This is a note I'm leaving on all three parts of Halios and Loki's series. You guys have been messaging me off and on for the better of two years now, and though I wasn't sure if it would happen, I've decided to revisit this series. I am planning on starting with editing and adding stuff to "The Hate Inside Me"
first, because I have a more concise direction on where I want this series to go, and I am a better writer now than when it first started. To save you all trouble, I won't be removing any of the stories, but chapters might go missing before I start posting the new ones. Pay close attention to "The Hate Inside Me" because I'm starting there. Feel free to message me on what you think of this news. I don't expect you guys to waste a review on an AN. Happy 2015, I look forward to counting down to Age of Ultron with you!

Fuchsia Grasshopper.