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Chase gently nudged Wuya's cheek. The ashy gray lioness looked up and looked at Chase through a half lidded eye. She coughed and lifted her head up slightly.

"Wuya what happened?" Chase said, hiding his worry, but the tiniest bit lingered.

"Baridi!" She half gasped half choked out. "Others… ambush." She then fell back down and closed her eyes.

Chase heard her breathing continue. He picked her up by her scruff and gave her a small toss. He broke her landing by catching her on the back of his neck. Then with a quick movement she was resting on his back, her face on one side of his neck. The teenagers ran a head and Chase ran after them. When they reached the mountain the cats began to climb up. Chase simply leaped all the way to the top. When he ran inside he let out a roar. Immediately cats surrounded him. Chase gently slid Wuya off his back. Kiumbe immediately picked her up ran her towards the healing den.

Cats were rushing in and out of the den. Wuya's family, including Chase and Kuzimu, were waiting outside anxiously. Mchawi's eyes were streaming tears, she wasn't doing the heavy sobbing, just the tears. Damu and Dhambi were gently licking her tears away, trying to comfort their little sister. Kuzimu was trying to share words of wisdom with the young cats. Kiumbe was pacing back and forth outside the den impatiently. Chase himself was just staring at the ground expressionless and lost in thought. When the healer inside walked out Wuya's family leaped to their paws. Chase just looked up.

"Nothing seems to be broken or out of place but she has lost a lot of blood and now she's in a coma. We've stopped the bleeding but we still don't know if she'll make it."

Wuya's family and Kuzimu rushed in. Chase just stayed where he was. He didn't want to go in. instead he found a small little spot across the room; he settled down and rested his head on his paw-talon-hand things. As the night went on Wuya's teenagers and Kuzimu left and went to go to sleep but Kiumbe stayed. Chase could hear Kiumbe talking to unconscious Wuya, telling her how much he loved her and telling her how beautiful, smart and strong she was. Then he started talking about how much he needed her. And not just him. How the cubs, Kuzimu the pride and how everyone needed her to help lead them against Baridi. Chase sighed and soon fell asleep.

Chase slowly opened his still reptilian eyes. Stretching his jaws in an enormous yawn Chase walked over towards the healing den. He saw Kiumbe, still awake, fur scruffy and eyes drooping. He obviously stayed awake all night. Chase walked in quietly. Wuya looked terrible. She was bandaged on her legs, chest, back muzzle and one bandage on her eye.

"The bandage is supposed to drain all the blood that soaked into her eye."

Chase nodded. "You've been up all night, go get some rest."

Kiumbe shook his head. "I'm not leaving her."

Chase sighed. "I'll watch her and call if anything happens."

"But-"Kiumbe argued.

"Go get some rest. That is an order." Chase commanded. Kiumbe sighed; he gently licked Wuya's cheek and walked out. Chase settled himself down next to Wuya. He noticed her mumbling in her sleep, she seemed to tremble, her mumbles turned to whimpers. She moved closer towards Chase, as if something was scaring her and she was looking for a hiding place or protection. He wrapped his tail around her body like a blanket. She seemed to calm down a little bit but she kept trembling like a cornered rabbit. Chase wrapped his tail around her slightly tighter.

"You're fine." Chase whispered. Wuya's ears twitched slightly which made Chase chuckle slightly. "Baridi is gone. You're safe, you're children are safe, we're all safe."

Wuya seemed to calm down. Her breathing steadied and she almost looked like she was sleeping peacefully, her ear kept twitching. Chase smiled that little half smile of his. Even though she was probably going to die he liked watching her sleep.

A few hours went by and Chase was getting bored and sleepy. He then felt Wuya shift. Looking down he saw her green eyes flutter open.

"You're finally up." Chase grunted. Wuya snorted.

"Being beaten and bitten to near death isn't something you can just walk away from." Wuya lifted up her head but then winced. "Ugh… how long was I out?" She moaned.

"One day, Kiumbe was at your side all night." Chase said.

"Really?" Wuya asked with a smile. "That's just like him." She laid her head down on the ground. Her gaze wondered over to the entrance. "Where is he?"

"I sent him away to get some sleep. He looked like he was about to fall into a coma." Wuya chuckled. She then closed her eyes and drifted off back into sleep.

Over the next few hours Wuya would wake up and drift off back to sleep. When cats came in to check up on Wuya, since her bandaged side was to the entrance, they would pop up on her blind side and startle her.

Chase sent a cat to go wake up Kiumbe. Immediately the lion came running in. when he came into Wuya's line of sight she let out a small yelp and cowered closer towards Chase. Kiumbe carefully walked closer.

"Wuya? Are you okay?" Kiumbe asked. Wuya looked up at him; eyes wide like an amazed cub.

"You came up on her blind side," Chase explained. "She gets startled if you do that."

Kiumbe gently touched noses with Wuya.

Wuya's children walked in. when they saw their mother was up they ran over. Kuzimu came in as well. All of them were nuzzling Wuya affectionately. Once everyone settled down Kuzimu asked "What happened?"

Wuya sighed. "Baridi… she's alive. She's making a pride of her own and she's trying to conquer the pride. Baridi has truly lost it." Silence. Then Kuzimu stood up.

"Then we most speed up training. And do extra battle training for everyone. Perhaps even start wearing cat's teeth." Kuzimu said with a wink at Wuya. She slowly got to her paws.

"Once someone has a full set," she examined her own cat tooth claws. "I will train them in that field. There's also this one move I've been dying to try." She flicked her tail to summon her golden furred and red eyed son. He stood in front of his mother and got into an attack stance, his gray mane stood on end. Wuya shook her head. "I just came out of a coma. To show everyone just do as I say." Damu nodded.

"Yes mother."

"Lay on your side." Her son obeyed and Wuya turned her head towards her audience. "The idea is to knock your opponent off balance with their underbelly exposed." Dame shifted his legs so his lighter colored belly fur was showing. Wuya then walked over towards her adolescent son. She lifted her talon like claws into the air. "Then you sink into the throat area." Wuya gently rested her claws on her son's throat. Not that he was scared for a second. He knew his mother would never lay a tooth or claw on him. "Then you rip down to the base of the tail." She then gently glided her claws over her son's stomach all the way down.

Damu stood up. "I get it. Your opponent would bleed his life out, all nine if the tales are true." Wuya purred in amusement.

"I think my incident wasted eight of my possible nine lives."

Kuzimu chuckled. "You can now sleep in the den again." Kiumbe's eyes immediately lit up.

"I'll get some food and leave it by your spot." He then ran out.

Dhambi signaled his siblings to fallow him. "We'll clean your spot up." Kuzimu laughed again.

"You have a loyal family Wuya." The Heylin lioness purred and watched her leader walk out. Chase was walking out himself when Wuya trotted up next to him.

"Hey Chase wait."

The dragon turned around and barred his teeth. "What?" He growled.

Wuya just calmly walked up and faced him. "I just wanted to say thanks for watching over me and doing what you knew was best or Kiumbe." With that she gave him a quick lick on the cheek and walked over to the den. She saw a large chunk of zebra meat waiting for her in her spot that was now spotless.

Once she finished she walked out to see Kuzimu calling a meeting. As Wuya walked out she heard cats whisper their surprise at seeing their unbeatable general battered, broken and bandaged. Wuya sighed when she saw Kuzimu sitting high up on the rock. She painfully leaped up to her lower spot directly under her leader. She landed with a grunt. Slowly and carefully she sat herself down.

Kuzimu raised his tail for silence. When all eyes were on him he spoke. "It seems that Baridi is not through with us yet." There were gasps of shock as well as growls and roars of aggression. Kuzimu silenced them again and continued. "We need to speed up battle training and review every move with every cat. Wuya has also offered up a special group." He bowed his head and sat down as a signal for Wuya to take over. She stood up and spoke loudly and clearly.

"I am going to offer teaching for my cat tooth fighting skills." There were whispers of excitement. Wuya gave them all a look and they fell silent. "We most go on a cat hunt. Patrol our outside borders more frequently and when we're out hunting keep your nose sharp for enemy scents. If you find them make sure they never report back to Baridi and split your earnings evenly with all in your group. Once you have a full set talk to me and we'll start practicing. We will win this war." There was then a symphony of roars. Kuzimu and Wuya joined in.

Chase was up above in a exit way watching the meeting. He joined his cats in their roaring. Even thought he didn't like the idea of taking orders from Wuya, he would listen if it meant getting rid of that white furred vermin Baridi.

One battle was over. At dawn tomorrow they would begin training for war. This war wouldn't be like any other.