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So I always get nostalgic with that song,
But in my room it's forced
It has to be in some car across the street

Loki awoke in the middle of the night again, somewhere in between the early a.m.'s. The rest of the floor had turned silent for some time, and he was quite surprised that the Avengers hadn't come to disturb them, or rough him up at any rate. Something had been bothering him in his mind for longer than he cared to admit. It was something Barton had said, back in the compound of his science lab, from days that had long been forgotten; all except for one detail. He had told him about Halios' first arrival on Midgard, alone is how she had arrived, just as he had. SHIELD had taken her in, of course knowing she wasn't some normal mortal who fell from the sky in a crater the size of five city blocks. It had spelt trouble the moment they found her, and he wondered if she had been scared for their hidden agenda. They had done tests on her, and it had not been easy news to divulge in, especially at the time. He had only just found her again, and to hear she had been treated so barbarically…he wondered how she felt.

He shook her lightly, his faint of narcosis taking over. She hummed and grumbled, agitated as it were, "What Loki?" She asked into the night, her tone impatient with him.

"I just wanted to know what SHIELD did to you."

Her attention was on him quite quickly, considering her half-asleep form, "I suspect Clint told you things." He nodded his head against the pillow, "Why do you want to know now?" She settled onto his chest, running her fingers along his skin absentmindedly.

"For ease of my mind I suppose. Our situation seems similar. You were here alone, but you endured through the pain and confusion of not knowing your true identity. I am preparing my mental state for Asgard as well, and I need to know what happened to you."

Her eyes left him for a moment, before her blue iris's returned, "I…it was medical testing at first; blood samples, listening to my heart, X-rays and about fifty other things. From the outside, I appeared to be as normal as any average Joe on the street, but it certainly wasn't the case when most of my test results came back. We don't have the same blood type's on Asgard as compared to the ones present here, but I was unaware of such a thing because of my memory. My bone density was much stronger than theirs as well, considering my small weight when I first appeared here. I took a fall down several flights of stairs, and made it by with only a bruise; no broken bones or fractures. This gained the attention of the Director."

Her voice was fully awake from her sleep, not groggy or wavering even and he knew she was truly engaged in the retelling. Hearing Fury come into the story had him silently fuming. From what news Barton had told him, it was when Fury intervened when Halios was suddenly put under the dangerous spotlight, "He wanted you as a weapon." He said between gritted teeth,

"I suppose he did, now that I think on it. My regular medical tests turned to strenuous tasks that sometimes felt like torture, in both the most physical and mental of ways. I remember being put in a dark place, and I was told to escape with whatever means I was able to provide myself with. I had no idea where I was; too afraid to take even two steps in fear of falling down to a darker abyss. I was one with the shadows, and I stayed there for days, never moving, and hardly breathing." A pregnant pause filled the room, and her face was vacant to him. "I don't know when they managed to slip food into the room, but I always awoke with a small plate beside me. It always was the same meal, and consisted of one apple, a shot glass of water and a fried pork chop. Whether it was of some significance or not escaped me, but I ate with my hands, not caring of the shame because it was an act of survival. I don't know what day it was, but I awoke again, reaching for that wretched plate of food that I had grown to hate. Eating it felt like tar in my mouth, and I wanted to pitch the plate against the wall if there really were any surrounding me. A light was shining somewhere though, and I paused in my anger, too enthrall by this new sign of hope. For a moment, I thought it was only SHIELD, coming to save me because I had finally failed, and suddenly I didn't want them to come. But it wasn't SHIELD, no, this new light was me. My flesh was luminescent like the pale of the moon, and I sat still, only admiring my skin. The most morbid thoughts in my mind thought me dead, but SHIELD agent's came to retrieve me and they had stunned faces, similar to the one I was probably wearing. Instead of treating me as a monster, I was hastily welcomed into the ranks of the private organization, and they gave me the name Faye."

"Why Faye?" He had despised the name since first hearing it uttered, though he was likely to hate any name given to her other than Halios.

"Faye are creatures in folklore here; rumored to glow they are, and Clint thought it was amusing. He helped me with everything here, now that I think on it. He had even kept track of the days I had spent in isolation. As it turns out, I was there for three weeks; it felt longer somehow. I am constantly in awe of his stamina though, he reminds me of Fandral now that I look back, and it makes sense I had bonded to him so easily."

"Funny you should mention that, for it was my first impression of him as well." Loki watched her again, and was overcome with remorse. He felt weak somehow, like it was his fault that she was made to suffer here. Maybe that was only his thoughts, because she seemed unaffected by the ordeal, "Were you not afraid?"

"Oh, I was, but I am glad of the experience now. I was taught discipline, and I discovered my own inner strength. Training was difficult, there I will not lie to you, and I had to build up muscle mass." Something she had done well, and he mentally was thankful for all of her new curves, "Don't be so fearful for me, I am far from harm now. It was three years ago here."

"It was longer for me. You were gone for almost twenty-one years on Asgard."

Her mouth opened wide as did her eyes, "I left you for…" She couldn't repeat the number.

"It is in the past, however much I regret those wasted years; I feel no need to linger on them now. Go to sleep, I have kept you from rest long enough." He kissed her head reassuringly, but she looked to be in my distress, "Twenty-one years..?"

"It was only a passing daydream to me. Twenty-one years on Asgard is not the same as Midgard years, I was hardly with strife." After he felt her breathing calm down, he spoke faintly into the air, "Halios, will you leave SHIELD now?"

He waited an excruciating amount of time, and when she finally answered, it was with but the smallest words that he was not searching for, "Maybe someday."

And I always catch the back of your head in a crowd
Just don't turn around
It's never you and you ruin those memories

When he awoke in the morning, she wasn't there with him. The left side of the bed felt uncommonly cold, and when he reached his arm for her, he grasped nothing but sheet. His eyes were more alert and he bolted upright, seeing the room bare and abandoned with her clothes gone. His had been folded back on a chair, neatly pressed and with a touch of love that was no doubt her doing. What they talked about last night seemed eons ago, and their love making seemed more distant than that. He had asked her if she was to leave SHIELD, but what he had really done was secretly beg for her to leave them behind.

When he had been lying in the crater in Stark's living quarters, he knew he would be courted back to Asgard. He just assumed that meant Halios would be coming with him and Thor as well, but he had never really asked that of her. In his heart, he already knew the answer. A knock on the door, followed by a massive entrance went by without interest on his part.

"Loki, I trust you are well prepared for today."

"In which you court me off to prison, yes I have been longing for it." Stupid Thor; this was all his doing.

"Then let us make haste before SHIELD and other Government organizations try to claim you."

"How much did you see last night?" He interrupted, and it had Thor's ears turning pink. "I only came to check up upon you and Halios. Iron Man assumed you would want time alone with her, so we dwindled in the city, helping clean up some of the destruction."

He accepted the answer, knowing something so earnest could only come from Thor if he was involved, "I suspect you Avengers will be held accountable for all the destruction, and me as well?"

"Which is the reason we must usher you away from here."

"And because your Father obviously missed me so." He rolled his eyes while Thor continued to ponder the spite behind the words, "You are still his son, Loki."

"No, never again."

And those photos are great if I catch them with the side of my eye,
But if I stare, it just turns into you and me
We're just standing there

When he was driven into the main room, it was still a pile of rubble. Apparently Stark was unaffected by this as he was sitting at the counter, reading a newspaper and doing something clever with technology. Loki's presence went unnoticed by him, or if not, then he was making well on ignoring him. His heart loomed like an angry cloud over the city; Halios was not present in the room either. He had taken into consideration that she hated goodbyes, but the sudden urge for her to tell him of that made his mind wander with unpleasant thoughts. Surely she did not mean that she would not even be present to wish him well…in prison. It wasn't exactly something you wished someone well on, but he wanted-no, needed to see her face before he was gone.

The corner of Stark's paper turned down, and Loki bared witness to see his eyes were behind a pair of colored lenses, "Ready to go convict?"

Loki quirked his lips at the man dressed in the grey suit, "No more words of courtesy spent my way?"

"Hey, I showed some decency because of her, not for your benefit." Loki hardly thought this man could show decency at all, even if it slapped him in the face, "Bind him up Thor, we have to make sure the Prince looks ready for his close-up."

And now it's over
Would you hear me
Scream at the top of my lungs
And when you go there
Would you hear me
Scream at the top of my lungs

Loki would have the last laugh in the end. How dare they put this demoralizing contraption over his mouth. He was struck hard by their audacity, but was surprised that Thor had finally learnt the valuable lesson about the power of words. He was uttered useless, and the span of the trip over, he made well on fusing over it as well as the cuffs on his wrists. They did not care now, not even Thor. It had always been what he wanted, so why did he suddenly feel so miserable; was it because Thor was his last giver of mercy? Loki had never wanted his help, but it was...comforting to know it was always there, and now, well, he felt just the tiniest bit lost.

The city's denizens recovered the next day, acting as if nothing had happened while going on with their mundane lives. They came to a halt, stopping in the middle of a wooded park. He was astonished to see how deserted the place was. Perhaps everyone was tending to rebuild the city, or SHIELD had ordered it this way. In either case, it really made no difference to him. His was a one way destination; a cold, dank cell on Asgard, or so he hoped.

So I always fool my friends and we head down there
You think that we are en route
We just drove past your old house and you weren't there
And I'm always great when I'm hanging with your buds and they lie
They think that I'm just fine
Its always been that way, just a pocketbook Brando

Every one of the Avengers was present now, except one and it was the only person he truly cared about. The good Doctor Selvig had made a fast recovery, and was already public to watch Loki be denounced back into the realm eternal. He was with the Tesseract, and he spared Thor such a look of admiration, that Loki was likely to vomit if it weren't for his mouth already being covered. Loki was also feeling hostile from the looks the agents were sharing and tossing to him in return. They thought themselves so clever, sharing hushed words to each other while mocking him blatantly. It seemed clear to him that they were not as bold to share the words openly, because the fear he had delivered still clung heavy in their hearts; his goal having been realized as it were.

He felt he was being abdicated from his Throne once more, just the same as it had always been on Asgard. It was precious to him that they thought they were free, and that he had finely gained the ultimate lesson. This of course was a false assumption, and he would be there to show them wrong; the very worst of his being coming forth while the best of him was kept hidden from the all Seeing Eye.

And when you hold him
Would you hear me
Scream at the top of my lungs
You love my whisper
But did you hear me
Scream at the top of my lungs

This was his last day on Midgard, and he was surrounded with people who had their hearts content in diminishing his plans. Successful they were today, but for tomorrow, who would be there for Earth? Would Earth even be his target now, well, that was difficult for him to decide. There wasn't anything on this wasteland that he had held a fancy too, and it was likely that he would not want to be a ruler of worlds with this place as his crown jewel.

Thor was studying him, his eyes fixed with a stern look. The handle of the Tesseract looked positively ill becoming, and his fingers were hesitant to latch onto the grip for very long.

"Wait!" His ears almost popped with the sound, and he wasn't the only one looking relieved to see her.

"You're late." Tony piped, "I'll deduct points for that."

"Sorry, I…I was having a rather difficult debate with myself, on whether to come here or not." News that made Loki disgruntled, but he supposed he should be feeling happy to see her at any rate. She was in all white, from the cotton sundress that hugged her hips, down to the ballet slippers on her feet. Her tanned skin reminded him of the gold palace halls. "I cannot speak with him?" She said plainly.

"Afraid not." Steve said with a grim look, though he didn't sound nearly as apologetic as he would have made off.

She nodded, and very well approached him anyways. All eyes were staring at them incredulously, but she chose to ignore them all, as did Loki. "I am sorry for leaving you so soon this morning, but I, well, I am not fond of saying farewell." Her hands were on his cheeks, and he would have leaned into kiss her palm, but was stayed by the odious gag.

"You do not weep?" He spoke the words in her mind, as he often did to startle her on Asgard. He was rewarded with the same shocked expression, before her lips pursed into a knowing look.

"I hate when you do that." She paused, her face still rectified, "No, I will not weep over you Loki, for I shan't think any will be spilt in my absence this time. My own eyes would not run dry until I said goodbye."

It was a horrible truth, but he would not mourn for her loss twice, and was just as spiteful again for her not choosing to remain at his side, "You are correct, I will not shed tears on my face for you. You are to remain here?"

"For now, this place calls me home, and I think there is much good to be had yet."

"A disappointing answer for your friends that await your impending return."

She clicked her tongue, "I did not say I will never return, but I can't go with you, such as you are now."

"Then, I understand. However, this is not goodbye for you and I, and you know this to be true. I will return for you another day, heed the truth in those words." He was near to threatening her, but it was only the fear of losing what he held dear. She was the one thing that he cared to hold, and she was able to slip through his fingers more often than he cared to admit.

"Oh, I know you will return, in fact, I am counting the days." She looked deep into his green eyes, and laid a virtuous kiss down, atop the steel gag on his lips. He closed his eyes in thundering rage, wishing he could all but tear the world asunder, just for the chance to feel her kiss once more. "One." She whispered in his ear, before backing away from him entirely.

The others who had been deaf for the length of the conversation, watched her strangely as she stood back into their group. Her face was hollowed showing malcontent, but otherwise keeping her mouth shut because she knew what had to be done. He had to turn away now and never look back on her. His eyes narrowed into black slits, like the pupils of a snake, and he reached out with his hand, grasping the metal. The power tore him away, ripped him harshly from her, and thus so quickly did he find himself looking upon a familiar place; his home.

So you crank that song
And it might sound doom
So just leave the room
While I sit and stare
Cause this is rare
I really love that tune
Man, I love that song
I really love that song
I love that song

The others acted like a prep group in a high school around Halios. She felt like a foreign invader as they all shared in joyous laughter and comradery, which she would normally have jumped in to be a part of, but now, it felt like treason. It was sad to see war had brought together the best they could all be, and she was mournful to see it end. She felt like a ghost when they individually came to embrace her. Tony would leave with Bruce, back to Stark Tower. Tony offered her a room, but she politely declined. It would be some time before she would be willing to walk the penthouse floors again; so many memories. His glamorous sports car took them away from her.

Clint and Natasha were her close friends from work, and it was a difficult goodbye. Clint was so familiar to her, and she and Natasha had only just started to strengthen their friendship. When they asked her to return with them, she only shook her head, "I need to find my own way right now, but I will see you again." And she was certain of that.

Steve was going his own way as well, back to his territory of being parked on a motorbike again. He spared his boy smile her way, his face still alight with humor even though their friendship was strained to a high degree, "Going my way?"

"Just to the edge of the city, I have a prior engagement that needs attending."

The unceremonious ride rattled her bones, and she clung to her friend as he steered her to the right path. The city was almost in ruin, but had made a miraculous recovery in just one night. They sped through fast, going unseen to any eye that was still searching high and low for the Avengers. Apparently after all the good that had been erected, there was still blame to behold, and the finger was right on top of them. Lying low seemed like a good thing, though for Stark, that would be his greatest challenge.

The terrain they passed started to look repetitive in her mind, and she tapped Steve, while calling him to a halt. They were at the edge of a highway, where a small diner sat lonely in the shade of trees. She leapt off from the bike, turning to Steve with the best smile she could muster, "Where will you go?"

"Around. I've got some catching up to do on current events if you haven't noticed." He chuckled before growing sheepish, "What about you?"

"Aye, I am attempting to find myself I suppose."

"Jesus, isn't everyone?" He said, and it warranted no response from her. He waved his last goodbye to her, and jumped onto his bike again. She watched his retreating figure vanish down the familiar tunnel; the last of her friends gone from sight, but burning just as strong in her heart, where she safely kept them.

So when you go there
Would you hear me
Scream at the top of my lungs
And when you're hated
Would you hear me
Scream at the top of my lungs

It appeared the same waitress still poured coffee at the quant truck stop, and she spotted Halios as she pulled into the same booth as the first time she had visited. The same two people were waiting for her with stoic expressions, though some emotions of gratitude lurked behind the three eyes.

"Agent Halios, I am glad you were able to come today, such as the circumstances are." Fury said, his sepia eye looked less demanding then she was used to.

"I owe it to you, don't I?"

"I think after the events of yesterday, that we owe you." Maria answered.

"Which is why we are offering you to go into hiding."

"Hmm, I doubt that." She said while tapping her chin, "What is entitled in 'hiding'?"

"We monitor you from afar, as to see if any threats come your way. We will discredit any non-harassing threats of course."

"Why does it sound to me, that you want something to come my way?"

Fury pulled a small file out of his jacket, sliding it across the linoleum surface of the table. Halios reached a tentative hand for it, while giving Maria a side glance. She was as difficult to read as before, and gave away nothing. They waited patiently as she thumbed through the pages, her expression sometimes changing to mildly interested, and quickly back to vacant when the waitress came by. Her hand still shook as she poured the coffee, and Fury gave her a large tip, from what Halios assumed was out of pity for startling her in the first place. That eye patch really got to people.

She handed him back the file nonchalantly when she finished, and Fury engaged her reaction, "So, any thoughts?"

"I'll do it." It obviously wasn't the answer they had first anticipated to come from her, but they regained composure steadfast. "Any questions?"

"Just one." Fury said as he ran a hand over his scalp, "Why are you so up for this?"

"Because Nick; I figure that one more turn around the corner, means I am just one step closer to finding myself. Redemption isn't an easy path, and I am glad that I am not the one to have to walk it anymore."

And so they spent their time drinking black coffee, and speaking in general code about the victory and success the Avengers were able to pull as a team. Fury and Hill left long after, giving her an address to her new location, but she wasn't anxious to leave right away. She leaned into the torn upholstery, looking at the digits with a sigh. It seem at least for now, that she would be starting yet again for a chance at a new life. She only hoped Loki would hold true to his promise, and be at her side this time.

She paid the rest of her tab, and exited quietly the way she came. Taking once last look at the familiar place of the tunnel, she realized this was where she first met him once again, so long ago when he had been fresh from his fall. When she was sure no onlookers were near, her skin began to glow and she shot up into the sky, burning like the sun; she was ignited again.

So you crank that song
And it might sound doom
So just leave the room
While I sit and stare
Cause yeah, that's rare
I really love that tune
Man, I love that song
I love that song
I love that song…

It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to this story. It was both fun and tedious to get through, and I vow to never go by a moive plot again because it took half the fun out of the plot writing for me. With that said, I will be getting to part three, which is my own make, and it will be titled "Inside, The Night Wishing" Look for it soon. Questions are best addressed in reviews, and I will answer them in PM's when I can!

PS, here is a soundtrack I came up with for the story, and I highly recommend listening to it!

"Starlight"- performed by The Neverending White Lights (This is how I came up with Halios' super hero name!)

"Mystery Of You"- performed by Red

"Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand"- performed by Primitive Radio Gods

"Delicious"- performed by Jakalope

"World Behind My Wall"- performed by Tokio Hotel

"Darkest Days"- performed by Stabbing Westward

"Stargazer"- performed by The Tea Party

"Awake And Alive"- performed by Skillet

"You Are Love (Don't Give Up)"- performed by Josh Groban

"The Black Parade"- performed by My Chemical Romance

"Endlessly, She Said"- performed by AFI

"Breathing Towers To Heaven"- performed by AFI

"Goodbye"- performed by The Neverending White Lights

"When Your Love Is Safe"- performed by Active Child

"Seven Devils"- performed by Florence + The Machine

"Only If For A Night"- performed by Florence + The Machine

"Mission Bells"- performed by Armistice

"My Hands"- performed by Leona Lewis

"Taking You Home"- performed by Don Henley

"Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)"- performed by Eurythmics (Annie Lennox)