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Once more he was alone inside his TARDIS deciding where and when to go without any excitement at all .

The Doctor could travel to the other side of the universe in a second or go back in time and see the Big Bang, he could be wherever and whenever his imagination allowed him to, but still… There was just one place and time The Doctor wanted to be.

The traveller sighed, cursing himself for being so dependable of that place. A place that yes gave him the happiest moments, but along with them the saddest. And yet, The Doctor saw himself setting the coordinates for modern day London, England, Earth.

He opened the TARDIS´s door slowly and stepped out of the box to the top a building, the sun was high in the sky, and no clouds could be seen.

"Hey there."

The Doctor turned to face the owner of the voice and saw a young man wearing a brown tweed, blond spiky hair covered his head and the oldest green eyes he´d ever seen looked at him with nostalgia. Memories passed through The Doctor´s mind as he recognized the man.

"Hey old friend…" Said the man with a sad smile.

"Hello, England, you haven't aged a single day. "Answered The Doctor

The country got near and examined the Time Lord in front of him.

"And you get younger every time I see you, Doctor. Call me Arthur, by the way. It's been such a long time since you last visited me."

Arthur Kirkland was his human name and England his official name.

"Indeed… It's good to see you, Arthur, it's nice to see a familiar face once in a while.

The english man smiled at this statement, he then looked around and saw only the TARDIS.

"Alone again?" He asked


They stood there, looking at each other with an awkward silence in the air. The question was itching in the Doctor´s tongue but it took a while to leave his mouth.

"Would you like to come along with me?"

Arthur didn't seem surprised, or excited, he actually looked sad when the Gallifreyan asked him that.

"You know I would love to, Doctor. But I can´t. In fact, is almost a miracle that I could leave the Prime Minister´s side this week. Today is my last day of freedom."

"Then let's enjoy every minute of it."

England laughed, that was the Doctor, his old friend, but not older than England himself. It WAS nice to see a familiar face that wasn't France, that stupid USA or his bloody siblings.

"Would you like to go sight-seeing with me, Doctor?"

"Yes of course! I guess I never actually did that, London sight-seeing."

"Good then, because there is no one who knows her better than me!"

That evening they didn't want to worry about a thing. There were no political affairs to be solved, no economic crises, Earth was not going to be destroyed, no one to be saved. No tears to be shed for human friends they lost, there was just them, enjoying their company, hoping they would see each other again.