Memory Flash

"Wanna come with me?"

I look up at the boy, Ash, I think it was. Through my sunglasses, I can see his eyes: Hopeful, trusting, waiting. No wonder, after all, I did save his life.
Those few seconds show me all of my life so far, am I going to die, in all the stories you see your life flashing before your eyes just before you die. No, my heart stays beating. But still I see everything...

Black hair, black sunglasses. My first trainer, the one I inherited the sunglasses from. "Stupid Pokémon, you're a disgrace to the race of Squirtle, ya hear me?" He was horribly abusive, he hurt me so much I could barely stand even the weakest Fire types. Living with him was agony, but I was heart broken when he left me. To think he was a Pokémon trainer... If I ever see him again I am going to pummel the living daylights and nightlights out of him, send him to that human place in the sky.

Another pair of black sunglasses. Slightly pointy ones, my own. Found 'em on the street one day. Put them on, it became a part of my identity. I've worn them from then till now.

Scared Squirtle. I watch in the shadows as his owner yells at him, then abandons him - just as my owner did me. Walk up to him, give him half of the pizza I found that day in a trash can. He takes it gratefully, we are friends.

Apples, apples and oranges... By then, I've got the Squirtle Squad up and running - from everyone, right after we cause trouble somehow. I remember running up to the shelves and knocking them over.. After taking all the fruit we could, we ran.

A Meowth talking in human-speak. Just a few days ago. With two humans, in red, black, and white uniforms. We stole their food, heheh. Then the Meowth managed to talk us into working with them...

Tears and scratches. Little did we know those humans were evil. We helped them capture Ash and his friends.. The scratches on Ash's face, the tears falling to the ground... That will haunt me for the rest of my life.

"So Misty, your hair isn't purple.." Ash coming back with the Super Potion. The look on his face when he found Misty and Pikachu safe.. He really likes that girl, if I go with him I'm going to have to try to get them together.

Bombs, fire. Running Ash back to the cave, putting out the forest fires, saving the town from disaster. Being honoured as Town Fire Fighters by the very town we used to terrorize and were hated by. The irony of it all..

The boy still waits. I hesitate, smile, take off my sunglasses. Leap into his arms for a long hug. His friends congatulate him, but I just keep smiling.

For I finally know.. That with this trainer, I'm safe at last.