Title: Love for my Sensei

Summary : With a new, hot and dashing relief teacher to relief Hinata's class, it was not possible for any girls to be able to resist him and what's more, the teacher seems to be having his attention on her. /Rated M!

Disclaimer : Do not own Naruto!~


Finally, a day break for my examinations! Three more days to go and i'll be, PARTY! An idea of Sasuhina story came up to my mind while i was studying for my Biology and it was a dirty kind of thoughts (^_^; hehehe, anyway, do review about this story and this was somehow rated M is guess? So,


My sensei.

Hinata looked down and yawned a little. Everyone is falling asleep in the class. None of them were listening and as for her, she was just forcing herself to stay awake and taking in all the stuff in that the teacher was blabbering about.

" Alright, we shall sum up here. See you guys tomorrow. " The teacher finished and walked out of the class.

Everyone started moving around the class. Throwing of paper planes, shouting across the class, girls taking out their makeup tools and some, started reading on their notes. And, she was one of those.

" Hinata. " Tenten tapped on her shoulder and smiled. " Sakura and the others are skipping class again. Wanna join? " She asked.

" S-Skipped classes? " Hinata laughed a little and shooked a head " i don't t-think that's f-for me. " she smiled and returned back to her book.

As she watched the girls rushing out fo the class, she giggled. Even though she wasn't the type that would skip lessons, argued with the teachers or gossiped about the others, the girls in her class would still considered her as one of their friends. Yes, they are good friends.

" Hinata, why didn't you go with them? " Chouji came over with his bag of chips.

" skipping c-classes isn't for m-me. " She smiled and looked out of the window. " i would p-prefer to date with m-my notes. " she laughed.

The door opened and the girls came running back. Didn't they said that they were skipping lessons? Got caught by the principal or was it that the teacher ain't going to come? She watched all of them going back to their place and brought out their book, giggling to one another and putting on some make up again.

" didn't they say they were skipping this class? " Hinata asked while watching them.

" Hinata! " Ino came over and smiled widely. " guess what? " She cheered.

" aren't you all s-kipping this class? Why are you c-coming back again? " Hinata asked.

" I've received a news that today a HOT relief teacher would come in and take this lesson rather than Kakashi-sensei! " She cheered again. " How does my hair look? " She emphasized on the words ' hot ' and looked at herself in the small mirror.

" Ino, you always l-look good. " Hinata smiled. "Kakashi-sensei isn't c-coming? "

" Heard that he is going to get married with anko-sensei. Good news too! We wouldn't have to face her strict face for three months straight and having the relief teacher to relief us for three months! " She laughed.

Hinata looked at the door, waiting for the hot relief teacher to come in. Not that she was waiting for his hotness but was hoping that he might be able to teach better than Kakashi-sensei. Hoping that her subject would improve slightly better. Anko was a good teacher and she taught well. All she hope that this teacher would be at least, be as good as Anko-sensei.

" Here he comes. " Sakura smirked as she looked at the door opened.

The teacher entered the class. He walked in cooly and placed the books on the table, looking towards the whole class. He had a pair of dark onyx eyes that send chills down Hinata's spine. It was cold. He was hot and she had to admit that. She could already heard all the girls talkings and the boys in the class, ignoring that he was actually standing there.

He banged his fist against the board, getting everyone's attention. He glared at everyone and leaned against the board, giving everyone a stern stare. He should be a strict teacher, right? Hinata thought.

" so cool! " Sakura whispered loudly, obviously wanting him to hear it.

" i would be your relief teach for the next three months. The two teachers are getting married and would not be coming back till then. " He finished and turned, taking a chalk and wrote his name on the board.

Sasuke Uchiha.

" Let start with the lesson. " He opened the book and start writing words on the board.

" Uchiha-sensei!~ " Sakura stood up and shouted for his name with a lively tone in it.

" yes? " He answered her without looking at her.

" my eyes aren't feeling well. " She said it cutely and pouted.

" go to the nurse offic. " He replied bluntly while looking at the textbook.

" but shouldn't the teacher in the first place take a look at his student before allowing her to go to the nurse office? " Sakura smiled cutely.

The teacher sighed and placed the book down. He walked up to her slowly and stood in front of her, looking straight into his eyes. " What's wrong with your eyes? " He asked.

" using that trick again i guess. " Temari whispered and smirked.

" Is there anything on my eyes? " She closed her eyes and giggled.

Hinata laughed a little while looking at the mini commotion that was happening in the class currently. It was rare to have Sakura making such commotion as boring teachers and especially, teachers that are pervert. An example, Kakashi-sensei or either Jiraiya-sensei. With them in the class, it's either everyone was sleeping or doing their own stuff while the two teachers, well, reading their pervert books.

" Did you see anything? " Sakura smirked and opened one of her eyes.

On her eyelid, ' i love you ' was written on it. She leaned in closer towards the teacher, allowing him to get a closer look at her eyes. Her eyes was filled with make-up that indeed, made her looked a lot prettier than how she actually was. Even without those make-ups, she was still a beauty to Hinata.

" i don't see a single thing. If you aren't feeling well, go to the nurse office. If you are okay, then get your ass down on the chair and listen to the lesson. " He finished and walked back to the front.

" rejected~ " Ino sang and laughed.

" Shut up, Ino-pig. " Sakura scolded and sat down, folding her arms.

Hinata paid all her attention looing towards what he was writing on the board and listened to every word he said. She wrote all the note neatly and have her ears, brain and eyes opened everytime. Though it was sometimes forcing herself to.

The class wasn'tt as noisy as in Kakashi-sensei class. Perhaps this teacher was slightly stricter than Kakashi-sensei. With a stricter teacher, does this mean that her academic would improve. Maybe she could impress her dad and she could help her little sister too. And maybe she could have a better future of becoming a doctor and maybe she could too -

" You. " The teacher called out.

Hinata stopped her thoughts and looked around the class, only to find everyone looking at her. The teacher was calling for her? She turned slowly and looked at him. She found herself blushing slightly a little and looked down, hiding the small tint of redness on her cheeks. He was really hot.

" you. " He called out again. " What did i say earlier on. " he asked.

Hinata shot up. She wasn't paying attention to him for the last part of it. All she think was impressing his dad with her academic results and helping out with her sister's work. What was he saying?

" the... I... it was o-on the - " Hinata stuttered.

" You, see me after class. "

Hinata dropped her head on the table and sighed. Why was she in the first palce thinking so far when she had just changed a new teacher and more of it, this teacher was just a temporary one. And now, she had gotten herself into trouble. A big trouble.



Sasuke sat on the table, waiting for the student to explain to him why in the first place she wasn't actually listening. He wasn't a strict teacher and in the first place, he don't even understand why would he beocme a relief teacher. Oh yes, for a part-time job. He still have to finish his studies on medical before he could actually work in a hospital. Being a teacher, maybe by teaching biology would also give a test for his knowledge.

" So? " He asked. " Why aren't you paying attention to the lesson? "

" i w-was! " She said and looked back down.

" what was i talking about then? " He talked without any interest.

" Biology. " She replied.

He couldn't said that the answer was wrong but it was exact. The chapter and the topic, what was he focussing on and what was he actually talking about. He smirked and looked at his student.

" trying to joke with me? " He smirked.

" the l-lesson was r-really on biology. " Hinata replied and looked away.

Yes, the lesson indeed was on biology. He smirked as an idea came up to his mind. The thought of violating the rules of a teacher, he wouldn't care much about it. After all, he would only be a teacher for the next four months and he would be leaving for his medical course.

" theory, or practical? " He smirked and walked up towards her, placing both his hands at the sides of the table, preventing her from escaping and leaned in close. to her.

" U-Uchiha-sensei? " She leaned back but the table was preventing her to.

" answer me. " he whispered.

" could y-you please, p-please not to be s-so close? " Hinata stuttered and looked away.



Hinata could already felt his breath coming in contact with her skin. She blushed and continued to lean back but the table was stopping her from doing that.

" So, was it theory or, practical? " He emphasized on the word practical and smirked.

" obviously it w-was t-thoery. " Hinata closed her eyes and blushed.

" since you were not listening , should i give you a practical lesson? " He whispered into her ears.

" U-Uchiha-sensei, c-could you p-please move a-away? " She tried her best to move back even more.

She tensed up when she felt that something was sliding up her skirt slowly. She looked at him and tried to push him away, but how was it possible for a little girl to push a well-build man away? It was proven that man are definitely stronger than woman physically and why the hell was she thinking about this now?

She stopped his hand from moving up even more and tried her best to pushed it away. If anyone were to walk pass and saw their position, she wondered. Can she still be able to stay in this school or would he be fired immediately?

His finger was currently now making circles against her thigh. He was a teacher and yet, he was doing this to his student!

" sensei! " Hinata stopped his hands but was being pushed and her back was currently lying on the table.

" just, Sasuke. " He whispered into her ears and smirked.

Hinata closed her eyes tightly and kicked his leg, hard. She was using much of her force and this created an impact for him to at least, move away from her by a little. Yes, even if it's just a little, she could still grabbed this chance and got herself out of this room immediately.

She ran out of the room and into the washroom. What had just happened? She looked at herself in the mirror and leaned in, taking a closer look at herself. Was this just a dream? No, not a dream but she was in reality, not in her fantasy world. She dropped her head and sighed, what kind of teacher was he? Should she report this situation? She shook her head and thought. If he were to get fired, he might be jobless. He would not have any income and maybe, he would even loss a home.

Hinata sighed to herself. Yes, she tend to think further up but it was a fact that if he was to lose this job, he might be jobless!

" I still have to face him for the next t-three months. " She sighed, hoping that her day would gone by easier.