Sorry for the extremely long wait! I Finals were last week, and I'm still getting used to my new schedule. I am planning on getting more into the relationships of the other characters, though the minor characters of this series are probably not going to show any signs of liking each other until far into the actual story. But, in this chapter there are some hints of some of the future relationships. And about them never learning anything:

A lot of the times in shows/Animes and even books about school, you never really see them learning anything. The manga/anime(i think) High School of The Dead, is also a good example of this. (and even some scenes from Inuyasha)I've only read read a couple pages of High School of The Dead, but I can tell there's no learning in THAT either. Despite it being called High School of The Dead. I almost thought it was a manga about a high school of ghosts and zombies and vampires and all that stuff. But nope. Nothing magical or creative like that. Just another zombie apocalypse thing. Which is why I didn't read more than a couple pages. Now don't hate me for not reading it or anything. But Zombies. The idea's not bad or not meant to be hated, but from all the attention it's getting, it's no longer creative, and I feel like it's gotten really overrated and overused. But that's just me. There's nothing wrong with liking it, but I would rather stay away from the zombies. Why not focus on the Kelpie!? The Kelpie needs some love too ya know! And some other creatures like the Hydrus and even dinosaurs seem to be ignored lately! (I'll tell you about these things later) Anyway, like I said at the beginning of this story; It's a mixture between Ouran High School Host Club and Zoey 101, both of which you never actually see them learning too much, if at all. It's just a behind the scenes look at what the characters do when they're not in class. I MIGHT have some scenarios where they are in class later, but for now, I'm focusing on other stuff that's more important. (Besides, the lessons I might come up with might bore you to death and we don't want that. You get enough of that from real school anyway.)

I am also very horrible at battle scenes...I'll try to get in a vivosaur battle as soon as possible(preferably in Battle Class which will be explained later.), though I apologize in advance if it sucks popsicles. Plus, I've gotten over my writer's block a bit. Though it's still lingering, so expect some short chapters in the next updates. Mainly this one. Plus there's the fact that I have gotten so many ideas for my Ninjago story! Sorta. Anyway, enough of my rambling, let's get to the part you came to read!

Rupert's P.O.V.

I usually have a strong dislike towards the holiday season. It's too busy, and everyone's visiting friends and family, that there's no one to really stay back and spend some time with. Except for Nyroc, but he's always pissed off around this time of year because 'All the beautiful ladies are no longer around.' I usually roll my eyes when he mentions this, and try my best to ignore him. This year however, it was different. Usually, our little group stays back until the last minute before heading off, but a sudden blizzard snowed us in for a while, so they all decided to stay. Unfortunately this also meant no presents. (not that I cared for the presents. Though the others were quite upset of the lack of the colorful boxes with bows on them.) But there was mistletoe around certain areas of the school, though I made sure not to go anywhere near them. I did my best not to get to close to Dina in case Todd came along and held some mistletoe above us to try and force us to kiss. I had to admit, the idea about us being in a fanfiction was absolutely absurd, but I had a spark of hope that me and Dina would in fact, become an 'item' soon. My feelings weren't all that strong, yet I couldn't push her out my mind no matter how hard I tried. During the time we were snowed in, some interesting things happened. I suddenly became aware that Kaito was avoiding Duna(Gee. I wonder why.), Todd was flirting with Pauleen every so often(and failing horribly at it), Nyroc seemed oddly sweet to Kaer(completely out of character for him), and Rosie and Raptin were getting along well. For once(they usually were bickering at times). Once it had stopped snowing, everyone had decided to stay. After a few snowball fights-in one of which I got hit in the face by Todd-we all decided to just gather around a nice warm fire and drink hot chocolate. Kenji kept appearing to spend time with us. Kaer seemed to be a little irritated with him for some reason. I figured out why when he teased her for being so soft on Nyroc. It didn't take long for things to go back to normal though. I had secretly taken down the mistletoe to prevent a certain thing from happening to me and Dina, and Todd didn't bother trying again. I think he's finally starting to get it. Maybe. Nyroc seemed oddly panicked. He was running around looking for something. I didn't know what he was talking about considering he was busy cursing in his 'native language', though I can't say I wanted to know either. Some things are better left untranslated. Dina was oddly quiet around this time, though I didn't think much of it. Nyroc spent time with her and Kaer more than with the rest of us. Probably because like them, he didn't have a family to spend the holidays with. Thus was how Winter Vacation went for us. I heard that Battle Class was working on restarting. Battle Class was originally held in the gym, but an explosion had tore off the roof, so they had to find a place that wouldn't fall on our heads. Battle Class is now held in an open field, and the vivosaurs are to be ordered to shrink down to the size of a human if not slightly larger. Or their normal sizes for some. Much safer than having giant creatures who could flatten you in a small gym where they occasionally hit their head on the roof. I was looking forward to seeing Dina's vivosaurs. I heard Mapo say she had a Teffla once before, but I didn't believe it. How could anyone have a super revived vivosaur? For as far I as I knew, Dina was broke, and gold fossils were not only extremely rare, but they were also extremely expensive. She couldn't have been able to purchase a gold fossil!

"Hey Rupert!" Speak of the annoying rat... "I've been looking for you!" Mapo ran over to me, eyes sparkling in mischievous.

"What the hell did you get yourself into this time?" I muttered. Mapo pouted falsely.

"Nothing!" He answered. "I just wanted to tell you that Dina's gonna fight tomorrow in Battle Class!"

"Battle class isn't going to start for another week Mapo!" I scoffed, rolling my eyes. "Stop trying to get me excited for something that's bound to happen eventually. Go get a dictionary and look up the word 'patience'!" Mapo pouted again before running off. I heard the irritated squawks of a Breme and T-Rex. Nyroc needs to keep an eye on his vivosaurs. I thought. They're getting worse than Mapo! I couldn't help but wonder if Dina's vivosaurs were the same way. Or if they were well behaved and actually listened when spoken to. I swear, some vivosaurs brains never grew like the others when they were revived. A loud bang signaled that the vivosaurs did in fact do something that they probably shouldn't have.

Dina's P.O.V.

"Nycto, Lugmos, leave me alone." I growled. I had recently started catching a cold, and certainly was not in the mood for my three super revived vivosaurs to bother me.

"But I thought you would be nervous about Rupert getting to see you battle!" Lugmos teased.

"And not to mention the rest of the school." Nycto Ace added grumpily.

"Hush! Both of you!" Teffla snapped, being the mother figure of us all as usual. "I swear you two are worse than hatchlings! Dina, be a dear and get some rest. I'll go find a nurse to help you."

"No thanks." I muttered. "Everyone's going to want to get their hands on you."

"I can handle them." Teffla reassured me, already leaving. "I won't be long!" I let out an exasperated sigh. I hate winter.

SCREW YOU WRITER'S BLOCK! Ok. At least this was an update. Even if most of it was just me ranting. I am so sorry about the chapter being so short. I'm beginning to get a cold myself, and that causes me to get headaches. And of course, I can't think straight when I have a headache. So chapters may be short for a while.

*Kelpie=The kelpie is basically like a Water Horse. Only. Evil. The old story goes that the Kelpie disguises itself as a beautiful white horse to lure people over to it. Once they touch it however, they cannot pull their hand away, and the kelpie transforms itself back into it's true form and drags it's unfortunate victim into the water to drown and eat them. It is said the existence of the kelpie is only known by one person who escaped by cutting off his own hand and going back to the town in which he lived to warn everyone. I cannot remember what happened to him, but I imagined he lived.

Hydrus=the hydrus is a creature that looks like a weasel with medium length golden fur and a very long thin tail. It's about the size of a cat. It lives along the Nile and eats creatures such as hippos and crocodiles. How? It rolls itself into a muddy little ball and then sneaks itself into their mouths to eat them from the inside out. Gruesome, yes. But interesting nonetheless. However I don't believe that it is known to attack humans.

(Dragons also seem to not have much about them in media. Or aliens. And the only thing with ninjas/pirates is Ninjago and Naruto. And Ninjago has ended currently. But I hear it will come back. Sometime next year.)