Hermione Becomes A Girl At Last

"Harry!" Hermione nearly jumped into his arms.

"Let him breathe, Hermione" her mother said with a smile. "It is good to see you once more, Harry" she said to him.

"Thank you for inviting me" Harry nodded in acknowledgement.

"It was all Hermione's idea" her father said – he was standing at a safe distance from his daughter. He knew, all too well, the effects of accidental magical coming from her. "She knew you would be staying at school because of your relatives, so she asked if you could come over and spend the holidays with us"

"Thank you, Sir"

"Sir?" Hermione's father frowned. "I get a Knighthood in the New Year's Honour list?" and Harry laughed.

"You come and sit in the living room" Hermione nearly dragged her friend along the hallway. "I'll get you a mug of hot chocolate and something to eat"

"She has" her mother began.

"Got it" her father put in.

"BAD" they said in unison.


By the time that dinner was served, Harry had been given the complete tour of the Granger house – though Harry thought it more like a palace than just a normal house. The meal, Chicken Kiev and Roast Potatoes, went down very well with the boy and he even asked for a second helping. Hermione's mother, having been warned about Harry's situation regarding food, had made more than was needed as she knew he would be hungry – more so after what had happened the last few days.

"Looking forward to tomorrow morning" Hermione said after they had all finished.

"Why is that?" Harry asked.

"It is a family tradition of ours to open a single present on the first day of Christmas" Hermione told him. "I've already got yours wrapped up and under the tree"

"Oh" Harry looked glum.

"What is it?" her father asked.

"Hermione and me were having an argument… I didn't actually get her anything because I thought our relationship was over and done with" he shrugged.

"I don't mind, Harry" Hermione assured him. "It is, after all, better to see you get something at Christmas that you actually like – and not coat hangers or fifty pence pieces from the Dursleys"

"I thought you made that up" her mother said.

"She didn't" Harry said. Harry disliked talking about what had happened to him at the Dursleys, but he poured everything out to the adult Grangers, and both were horrified by what he said.

# # # # #

"I can't believe how much came down last night" said Hermione, looking out of the guest bedroom's windows outside. A huge amount of snow had fallen during the night and the house was snowed in.

"Snowed in and with only tinned food to eat…" Harry shrugged. "This sounds just like the second Famous Five book to me" and Hermione laughed her delightful, warming laugh – reminding Harry of a Pinball machine lighting up when you won a free game.

"If we could use magic then we'd have this cleared in seconds" she said.

"Maybe I can help there" Harry dived into his bag and pulled out a magic mirror. "This connects to madam Bones of the DMLE" he explained. "She said to only use this in an emergency, but I guess that being snowed in like this could count as such" he held the handle and requested madam Bones.

"How did you get that?" Hermione was curious.

"With Voldemort and all that lot out there, Madam Bones wanted some way of contacting me at any time of the day or night. From what I gather, it works on the same way that Sirius's mirror does" he would said more, but Madam Bones's face swam onto the mirrors face.

"You in trouble, Mr Potter?"

"Not exactly, Ma'am. I'm not under attack as such, but the Granger house has been snowed in and none of us can get out. Because neither me or Hermione can use magic outside of school, except to defend ourselves, we're completely stuffed. Can you send some help please?"

"We'd be willing to pay for it" said Hermione.

"With what?"

"Um… erm…"

"Mince Pies and mulled wine" Harry said.

"Be there in five minutes" and Bones disappeared.

# # # # #

"Goodbye and thank you!" Hermione's mother called out. The three rather tipsy Aurors saluted her with a bag of mince pies each and apperated away. "What very nice people" she said.

"And, judging by how much wine you plied them with, very drunk people" Daniel said. "So, Harry, what would you like to do?" Hermione's father asked him. Harry was finding it hard to use his first name of Daniel – or Hermione's mother's of Emma. At one point, stuck as to what to call them, he had referred to the parents as Mr Hermione's Dad and Mrs Hermione's Mum.

"I don't know" he replied.

"Must be something" Hermione said.

"I don't know really" Harry shrugged. "I wasn't exactly top of the Dursley's concern list after all. I wouldn't mind going sledging and going out for a meal tonight" he said.

"Okay – we'll go in an hour" Emma said. "I know just the place to go" and they prepared to go sledging.

"Tell me something, Harry" Hermione said as she helped him go through and get his warmest clothes, "Do you really mind what happened between us?"

"Not really. I'm upset that we went through so much and you never told me about it, but I suppose it is all alright. After everything I told you about my life with the Dursleys, I guess that I felt betrayed and a little hurt" Harry replied. He shook his head sadly as he pulled out a pair of jeans that was too baggy and started hunting for a belt.

"The Healers told me that you came with a Bezoar to give me" Hermione said. "From what they said, the thing saved my life… You saved me from dying, Harry" and Harry looked back at her. "I owe you my life" she finished.

"I guess that you do" Harry replied, and then he frowned as he saw his friend had her wand out.

"I, Hermione Jane Granger, do surrender myself and my rights to Harry James Potter in recognition of his saving of my life after I was facing cer-" she was cut off by Harry smacking her wand out of her hand. "I was trying to pay you back!" Hermione protested.

"I know that, Mione, and I appreciate the thought" Harry said. "But that would make you a slave to my whims and desires. You would have no free will of your own. I could, if I wanted, order you to let me rape you and kill your parents. If I ever have a cause to call in your debt to me, I shall tell you about it well in advance. I find it odd that you want to be a slave to me when you hate slavery yourself"

"But I thought you would want your own piece of action. A girl you could shag without any trouble or worries. One who would never complain about anything you did to her"

"Maybe that is what most teenage boys fantasise about, Mione, but I would never have a girl like that under my control. If we both had a controlling kink or something…" Harry smiled and handed Hermione her wand. "I would never force you into doing something that you would find distasteful – even if it was all legal" he said softly.

"But I read that I owe you my life"

"That is what is said in some book on old customs or stuff, but, Mione, I don't give a damn about all that rubbish. I only care about what is good and right and I don't think that is it. If I call in the debt owed to me, it will only be for a good and honest reason"

"You're…" Hermione choked. "You're very sweet and noble, Harry Potter" and, standing on her toes, the girl kissed him softly on the lips before leaving the guest room with tears in her eyes.

"I'm getting too soft in my old age…" Harry shook his head and continued to find a belt.

# # # # #

"Oh, Mum…" Hermione sobbed. "You should have seen them all"

"Seen what, Hermione?" Emma asked.

"The clothes his horrid relatives make him wear when he isn't at Hogwarts" Hermione said. "He gets hand me downs from a cousin his age but a million times larger than him"

"Hardly a million times, sweetie" Daniel said from Hermione's other side.

"From what Harry said to me once, Dudley, his cousin, once went to Seaworld and was mistaken for an escaped Whale. And, if that isn't enough, they beat him for being magical and for being better than Dudley"

"Where does he live?" asked Daniel and Hermione automatically gave the address and then went into more sobs. When she looked up, Harry was jumping up the stairs after having evidently overheard them talking.

# # # # #

Harry had thought that the Grangers would hate him and started packing when Hermione came running into the room to stop him. At the same time, Daniel had picked up a box and gone out. It wasn't until just after half past ten that night he returned with a satisfied look on his face.

"Where did you go?" Harry asked.

"I couldn't believe that people could be that cruel to the only living reminder of their sister, but I guess that I was very wrong. Hermione told me where the Dursleys lived and I went over there"

"What did you do then?" Harry asked.

"I shot them"

"WHAT?" Hermione squeaked.

"I was only joking" Daniel said. "I just blew out the tires on their car and told them Harry would never be returning to the house ever again"

"But I have to" said Harry. "Professor Dumbledore said about Blood Wards and stuff"

"That wouldn't work any more" Hermione said. "They would only work if Voldemort hadn't come back from the dead. But, seeing as he has your blood in him now, he can just walk through them at will"

"Dumbledore lied to me?" Harry asked slowly.

"Maybe he didn't realise…" Hermione replied. "Besides, you can stay with us forever, and ever, and ever and ever…" and Harry couldn't help but laugh and smile.

"I'd like that" he said. "I think I would like that very much" and got a hug from all the Grangers.

"Harry?" Hermione waited until her parents had gone to the kitchen.


"Can you come to my room after Mum and Dad have gone to bed? I want to talk to you, and then would be the best moment for some privacy"

"Alright" Harry told her.

# # # # #

"Its me" Harry called through the door.

"Come in and lock the door" and he did so.

"What is so important we need to meet at midnight?" Harry asked. "Going after another Philosopher's Stone are we?" he joked.

"I think not" Hermione replied with a weak smile. "I have been thinking all about how I owe you my life, and that I have to repay you somehow" and Harry stopped her then and there.

"I don't want a slave, Mione. And I think that Dobby would be more then a little ticked off with me…" Harry smiled.

"You've never had sex have you, Harry?" Hermione whispered, biting her lip as she spoke. She had never been so nervous since the time she had faced the Transfiguration and Potion tests set by Snape and McGonagall to guard the Philosopher's Stone.

"Does my left hand count?" Harry grinned.


"Then, I am afraid, the answer would have to be no" Harry replied. He had an inkling as to where this was going to go, but this could just be a curious Hermione – something he loved and adored. Hermione stood from where she had been sitting on the bed, reached down to her waist and allowed the robe to fall into a silky puddle by her feet.

"I need this, Harry" she breathed. "I want this. Make me… Make me a real girl…" and Harry stood in awe of the perfection that was his best friend.

"My compliments to your tailor…" he said quietly and covered the distance so fast Hermione was sure he apperated. The girl, understandably, was pleased with her new body as it had been crafted to her specifications. She had designed it with one purpose, and only one purpose, in her logical and organised mind – make her new body compatible to Harry Potter. The only issue was that, to aid the skilled Doctors and Healers, she had put a label regarding her breasts. The team, however, had assumed this to be correct and her chest now bore the legend 'Breasts – This Way' – St Mungos would have a remedy in a few days.

"Am I… Am I beautiful?" Hermione hesitated.

"Yes" Harry said carefully. "You don't have to do this for me"

"I know that" Hermione whispered. "But I want to do it for you. I have never wanted something more then this – not even becoming a girl"

"I don't know what to say" Harry looked over the amazing body of his best friend. He now knew what perfection looked like – Hermione. The name, he thought, suited the graceful body that stood naked to him.

"Please…" Hermione begged him. "Please take me any way you want to… Make" Hermione tilted her head and pressed her lips to his – finding it easy to get past and battle briefly with his tongue, "Make me a real girl… Make me complete" and Harry did as was requested from him. By the time that they had become both sated and too tired to go on, it was nearly three in the morning. Neither of them had been in so much bliss, and they had done things that neither of them had thought about except in their most private of dreams and desires. With Hermione not being able to conceive via natural methods, she was able to push Harry to his very limits and have him fill her up several times over. When she had tried to give him oral sex, she had nearly drowned in the amount that came from him – much like Harry when he did the same to her. Afterwards, they lay together in the sheets and covers stained with the juices of their passion and lovemaking, and, with a loving kiss that held the promise of more nights to come; they fell asleep in each other's arms.


"Odd…" Emma said. "Hermione has put the lock on her door"

"Maybe she was… you know…" Daniel said.

"I suppose so" Emma used a coin to turn the lock from the outside and they went into the room. The smell of sex hung heavily in the room and it confirmed what Daniel had suspected. "Morning, Hermione!" she said cheerfully.

"Mum?" Hermione bolted upright and threw the covers over her uncovered top part of her body.

"We're supposed to be going shopping for Harry in half an hour" her mother reminded her.

"At six in the morning?" Hermione asked – her mind confused from having just woken up.

"It is actually a glorious nine o'clock, Booky Wook" Daniel said.

"Hermione?" Emma spotted some things that shouldn't belong in her daughter's room.


"Be ready in twenty minutes. We'll get you and Harry breakfast while we're out"

"Mkay" Hermione mumbled. As she spoke, a lump in the bed covers shifted.

"I am only going to ask you this once - Who" Daniel asked, "Is that with you?" and the lump rose, the covers fell and revealed a partially covered Harry.

"Morning Mr Granger" he said with a goofy looking grin on his face.

"Did you have sex with my daughter?" Daniel asked.

"Several times" Harry nodded comically.

"Make it forty minutes" Emma said and left the room with her husband. Harry and Hermione looked at each other.

"If we have ten minutes for a shower, we can do it in twenty" Harry said. Hermione just smiled and found herself completely under his power and enchantment. As her body began to respond to Harry's careful ministrations, she cast her mind to how she should have told him years ago. How she should have told him the secret…

Hermione's Secret…