just another ordinary day. Her eyes were calculating and pensive as the Director stood before her. He himself was quite a respectable man. A heavy step in boots, and with all the powers of a hurricane, he carried himself as a leader. Faye felt the tightness of the leather suit she her-self was wearing. SHIELD had accepted her greatly; almost with too much respect and it made her wonder how much of the truth they still kept from her.

"How are you Faye?" Fury asked in all seriousness of the question.

"I do not know. I live my life everyday, and believe I am who you say I am. A hole is in the middle of my life and you say you can fill it Director. I challenge you to try."

"Still bitter I see." He walked around like a cloud of black, "But, I have somewhere to be tonight, and I would greatly appreciate it if you would accompany me. We have an emergency."

"Another emergency?" It had peeked her interest and suddenly she was more engaged. The thrill and adrenaline of doing covert tactics with SHIELD was somewhat of a treat.

"Perhaps more insight of your new job would do you some good."

"You have been having me train for three years now, I can hardly say anything is 'new'." She crossed her arms as her steely blue eyes judged him.

"Yes or no agent." He said monosyllabically.

She sighed and stood from her chair. "I graciously accept any new task."

"Good, we go by chopper out in the hanger."

Faye followed alongside as Agent Hill joined with them. She gave a quick, trusting nod to Faye and she responded in the same manner. Both were her senor officers yet they treated her just the same as any member. Whether it was fear or respect was left yet uncertain. Some of the agents had looked on her differently for her…talents. Faye clenched her hands tight in her leather gloves. The hanger was filled with technology and it always made her stop and gape. The doctors had first pronounced her with amnesia but it was just a gesture. She felt so foreign and did not understand any workings of this world. Fury himself had said as little as 'You are not of Earth' and left it at that. They had put her through a series of different tests and discovered her hidden powers that lie dormant. They had been unstable at best, but she could harness light as lethal as the strength of the sun. Coulson had dubbed her their 'Evening Star'; she did not know of its meaning.

The blades of the Helicopter kicked up a blustery gust and Faye felt her hair whip around her face. It was honey blonde and she constantly kept it down, even to the dismay of every other agent. One by one, they hopped into their transport and the pilot took off. She did not have the slightest inclination as to where they were going, but she enjoyed a trip out of SHIELD's headquarters; so dull and mechanical.

"Are we checking in with Coulson?" Faye shouted over the sounds of the chopper.

"Yes, as well as some other important figures you need to meet." Fury shouted back though his voice carried easily enough in a closed off room.

Maria was busy fiddling with a contraption on her ear, a headset, Faye had heard it was called. Everything revolved with lights and clockwork it seemed. Wires and batteries, they were no different to her. She turned her attention to the night sky and was immediately relaxed. Something about looking up at a blanket of stars made her feel calm and not as alone as she had been before. Where had she come from, and was she a completely separate entity from these beings she was surrounded with? All was unimportant, for she could not complain. Her life had been fair since SHIELD had first found her. She had been abandoned in a field with a crater the size of a house encircling her; not of this world indeed.

"We're coming up on it now sir." The pilot said to the Director.

Fury nodded as the chopper started to hover, and then descended onto a landing pad. They disengaged from the chopped, into the stark night. Faye followed tight at Fury's side as they approached Agent Coulson.

"How bad is it?" Fury shouted over the sounds of puerperal blades.

"That's the problem sir, we don't know." Coulson replied. He was in usual SHIELD attire; dark suit and conspicuous looking glasses but a smile that was constantly there in dire situations, "Hello again Faye." He greeted as they headed for the building.

"It is nice to see you sir, though I wish it was on better circumstances." She replied.

The building was bleak and unimpressive from the outside, no doubt for the purpose of concealing its importance. They entered a dark elevator, hooked up by a series of cords and pulleys that plunged them down into a further pit. Faye swallowed hard at the queasy feelings of being entrapped in such a conforming space.

"Dr Selvig read an energy surge from the tesseract four hours ago." Coulson informed as they walked in a panicked rush. All was in an uproar and people were running amuck down the hallways and corridors.

"He wasn't authorized to go to test faze." Fury said impatiently.

"He wasn't testing it, he wasn't even in the room. It was a spontaneous event" Came Coulson's short reply.

"It wasn't even turned on?" Maria asked from behind.

"If the energy levels are climbing, should we not be evacuating all personnel?" Faye suggested.

"We started with it an hour ago. The campus should be clear in the next half hour."

"It better." Was Fury's stern reply.

Coulson complied and split off from them as they continued on a flight of stairs. Fury and Hill were in a disagreement about the manners of evac and some other trouble with 'mark two' which had no meaning for Faye. Secrets were hidden and tradition was preserved; it was just like a southern gothic horror.

"Yes sir." Faye watched as Maria stormed off for a less than acceptable idea.

"Faye, you're with me." Fury ordered to catch her attention.

She was expected to follow. "Of course sir."

They stooped into a metal room, shaped as the inside of a warehouse with a bizarre looking portal at one end. A science team was buzzing with the activity being thrown off from a gleaming energy source in the center of the room. Faye already felt the power it was convulsing, and she too wondered if evac was too late of a cause.

"Talk to me doctor." Fury said, to a man in an aquatic flannel shirt and tan khakis. He looked to be in a frazzle and Faye eyed him with the utmost criticism.

"Director." The man said rather surprised.

They started to discuss the issue of this tesseract and Faye looked upon it with scrutiny. Raw power in the form of a small cube; it all seemed so fruitless yet it was nothing of the matter when she took in the concern on Fury's face.

"The tesseract is misbehaving."

Fury looked in a rage, "Is that supposed to be funny?"

Faye observed as a scientist prodded at the cube with a metal rod. It was easily rejected from the distilled energy, "Misbehaving?" She wandered a little ways from the pair and encircled the cube with her steps. Why this rotten feeling she wondered. She felt something under the depths of her skin; a sense of familiarity.

"Where's Agent Barton?" Fury interjected.

"The Hawk; he's up in his nest, as usual."

Faye smiled as she spotted keen Clint on his perch. He was like a gargoyle holding onto the rim of an old church and his eyes saw all. She abandoned the two men to join the Agent up top, "Is she…from there?" Selvig asked carefully when she was out of ear reach.

"She came the exact same way as your Thor, so we suspect it. Trouble is, she has no memory to recollect any of her past excursions, making her a fit, but dangerous ally."

They gazed up at the strange female as she sat with Barton on the metal overhang; they both were reserved like good spies should be. "Anything of importance happening here?" She asked.

He shook his head slowly, "The same old routine, though Fury's going to want to hear what I've got to say."

"Aye, you are indeed the eyes and ears of this place."

He chuckled, "It always amazes me, your perfect speech I mean. You make the rest of us sound like trailer trash."

"I cannot speak with contractions." She said with a wry grin.

Clint stood as he saw the Director in waiting. "Agent Barton, report." He charged down with Faye following as Fury looked ready to be in business, "Barton, talk to me. I gave you this detail so you could keep a close eye on everyone."

Clint shrugged as they made light steps about the place, "I see better from a distance."

"Have you seen anything that might set this thing off?"

"I really don't have anything. No ones come or gone. Their clean, Selvig's clean, there is no sign of corruption, but I know I'm missing something."

Faye listened closely as she watched the tesseract grow warped with power. 'The doors opened from both sides' as Clint had said and it was an inconvenient truth. She stalked around the cube until taking note of the distress in the doctor and his crew. The tesseract was growing unstable at an accelerating rate while the research crew tried to get a handle on the situation. Blue light emitted in a ghastly manner like fog on a morgue and was pouring out in a steady stream across the room. It hit at the perfect angle on the portal stage that had been a blank canvas when they first arrived. Watching anxiously, the cloud only grew vigorously and a dreading feeling crept into the hearts of all present.

"What is happening?" Faye called to her partners.

"Nothing good." Clint remarked.

The light was at a blinding height and everyone started to shield their gaze with the crooks of their arms. When at long last the blast erupted; a great tidal of wind jetted out and had everyone take a stammer back from the burst. Something, or rather, someone had come through from the other side. Agents were moving in slow on the figure still wrapped up in the blue licks of energy. The who in question, was knelt in a crouched position yet it was still threatening and she already knew something was about to happen.

"Barton." She said uneasy.

"I know. Aren't you glad you came here?" He jibbed.

She tightened her hands into fists and rolled the strain out of her neck, "Just another day at the office, would you not say?"

Their focus was pointed on the figure again, and the head started to rise like a dark sun over the horizon. Long black hair like crow feathers and alabaster white skin was accompanied by twisted dark eyes of green. His garment was a curious thing; a cape brimmed with gold armor and a staff that threw off the same waves as the cube. His smile, Faye thought, was full of damnation and suddenly Fury was even in a state of horror.

"Who's that?" Faye asked with dread.

"A shit load of new problems for me." Clint seemed to agree with the vulgar statement that the Director put forth.

The man stood at full height and it was impressive indeed, "Sir, please put down the spear." Fury called steady.

The man, who looked rather ill with purple bags under his eyes, looked to be uncooperative. The way he bore at his own weapon left a hole turning in Faye's heart. He turned his gaze back to Fury before closing back with a look that brought hate. A beam of light fired out of the staff and Clint was quick to protect the Director. Things only took off from their and Faye ran quickly to her comrades. The guards were busting caps from their guns at the enemy who prevailed them. He moved like a snake; deadly striking down with physical blows and magic. The guards were catching knifes in their chests like dart boards. Faye caught one as well, in her arm and she went down in a flash gritting her teeth.

"Shit." She seethed before pulling the small blade from her bicep. She let out a small cry and looked at her stained blood on the silver dagger. The emblem on the handle did not look like anything she had seen in SHIELD's files before. She threw it down with a 'clank' on the ground while attempting to pull her-self up. Clint was back to firing his pistol at the adversary before being delivered a blunt kick into the wall. The room was in shambles and sparks as the wires hung like threads off the walls. The enemy gazed around, looking triumphant with not a soul groaning. Faye watching with dread as Clint started to stir with his gun in hand. Apparently the demon gentleman had also spotted him for he started out for the Hawk.

Faye did not begin to think as she rushed before her friend. He was about to pull the gun before Faye stood defiantly in front of him. The enemy stilled; in both movement and thought as he looked at her. It was unsettling as he took her in with amazement and worship "Do not touch him!" She spat. Clint was surely making some protest behind her but her focal point was this new being.

He smirked with a smile and perfectly straight rows of teeth like a shark, "Well, you certainly are a sight for sore eyes love."

It made her bulk for a brief moment. "Excuse me?" The words he played were so disconcerting.

His eyes narrowed into slits, "You really do not remember me. I must confess I am deeply hurt. Perhaps it is only your mind that is frail. Let us test the memories of your heart."

Faye felt a prodding at the center of her chest as he jabbed with the brim of the spear. She felt herself growing numb and hollow as a queer presence began to take hold. Her eyes were losing vision and her muscles clenched in strain like a jolt from electricity. She was nearing the end of this pain; down its long road to a mystery on the other side. The lasts thoughts from her mind was to know who this man was, but she did not get to finish that question before the feeling of falling crashed down and she was under it all.

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