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By Techno Skittles

I had warned her. Really, I had.

I told her not to follow me. I said it was too dangerous, that she might get hurt. But she just stared at me with those sickly green eyes. They were too…bright. It hurt my eyes looking into them. It would be better if I pulled them from their sockets and pounded them flat. Maybe they wouldn't possess such luster if they resembled pancakes.

But I held back. Something inside of me – not Ragnarok or the noise or the laughing or the voice – told me not to hurt her. It sounded nice enough, so I obeyed. She'd be spared.

But her eyes! They burned!

I had to get away. Far away. Quickly.

A dim light shined through the stained glass windows and I noticed a perfect hiding spot from those hauntingly kind eyes. The moon. There…there I could get away. I could hide. There was some sort of sinister energy emitting from it, not much unlike the very same aura that radiated from my own soul. I'd be safe there. No doubt. I was sure of it. Because down here…I just couldn't deal with those blinding eyes anymore.

I left and warned her.

She didn't listen and followed me.

I told her not to.

I warned her, promise.

She's the one who didn't listen.

Maybe if she listened, she wouldn't be crying grossly and covered in blood, hunched over her still partner. The one with shocking white hair. The same one he's sliced into before.

"Soul! Soul, no! Come back!"

Her voice was so shrill and panicked. It hurt my ears.

"Soul! Soul, please!"

Those fluorescent eyes shone brighter in the reflection of her tears and it blinded me. They were brighter than the sun.

"Soul! Don't leave me!"

It hurt. How could I deal with that kind of pain?

I came to the moon to escape her, to escape this pain. And now my ears, my eyes, and my head hurt. They hurt so much and all I wanted was to get away.

"Chrona! Chrona, stop this!"

Her eyes blinded me.

I'd just have to fix that. Make the problem go away. Heal my eyes and stop the searing pain they experienced by looking into hers.

"Chrona! Stop it!"

Her voice got louder and shriller. My hand felt warm coated in the fresh blood running down my fingers, spreading against the back of my hand, dripping onto the moon rock. Her eyeball clutched tightly in my hand, her empty, crying socket clutched tightly in hers. I pulled out her second one with much ease, wincing at the cries and screams she made.

On the plus side, her eyes weren't so bright in my palms. In fact, they appeared rather dull. Lifeless.


But my ears still hurt. She was still screaming and grossly sobbing.

That wouldn't do.

"Shut up! Just shut up!" I shouted.

Her throat became the perfect sheath for my sword as I clutched her eyes to my chest, a mad grin breaking out on my face, splitting my face painfully in half. I trembled – in fear? Excitement? – as I watched her gag and cough around the blade of my sword before slumping over her partner, joining him in his stillness. I fell to the ground, clutching the eyes to my chest and resting my aching head on my knees, willing the pain to go away.

"Just shut up."

It was her fault.

She didn't listen.

I warned her.


Author's Comments:

Not too much to say here. I don't think this deserves to be rated M because there's hardly any gore except for the eyes part. So I'm not putting it in M.

Hopefully I'll put out something happier later. But I have 2 more fics (one finished and one not) lined up that aren't exactly happily ever after's either…oh well.

Until next time~!