Chapter 7

It's been at least several days since Ashley (Diamond) Knight hasn't been back to the apartment, she's been a bit busy with Tristian getting tutored in school-and other stuff.

It was one of those days when, Ashley was back at the apartment at 2J. James was glad that Ashley was back safe and sound.

Both of them were relaxing on the orange couch in the apartment.

"James! Don't you have to go to school?"asked Ashley who was fixing them a snack in the kitchen.

James combing his hair. "Nope! Ms. Collins knows I wasn't in school today or tomorrow"answered James sitting back down on the couch.

Ashley sits down on the chair.

Both of them enjoying the fresh baked brownies that Ashley had made yesterday-with some friends of Tristian's.

"Logan, Kendall and Carlos where are they?"asked Ashley not seeing the three of her uncles or brothers anywhere in the apartment.

"Either at the studio with Gustavo or doing something"answered James.

Cell-phone rings.

Katie comes walking into the room and joins the two on the couch."Brownies!"exclaimed Katie grabbing one off the plate.

Text message from Kendall.

"James! Where are you? Kelly said you weren't at the studio this morning"said Kendall.

James texts back. "I was busy"said James texting back.

Logan texts something too. "Too busy to come to school, Ms. Collins told us you ditch school again"answered logan.

James texts back again. "I was busy"answered James texting back again.

20 minutes later, logan, Kendall and Carlos walking into the apartment.

"Explain to us why you would be to busy to go to school that missed for two days and the studio?"asked Kendall pointing it out.

Katie turns towards her brothers in the face. "Boys! Be quite you will wake Ashley up"answered Katie pointing to where Ashley was on the couch.

Logan, Kendall and Carlos walking towards the couch, saw Ashley laying her head down on James shoulders.

Carlos snaps a picture of James and Ashley on the couch.

Logan and Kendall saw the brownies on the table in front of the couch.

"Where did those brownies come from?"asked Kendall grabbing one off the plate.

Ashley had awaken up-due to some kind of dream she had, not knowing that James already knew about it. "Made them yesterday with Tristian"answered Ashley getting up from the couch.

Katie turns towards her brothers in the face. "Is there a reason why your home early boys?"asked Katie who was wondering.

"Kelly told Gustavo that we needed a day off, since we have been working our butts off lately in the studio"answered logan sitting down.

Carlos notices James watching Ashley movement in the kitchen area.

"So! Whose turn is it to make dinner?"asked Carlos who was wondering

James turns towards his friends and smiles at them.

"Isn't James turns to make something tonight"said Kendall pointing it out.

Ashley turns towards them drinking some lemonade, she laughs. "Hate to tell you this boys, james can't really make anything unless it's already burnt"answered Ashley poking her head into the fridge.

"Ashley does have a point there"said Katie pointing it out to her brothers in the face. "Besides, Ashley already made dinner for tonight"answered James walking towards the kitchen now.

Logan, Carlos and Kendall walked into the kitchen too saw the food that Ashley had made.

"Ashley! Where did you learn how to cook?"asked Logan looking at the desserts on the counter.

Ashley looking up and sating the food on the counter. "James Diamond in my time,taught me how to cook things. Seeing we were on tour most of the time, uncle harry helped me too"answered Ashley.

Boys were confused.

"Ashley! Whose is Uncle Harry?"asked Carlos who was wondering.

Logan, Kendall, Katie and James already at table-with the food on it.

That's when Carlos noticed at once that Ashley didn't join the group at the table. "Aren't we missing someone?"asked Carlos pointing to the empty two chairs at the table.

"Mama Knight! Is still in Minnesota"said James pointing it out to the others.

Logan, James, Carlos and Kendall stood up from the table-raced towards the bedrooms doorways.

Ashley came out of the bathroom-looked at the boys in the face. "Is there something wrong?"asked Ashley.

"Just wondering why you weren't at the table, thanks for making dinner"exclaimed kendall, james and logan at once.

Ashley nods her head, sits down-the only chair that was empty was between james and kendall.

logan,kendall and james watching Ashley's movement during dinner.

(2 hours later) now.

The group were getting ready to watch a movie-since it was still early.

Ashley decided she didn't feel like watching a movie with the boys and katie. She missed her father-in the futuretime, along with her aunts, uncles and cousins of course.

Kendall stood by Ashley's bedroom doorway. "Ashley! Are you ok?"asked Kendall who was wondering.

Ashley sightly turns around-wearing her shirt and shorts to bed.

Kendall sees tears coming down Ashley's face, wasn't sure what to say to her. "Ashley! What ever happen in your future time, I'm sorry for causing you so much pain"whispered Kendall into Ashley's ear.

(2 seconds later) Kendall came and joined his friends.

"Ashley, She going to watch the movie with us?"asked Katie who was munching on some popcorn.

Kendall shakes his head. "Fell asleep a few mintues ago"answered Kendall.