Helena pov

I can't take it. Seeing Seth on this table is killing. The large gash in his arm with green pus coming out of it was getting worse. He was getting worse. Seth was dying because of me. And it feels like I'm dying with him.

I walked up to the table where he was laying, not caring that everybody was watching me. Guessing what I was going to do next. With the syringe in my hand I continued to walk to the table.

Seth opened his eyes, like sensing I was there, and smiled a weak smile. Tears formed in my eyes as I tried to smile back. I leaned over him and gave his a soft kiss on the lips.

Putting the syringe in his good hand I whispered, "Don't worry Seth; I'll make it all better". I leaned in giving him another kiss, this time using my power.

"HELENA NO, YOU CAN'T," Mitchel screamed rushing forward trying to stop me, but it was too late. Pulling back slightly as I watch the gash slowly, but surly closing up.

Then I did the only thing I could do, I took his death into me. And I would do it thousand times more, if that meant saving his life. Light green smoke came out of his mouth and into my. And I happily took it. Seth would live, and I was okay with that if I died. I fell back on the mahogany wooden floors and gave my last words to Seth.

"I love you," and slowly fell into the warm, tight darkness.