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Chapter 2: Meeting again

Neither one of the couples could see anything but the bright white light that embraced them, blocking their senses.

When it cleared, they found themselves on a big room, with a few couches and fluffy rugs. The walls were painted a pale blue, giving away a calming aura.

Jarred was the first one to notice that he and Anna weren't alone. Pushing Anna behind him, Jarred drew his sword and pointed it at Endon.

"HEY!" he yelled, to get Endon's attention. It worked quite well. A bit startled, Endon also pushed his wife behind him and drew his sword. He turned towards the yell, and his and Jarred's eyes met. A hint of recognition flashed in between them for a moment, but they simply ignored it, showing more concern about the well-being of their wives than some silly instinct.

"Who are you?" asked Jarred

"I should ask you the same thing" replied Endon. Then he took a step forward. Jarred raised his sword a little higher.

"Is this how you treat your king?" said Endon.

Jarred stopped short. No, it couldn't be…

"You're king Endon?" he asked, his voice barely a whisper now.

"Yes, I am the King." Replied Endon, a bit intrigued by the sudden change in the man, who ten seconds ago was threatening him with a sharp sword and now had this look in his eyes: it showed disbelief and uneasiness. "And who might you be?"

Jarred could not believe it, yet he knew it was true. Everything about the man and the women behind him screamed "royal". The fancy and expensive clothes, the proud way they stood. He felt a smile starting to form on his face. "Can't you recognize me, old friend?"

He saw Endon's expression change. He saw every emotion cross his face. Disbelief, anger, recognition, hesitation, acceptance. As one, they put their swords away and took a step forward.

"Jarred?" asked Endon quietly, like he found the situation too good to be true. Jarred just smiled.

Then, finally, both men stepped up and embraced each other. It looked like a normal hug (they didn't want to get too emotional), but who knew them well could see the true meaning of that hug.

After a few moments, they broke apart. The situation was really surreal. The recently-reunited friends took some time to examine the changes all that time had done to the other.

"It's good to see you." Said Endon.

"Same here." Said Jarred. He didn't really know what to do. Then he remembered what he wanted to do when he encountered his friend again. In one fluid movement, Jarred reached up and smacked his friend upside the head.

Endon's head flew forward. He looked up at Jarred with startled eyes.

"That's for not believing in me." Said Jarred. Then he started laughing, being joined by Endon once the first shock cleared.

Jarred felt a hand touch his arm. It was Anna. She didn't really want to ruin the moment, but the fact that they were in a place she didn't recognize scared her a little.

"Where are we?" she asked her husband. Before he could answer, a voice echoed through the room.

"I think it would be best if we answered that."

Everyone turned at the same time, looking for the source of the voice. Sharn was the first to see them. A young dark-haired, blue-eyed (A/N: I don't know if Lief has blue eyes but just pretend he does…) boy, a wild-looking, also dark haired but green-eyed girl, with a small little furry animal on her shoulder and a black bird on her arm, and a tall, older, bearded man. It didn't take long for the others to spot them as well.

As one, Endon and Jarred pushed their wives behind them once more, pointing their swords toward the trio. Barda's hand was inching to his own sword, but Lief placed a hand on his arm to quiet him down.

"Who are you?" demanded Endon, pointing his sword directly at Lief's heart. He remained calm, despite the "imminent danger" they were in.

"Drop your weapons" said Lief, trying not to think what was weirder: seeing his father alive again, or the fact that he was pointing a sword at him. "We mean you no harm."

Neither Jarred nor Endon bought it. They remained alert and ready for an attack.

Lief sighed. "We mean you no harm." he repeated. Keeping his eyes on the swords pointed at him, he slowly reached for his own sword, and dropped it to the ground. A little reluctantly, Jasmine and Barda followed his example.

"There" said Lief, looking at Endon "now only you two are armed. Will you let us talk?"

No response. Lief took that as an invitation to start talking. "We brought you here-"

"So you were the ones who brought us here!" Accused Jarred, looking more suspicious by the second.

Ignoring Jarred´s expression and his tone, Lief continued calmly "Yes. We brought you here to read a few books with us. And please" he said, seeing that interruptions were inevitable."Wait until I finish to ask questions."

"We are travelers from the future, and no, I´m not making it up. Deltora has suffered much in the future, and, after so long, we could finally find a way to stop it from happening. So, we decided the best way was to return to the past and fix everything that went wrong, But we also agreed that we might need help. And that´s basically why you´re here. We have brought a series of books to read with you. But, in the end, we leave the choice to you. When we finish reading, and you can truly understand the horrors our home has been put through, you will be able to decide whether you want to help or not. If your answer is no, we will send you back to your home with no memory of what has happened here. But if your answer is yes...than we shall, together, fight for Deltora."

A moment of silence followed Lief´s speech. Jasmine was itching to add that anyone who refused to help was a selfish creature that did not deserve to live and would suffer her revenge, but they had discussed that Lief would do all the speaking, at least while there were weapons pointed directly at them.

"Why us?" asked Sharn, moving to stand beside her husband, despite his warning look. "Why not someone else?"

"Because" said Lief "You are the only ones here who can do it."

Lowering his sword just a little, Endon asked. "Can we have a moment to decide?"

Lief smiled. "Sure."

While Endon, Jarred, Anna and Sharn went to one corner of the room, Lief turned to his companions. "How do you think that went?"

"Brilliant" said Barda, giving Lief an encouraging smile. "Now we must only hope that they accept it."

"They must" said Lief. "We can´t do it without them."

"Well" said Jasmine, crossing her arms. "If they decide that the future of Deltora is not something to risk your life for, then they are simple cowards who prefer to save their own skin than thousandths of lives."

"Jasmine..." stared Lief.

"What?" replied Jasmine. "I just think-"

Before she could finish her sentence, they heard Endon´s voice from behind them.

"We have decided" he said, giving a grumpy-looking Jarred a pointed look. "To hear your story, then decide what should be done."

Lief let out a breath he didn´t know he was holding. "Perfect" he said, smiling. "Shall we begin then?"

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