Raptor Attack and the Escape

Chapter 9

As I looked up Tim is still there hanging on the fence, God! Why didn't he jump! I stiffly got up and Dad came rushing over.

"Are you ok?" he said concern filling his eyes. "Yes but Timmy isn't!" I shouted.

"Timmy why did you let go!" I shouted from up above. "Dawn this is no time for lectures" Dad shouted at me.

"Am coming up to get you stay there" Dad said, but Lex grabbed him by the arm and Dad turned around and said "Am gonna go and help your brother stay down with Dawn" he turned back.

But all of a sudden the fence comes alive and then a low buzz then Tim got thrown in Dad's arms, Lex starts screaming, "Timmy! Timmy!" I rush forward and hold her back, so she can give Dad and Tim more space.

"Breathe...breathe...Tim!" Dad shouted by doing CPR. Lex was pacing around crying, I walked with her trying to get her to calm down. "No Tim come on..." he shouts, then Tim is brought back, he gasps and breathes heavily. Thank God.

Back with Ellie.

We did it! We got the power back on! Jurassic park is back in business. I held to my walkie talkie to my mouth.

"John I think were back in business!" I cried happily. Then a strange sound comes behind me only a sound a raptor could make. I whirled about and saw a creature that Alan has so desperately wanted to see in the flesh, and it comes near me, I scream I back up against the gate door and try and climb on it. Oh fuck.

"Ahhhh shit!" I scream, I throw the gate towards it and back up against the next one, I feel a hand on my shoulder. I sigh with relief, "Oh Mr Arnold." I begin to say but when I move, the arm which is now full of blood up to the elbow falls to the ground then the raptor comes at me by the gate again. It tears the material on the gate away, I run up the stairs of the compound, I feel the monsters claws against the floorboards, I begin limping, my leg was in pain, I ran up with amount of effort up the next set of stairs, I sigh of relief when I find the main door. I rush through slam it behind me I keep running till I slam the gate closed, then I collapsed on the floor by the gate, and broke down. Oh my God... What the hell have I done?! John what have you done!

Back with Dawn.

We are walking through the woods, Dad carrying a weak Tim, Lex on the side of me and we come to a clearing to see the main visitor centre. We find the doors are unlocked, there are footprints in the sand, we quickly run in to the centre, I tell Dad and the others to wait by the door while I look and see if there's anything there, "Hello?" shout...silence.

"Ok let's get you something to eat and drink" Dad said to Tim, while placing him on a table, Lex sits next to him, I look around. While Dad speaks to Tim and Lex. I look at all the different foods that look delicious right now. They would need to be eaten anyway, since no visitors will be coming here after what happened.

Dad comes up to me, he touches my cut on my head. I try not to wince; he then tucks a piece of my tangy and muddy hair behind my ear, and says. "I need to go find the others," he begins.

"I'll go with you," I said,

"No" I look at him, "I need you to keep these safe and quiet" he protests, I look down and say, "What if I can't?"

"I know you can Dawn, I know you, you're brave, your my daughter and most of all I love you" he said to me, what a shock I didn't think he did. I gape at him, wondering what brought him to say that, out of all times.

"I didn't think you did," I said looking down.

"Of course I do... I just didn't like to admit to people and to myself that you're my daughter and it's about time I get over this little grudge I have on kids. I should start accepting it." he said, looking at me in a way, that he has never looked at me before.

"Yeah and am nearly seventeen so technically am not a child" I said pointedly. He chuckled. But went back to been serious "Am serious please keep these safe...and yourself and be as quiet as you can.. I will be back as soon as I can and I will find Ellie" he said. I nodded, "Alright." He pulls me in and kisses my forehead. He turns to leave but I stop him "Love ya too Dad" I say. He smiles "be back soon guys... I promise" and then he walks out. I sigh and turn back to the kids,

"Who's hungry?" I ask. We all turn to the tables covered with food.

With Alan.

Am I doing the right thing by leaving them there? Will this do a thing to change her? Am I leaving Dawn in danger? Am I leaving all of them in danger? What if a dinosaur finds them, no dinosaur can come in the visitors centre, there too big to go in. First the sooner I find Ellie the sooner we can call the helicopters.

"Ellie...Ellie!" I shout, on the field, I was cautious for dinosaurs coming my way. I heard footsteps and quivery breathing and I turn around, and see Ellie in her blue top and shorts covered in mud and blood, her hair is out and frizzy and she looks terrified. She mumbles something like run. So we ran to each other it felt like a lifetime that we were running until I finally had her in my arms, she jumped on me. Her legs around my upper legs and arms around my neck, hugging me so tightly, I respond by giving her little kisses on her cheek and head,

"I love you Ellie". still crying she says "I love you too I thought you died ..Oh my god Alan why did we do this?"

"We never we were just overwhelmed, we didn't think of the consequences". She kisses me on the lips, tears still down her face, I kissed her on the head, and hugged her more, until she pulled away and asked. "Where's Dawn and the kids?" she said, "There at the visitor centre"

"What?... Alan are you...the raptors are roaming about and you left the kids there?" she shouted, "what was I supposed to do Tim got electrified with the power coming back on Lex was screaming. Dawns killed a dilophosaurus and—" he says,

"Wait Tim got electrified Oh my God.. I put the power back on, and Dawn killed a dilo—"she said. "Yes...yes" I reply wanting to go.

"Come on we got to hurry back to Malcolm and John we have to hurry. I think the raptors have figured out to open doors," she said. My heart went at that moment, they could be going after the kids.

Back with Dawn in the visitor centre.

We were all eating, a little cheery now I had all kinds on my plate, we all smiled at each other, until I felt something behind Tim, Lex noticed it too her green jelly wobbling more than it should. We heard noises and I instantly knew what it was. I jumped up, grabbed Lex and Tim by their arms, and ran through some doors and the last one down the corridor was the kitchen. I released my hold on them they ran down the far corner of the kitchen, while turned off the lights and grabbed a kitchen knife. And went down to join them.

Back with Alan and Ellie.

We are back with John and Malcolm now, "So it's just the two raptors now? You sure the third is contained?" I asked Ellie. "Well yes...unless they know how to open doors...which they probably can," she said breathlessly.

Back to Dawn and the kids in the kitchen.

Lex and Tim have their arms around each other protectively. The kitchen knife in my hand tightens. We hear sounds from the outside and then we hear the door click open and hear big claws on the ground, I gasp quietly... "Timmy Dawn what is it?" Lex asks fearfully. "A velociraptor" I reply. Showing no emotion, "This doesn't scare you?" Tim whispers, "No... Because I know I can take one of them down," I say with no fear. It would take a lot to scare me.

Lex makes a face, if to say you are crazy so does Tim. Tim and Lex crawl away, Tim who looks awfully weak now; he goes down a third aisle, around the other side of the counter from the raptors, who are moving in the opposite direction.

I crawl after Tim and see where he's going keeping the knife on my waist. Lex crawls down an aisle I signal Tim to follow me after her, he does so but a raptor smacks its tail into some pans and pots, oh shit! And they fall on to us.

We scramble away. We keep moving as one of the raptors dips down, looking through an open cabinet to inspect the racket. Me Tim and Lex reach the end of the aisle and round a corner - - but Timmy's falling behind now, and he accidentally brushes against some hanging kitchen utensils. Both raptors turn. One jumps onto the counter, knocking more kitchen stuff to the floor. "Timmy!" Lex whispered loudly, I put a hand over her mouth. A ladle clatters to a stop, and the strange metallic sounds confuse the raptors for a moment. The raptors then move in Tim's direction, who is exposed and exhausted. I hear a clicking sound, and realize that Lex has made herself known to them they quickly gain her attention then, they see her trying to get in to a cabinet and is struggling.

I quickly grab Tim and pull him up the other raptors see us, one lunges at me I punch it square in the face, and It knocks back on to the ground unconscious and Tim leaves me as a raptor runs for him he limps to the freezer hoping it will trap it in it works as it falls past Tim and slides to the ground. Tim tries to lock the door and Lex runs over to help him, so do I, it roars from the inside. I turn back to the other two, the other one who is looking at us snarling and the other I punch which is unconscious. I push the other two out the kitchen door and they start to run, I am on my own with it I slowly go backwards to the door as I reach it, it runs at me but I kick its leg and falls to the ground, but I hear the freezer door open and the other raptor regain is conscious, I turn and run out

Alan's Pov.

"Where's Dawn" I shouted panicking as the kids come running at me and Ellie, Lex rushes over to me, "She's in there with them" but all of sudden I see her, running with her covered in dirt her jacket swaying from side to side, her hair which is dirty and running freely against her shoulders, a kitchen knife at her waist a determined look, it seems like her frantic run was never ending until she shouted "Control room" as she reached us, we all ran as fast as we could to the control room, Ellie nearly carrying Tim Lex clung to my side, Dawn in lead of us.

Dawns Pov.

We all got in the control room, "We can call for help?" Lex shouts,

"We got reboot the systems first" Ellie said, while rushing to the computer, Dad goes over to the door, I check Tim, I grab him and hug him "it will be fine, ok? We're gonna be fine." I promise he nods in my stomach, "Ellie the door locks, Ellie boot up the door locks" we look to him and POW! Something hits the door, hard, from the outside, the kids scream, Dad hurls his back against it - - but Dad loses his gun. He struggles. The raptor on the other side who is trying to get in. "Alan!" Ellie shouts, she runs to the door to keep her back to it.

A raptor snarls and snaps, ramming itself against the door, trying to force its way into the control room. Oh God! Lex rushes over to the computer system, "Ellie boot up the door locks!" he shouts.

"No you can't hold it by yourself!" she screams. Sweat pouring of her. "Try to reach the gun!"

"I can't get less I move!" she shouts, I move to get it "No stay where you are!" he shouts, at me.

"This is a Unix system. I know this. It's the files for the whole park. It's like a phone book - -it tells you everything." Lex says to the computer, Tim behind her, her fingers start to fly over the keyboard.

"I've got to find the right file. Oh no, this isn't right. This might be right, no this isn't it." She mumbles, I quickly think of something else, Dad and Ellie are still trying to keep the thing out of here. I couldn't just keep sitting here, doing nothing. I look around and look up I take my jacket off it was muddy and covered and blood probably what was drawing the raptors to us, I throw it on the floor, it leaves me in my black top now with sleeves that go up to my elbow. I jump up on to a desk and reach the ceiling and punch through it, until I get a 2 squares of ceiling out, I jump down and put a big ladder from the corner, underneath.

"What are you doing?" Dad shouts, "Am doing plan B" I said. "C'mon, Lex! C'mon, Lex!" Tim says to Lex that still hasn't got it.

We all keep looking at the screen until "There it is, I got it! This is it, I did it. Yes, yes!" she shouts happily, - - and the door latch panel Buzzes. Dad and Ellie put everything they have into it and finally the door snicks shut, locking the raptor outside. Ellie runs over and hugs me, tightly, and smiles, Dad walks over to the phones, and dials a number, Ellie says to me, "You ok?... I missed you." she hugs me, "so did I" I reply, Dad who is on the phone, "Tell them to send the damn helicopters—", but we hear a smash on the glass, "Oh My God!" I shouted.

"It's gonna come through the glass!" Ellie screams It's trying to break through the glass. Lex and Tim scream again I pull Tim on to the ladder, Dad shoots the glass, we all scramble up the ladder, I hear the glass smash completely and see the raptor has jump on the computer dad kicks the ladder on the side. We all slowly crawl in the ceiling careful not to cave in am in the lead Lex behind me Ellie behind him Dad behind Ellie and Tim behind Dad, I hear a scream and see Lex hurled up in the air the raptor has hurled her bit of the ceiling in the air, with her on top of it.

Dad turns round and kicks it in the face she goes down with it but Dad and Ellie catches her, finally they get her up, "Go Tim." Dad shouts, he's at the end, now I push a daylight gate open and get on to a construction platform and help Tim out then Lex we all standing it on it, we hear a snarl coming from the other side of the room. I climb on a Skelton on the head Dad goes on the neck then the kids go on to other parts and Ellie sprawls on to the tail the thing collapses and goes in different directions.

We are turning about now going around, until I see a raptor down on the ground the other two, coming from the other room, I knew what to do, so I looked to Dad, he looked at me, he knew what I was about to do. Ellie falls to the ground with piles of bones on her, Dad looked at me "No." he shouted, "Daddy. I have to" I said, sweetly, hoping he let me without a fight. "No Dawn!" he shouted again, shaking his head. I didn't listen to him and I let go, I heard Dad shouting me I landed on my feet this time...

"A girl like me always lands on her feet," I said to the raptor, I think she was the Alpha, she snarled at me and said words In their weird raptor way I Got my knife out, she lunged at me but I kicked in the face, I made a grunt it went flying across the room, "Dawn!" Dad shouted at me, so I quickly got my knife and threw it in the air it landed on the ceiling where the Skelton was pinned against and all of it came away everyone landing on the floor.

Lex came landing with a scream, Dad rushed to me, and grabbed my arm because another raptor was making its way to me. Ellie who is backing away because a raptor is coming near us, Lex and Tim rush to Dads side, Ellie who is far away from us, I rush and run to her and grab her arm, tightly we rush backwards to Dad, we are stuck together now, me Ellie hand in hand my other hand on her arm her hand clung around Tim his around Dad and Lex her arms around Dad we are terrified now as the raptors get ready to attack, we all brace ourselves but we hear a big roar and Rexy made a surprise visit and saved our asses. The Rex got the raptor in its mouth we all stare in shock as it just saved us, the other two raptors run over to the dinosaur that just ate there alpha, finally we all ran out the doors. We ran down the white large steps and saw John and Malcolm pull up. Lex and Ellie jumped in the back, with Malcolm. I jumped on the seat with Ellie and sat at the end by Malcolm, Tim who is sitting on Dads knee, I looked back, and hear the Rex roar one last time, as we drove off, as we whizzed past. We all saw the Triceratops and Brachiosaurs, with each other a few of them were looking at ours, I smiled slightly, I will probably never see them again.

Dad helps Malcolm in, Ellie helps Lex and Tim get in and I get in with Ellie. I look out the window to see John and dad, staring. John had his little moment, interrupted until Dad made his presence known and takes his hand and helps him in the copter, we hear dinosaur noises in the distance, I feel a bit sad really that we are leaving the good dinosaurs, and the beautiful island was destroyed, over some fat nerd... Nedry..Oh how I would love to get my hands on him if he was alive.

We finally took off. A little while into the trip, Malcolm was asleep, John shut himself off completely looking at his little mosquito, in the yellow stone, I felt really sorry for him. All he wanted was to explore, and look what happened.

Dad with Lex and Tim asleep on his shoulders, me and Ellie close together we looked at Dad, who was smiling at us, he truly accepted kids now, and he finally accepted me as his daughter, we all went home, It will be one heck of a book.

7 years later...

Me and dad have a healthy and father/daughter relationship. Him and Ellie got married, 8 months after Jurassic Park. He thought that life is too short and we learned that after we got off the island. 2 years later I have a half-brother who is called Charlie, who is 3 years old, and new little sister who is Erika, and boyfriend Billy Brennan, who I have been going out with for a year, Dad forbid us to be together but that's a different story, little did we know that we would be seeing the sister island of Isla Nublar, in a few weeks... Isla Sorna.

Finally, redone all the mistakes! Now for Forbidden Love