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Full Summary: Harry finds himself dreaming of strange things. He isn't sure if what he is dreaming is coming true or if they are trying to tell him something important. In the end, he realizes that it is all up for interpretation. Harry dreams of a darker Harry that lives in a world very different from his own. This Dark Harry is making him question the people he has known and loved his entire life. Harry ends up finding solace in a whimsical Ravenclaw. He learns that sometimes he shouldn't take his dreams so literally.

Chapter 1: The Dream Begins

Harry sat at his small desk in his room at Privet Drive. It was three o'clock in the morning and the teenager had just woken from a dream. Some would call it a nightmare, but Harry saw it as a wonderful and erogenous. It was one he been having for as long as he could remember. It always started out as innocent, but the older Harry got the more suggestive the dream became. Until the point in which is was nothing more than a sensually lewd dream.

Harry shuddered as he thought of strong hands that would trail down his chest to his stomach and then rest playfully above the place he needed touched most. The fifth year could barely hold back a breathy moan when he remembered being entered. Harry's member twitched at that thought. The dream had been so real this time that the fifth year almost felt nimble fingers press against the head. Harry shuddered again.

He couldn't help but palm against his clothed member. Harry's head filled with images from the dream. A young man shirtless hovering behind him. Fingers pulled on Harry's right nipple and others filled his mouth. The teenager began to suck on his own fingers. The sound made him quiver. The hand trailed down Harry's back leaving a wet trail all the way down to his ass. Harry could feel his entrance twitch. There was a chuckle from above him. That sound sent shots of pleasure throughout his body.

"Maybe you really don't need to be prepared…" the low and erotic voice said from behind. Two hands gripped Harry's hips and Harry felt himself be entered at a pace that was all too slow. "Scream my name Harry…"

"Ah! Tom!" Harry moaned quietly as he came in his pajama bottoms. Harry sat there for a while basking in the pleasant feeling. Then he heard the sounds of shuffling. Shit, Harry thought. He may have woken 'Uncle' Vernon up. But then there was the sound of a flushing toilet and soon after snoring. Harry thought about the name he called out. He wondered if there was something strange about himself.

He could hardly believe that anyone else would dream of the Dark Lord in such ways. Harry thought about pale, white skin and a snake like face. The image of that face filled with a lusty expression made Harry's body burn again. Harry took a couple of steadying breaths and went to his bed. He was determined to get some sleep that night.

Harry woke up to 'Aunt' Petunia yelling at his door. Harry knew that he shouldn't let the Muggles get him down today, but he was still an angry teenager. So he angrily got up and pulled the door open forcefully. "What?"

"Don't use that tone with me boy," Petunia said snobbily. "Hurry up! You're not the only one that needs to be somewhere today!"

Harry glared at the back of Petunia's head. If he hadn't had such a good night, then Harry might have retaliated against his shrewd aunt. But the teenager just really wanted to take a shower. He didn't bother to clean up that night, and he didn't want to go off to school smelling like jizz.

Harry was quick to clean up. He had to if he wanted any breakfast. Although, it was true that Harry's first few years with the Dursley's had been horrid, things did get better. Now that Harry held a trump hard over their heads. Harry smiled at the small thought. Harry gathered Hedwig and his trunk from the small cupboard under the stairs. Harry tried not to remember when his aunt and uncle made him live in that small space for the first time.

Harry went into the kitchen and had a few crackers. He knew that if Dudley saw him eating he would try and take the food, just for old times sake. But Harry also knew that his friends from school would most likely bring him food. Too bad for Dudley, Harry thought. Vernon started yelling from the hall.

"Boy! Boy!" Harry went to meet the yelling. "Come pick this nonsense up and put it in the car or I will leave you here!"

Harry knew this was a bluff. His aunt and uncle couldn't wait to get rid of him for nine months, but Harry did as he was told. There was no point in making them angry. They would yell and yell. And that wasn't good for Harry's nerves. Harry heaved his chest to the trunk of the car. He reassured Hedwig that she would not be in the trunk as well. Last year Vernon tried stuffing her back there.

Harry sat in the back seat of the car with patience. He almost laughed at the annoyed looks on the Dursley's faces. It was probably caused by the fact that they couldn't yell at Harry for being too slow. But Vernon yelled at Harry either way. The ride was for the most part quiet. Hedwig would make a noise occasionally and one of the Muggles would say something but the closer they got to Kings Cross the quieter the ride became. Harry could almost feel the fear radiating off the Muggles. Harry wanted to laugh. His hole in the Ace had worked perfectly. They didn't even think that Harry could be lying.

"We're here, now get out!" Vernon yelled, but his voice was laced with fear. Harry languidly removed his things from the car. He smirked as the car sped away. Harry almost laughed at how ridiculous his Muggles were.

Harry pulled his things onto a trolley and headed to Platform 9¾. He watched Muggles pass the Platform and not see members of the ginger family disappear behind the enchanted wall. Harry watched as Ginerva Weasley disappeared behind the gateway. Harry looked at the twins. Hedwig saw them as well and she gave a loud hoot. Fred heard the white owl and Fred pulled on George's shirt. The twins left their trolleys with their mother.

"Hello Harry," Fred patted Harry's back dramatically.

"I'm sure that our brilliant plan worked out perfectly," George threw his arm over Harry's shoulders.

"Worked like a charm," the ginger twins said in unison. Harry shook his head in amusement.

"Of course it worked, and now the two of you have one of the most popular Slytherins indebted to you." Harry sighed with a smile. "What would the Great Weasley Twins like from the humble Harry Potter?"

The twins thought for a moment. Harry knew that they had been thinking about this since the end of last year. He also knew that the twins would not tell him what they wanted just so they could see him squirm. He would have to try his best to stay stone walled.

"We'll have to get back to you on that one, but keep on your toes because we could ask you anything at a moments notice." they said together.

"Well, now that we've been spotted by Ronald," Harry pointed, "I think that we should go onto the Platform and enjoy the long ride."

"Oh don't say that. You'll probably be rescued by the other snakes. Or a Hufflepuff that didn't do their summer work-" Fred snickered.

"Or a Ravenclaw who wants to confess their undying love for you. Or a Gryffindor who wants to challenge you to a duel.-" George said. And together they dramatically chimed,

"This is going to be the worst ride in the history of Hogwarts rides!" The three of them laughed, and Ronald just scowled at the trio. Harry was the last to go through the barrier. On the other side there was a bustling of people of all ages…

Harry woke with a start. He was glad that Ron and Hermione were sitting in front of him. He pictured himself waking up and realizing he was still dreaming. The Gryffindor hero visibly cringed at his dream. Him being a Slytherin was hard enough to imagine, but him having dreams of Voldemort. Harry's skin felt like there was something slimy all over him.

Hermione was giving Harry an odd look. He looked at her apologetically. Ron was snoring loudly with his head against the window. Neville came into the compartment with an odd cactus like plant. Luna followed close behind him with a Quibbler. "Ginny didn't come back with you guys?" Hermione asked.

"No, she was called away by Lavender," Neville said as he sat down next to Harry. The compartment was filled with a comfortable silence. Harry found himself forcing himself to stay awake. He didn't want to find himself in the same dream as before. Soon there was an announcement saying the train would be arriving at Hogwarts soon. Luna, who the group had just met, and Hermione left the compartment to find the other Gryffindor girls to change. Harry kicked Ron awake. The red head yelped as he woke and called Harry a git.

The rest of the day ended the same way as it usually did. With a lot of fun and jokes. A party in the Gryffindor Common Room that had to be broken up by Professor McGonagall. Everyone went to their dorms but the party continued. Although it was a lot quieter. That's just how it is for Gryffindors.

By the time Harry was finally tired enough to go to bed, he was suddenly afraid that he would slip into that dream. The one where he was a Slytherin and undeniably attracted to Voldemort. Harry blanched a little It was a while before Harry actually did fall asleep.