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Chapter 1: Wishing

It had been three days since the wedding between King Endon and Lady Sharn. The Palace had not stopped celebrating since then. King Endon had been crowned when he was very young, when his father died of a very curious fever. He had ruled alone until now, when his arranged marriage with a Toran woman, Sharn, had happened. Despite the fact that he did not know her very well, he already believed that their relationship would last long, and hoped that she felt the same way.

But now, Endon was alone in their bedroom, waiting for his wife to return from her walk through the palace gardens. Sharn did not invite him, because she knew that he needed some time alone. And for that, Endon was grateful.

He felt his eyes fill with unshed tears as he thought of his long lost childhood friend, Jarred. He hated himself for believing that Jarred could ever betray him, and regretted deeply not trusting him before it was too late. He had missed having his best friend by his side at the wedding, and missed him even more now that it was over. But he had no idea where Jarred was or what had become of him. Prandine had told him that he was dead (the palace guards found his clothes by the rocks near the sea, indicating that he drowned), but Endon never truly believed it. He believed that Jarred was alive, and that someday they would meet again.

Endon heard someone enter, and felt a lump in the bed next to him. Turning his head, he met his wife's concerned blue eyes staring back at him.

"Are you feeling better, dear?" She asked, gently caressing his hand.

"Yes." Endon tried to lie, but Sharn saw right through it "Okay, not really."

She wrapped an arm around him, and spoke softly in his ear "It will be alright, darling. Just wait and see."

Endon wanted to believe her. He wanted to believe that Jarred missed him, but he didn't see any reason for Jarred to forgive him, after what happened.

But little did he know that Jarred did just that.

Unknown to most of Deltora, there had been another wedding around the same time as the royal wedding, and the newlyweds were Anna, the granddaughter of the old blacksmith of Del, and Jarred, the King's childhood friend that he so greatly missed.

But even more surprising was the fact that at that moment, Jarred was also sitting alone, just outside the forge, thinking about Endon and his life at the Palace. Not a day went by without Endon crossing Jarred's mind, and made him hope that he would, someday, have a chance to smack his friend upside the head as payback for not believing in him, and then get really emotional and tell him how much he missed him.

Jarred sighed. He should have talked to Endon about it when the King was calm and rested, not sad and distressed because of his father's death and his coronation. He should have told him in an understanding way, instead of flinging it at his face.

"That is in the past" Jared said to himself, or that's what he thought.

"What is in the past?"Asked his wife Anna, coming to sit next to him.

Jarred turned to look at her, smiling. "Nothing, my love" he said, letting out a soft chuckle "Nothing you need to worry about". Anna just took his hand in hers, as an attempt to give him some comfort. Jarred leaned into her touch, wishing that his and Endon's situation wasn't this complicated.

But all of them were oblivious to the fact that they were being watched. Through a magical device, six people, along with two little animals, observed both couples.

"You sure about this, Lief?" a big bearded man asked the young boy next to him.

"Yes, Barda," said the boy, sounding tired. "We've been through this already."

"I know" replied the man called Barda. "I just thought that this might be not such a good idea and…"

"Honestly, Barda!" Exclaimed the wild-looking girl next to him. "Stop being so thick and let's do this!"

Barda looked like he was going to retort, but he just sighed and fell silent. That made the scarred man next to him chuckle. "Given up already, Barda? Pity. I was hoping to see my daughter beat a man twice her age again."

The richly dressed woman next to him took this opportunity to swat him playfully. "No need to boast, Doom!"

The young delicate-looking girl next to her laughed. "We should have predicted he would, right Sharn?"

Sharn joined her in laughter. "Perhaps you are right, Marilen."

"When you're done…" Said Lief, sounding annoyed but amused at the same time.

Lief, Barda and Jasmine laughed when Sharn, Doom and Marilen blushed.

"Lief, you're sure about this?" Sharn asked her son. Lief sighed. "Yes, Mother. I'm sure. Look, we've been through this…"

"But it could be dangerous! We don't know if you would be able to come back at all! Not to mention that-"

"Sharn" said Doom, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Let them do this. And, after all, it's not the most dangerous thing they've done." He chuckled darkly.

Sharn started to glare at him, but gave in and just nodded.

"Can we go now?" asked Jasmine, sounding excited. It was their first quest since they came back from their fight with that grey mass that the Shadow Lord had planned to use in his plan to destroy Deltora.

Doom chuckled. "You're that eager to get away from us?"

"We all are, Doom." Said Barda "I really can't stand your bad jokes anymore." They all laughed at Doom's expression.

"Guys" said Lief. "We should really get going." Barda and Jasmine nodded.

Sharn pulled her son in a hug. "Be careful." Lief nodded. When they finished their goodbyes, Lief approached Marilen. "It's time." She nodded.

They couldn't take the Belt away from Deltora, so they agreed that Marilen would keep it. Lief handed her the Belt, and she placed it around her waist. Lief smiled at her, and she returned it.

Lief took his place next to Jasmine and Barda. Jasmine had Filli on her shoulder and Kree perched on her left arm. Then, Doom stepped forward and gave Lief a shiny moonstone the size of his palm: the same object that would take them back in time. With that, Doom, Sharn and Marilen started their way back to the castle.

With a last encouraging smile to Barda and Jasmine, Lief raised the stone above his head and spoke an incantation. The moonstone started emitting a pure white light, which wrapped the three friends in its warm embrace, taking them to a timeless room, many years in the past.

Back in the past, strangely (or not so much) at the same time Lief activated the moonstone, the two newly wedded couples found themselves surrounded by a cloud of milky white light. The light blocked their vision. None of them could see even their own partners. And then, they felt their feet leaving the ground, taking them away from home, to the same room where Lief, Barda and Jasmine now waited.

For the couples, it would mean the biggest shock of their lives and many discoveries. For the time travelers, it would mean that Deltora could at last escape its terrible fate.

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