Ava clumsily reached out to turn the shrilling alarm clock off. She blearily opened her eyes but immediately shut them when she felt the sun rays hit her skin.

"Ava" there was hurried knocks on her bedroom door "honey you got school, Bonnie's going to pick you up in forty minutes"

"Alright Gran, thanks" Ava called out; she reached out and used her hand to guide herself around the room. The blond felt the cool touch of the doorknob and opened it; she had mapped out the layout of the room in her mind so it was easy for her to move around in.

Ava fumbled for the toothbrush and toothpaste, once she managed to brush her teeth, she moved onto the shower and turned the faucet on, she reached out to check the temperature of the water and when she felt it was hot enough she stripped out of her clothes and stepped into the shower and sighed feeling the water washing over her.

Ava sighed and leant back against the cool tiles today was the first day of school and to be honest she wasn't exactly looking forward to it. When she finished Ava dried herself off and wrapped her fluffy towel around herself. She padded barefooted back to her room and made her way towards her dresser, Ava pulled out some underwear and a bra, she slipped them on and then proceeded to pick out what she would wear for the day. The blond reached out into her vast closet and felt the labels; her slim digits ran over the brail,

"Hmm, floral skirt or-"she used her other hand to grope around, her hand met a cotton fabric "Or navy blue skirt?"

"Honey" she heard the door opening "Are you done yet? You haven't even got dressed yet?"

"I know gran, help me, so what should I wear?" she asked and felt the small lady's presence behind her

"This dearie" Gran uttered handing Ava a dress, the blond ran her digits over the brail label and found out that it was a knee length navy blue dress "wear a cardigan dear, it might get chilly"

"Thanks Gran" Ava smiled and slipped on the dress and a pair of tights, she slipped on a pair of red ballet flats. The blond grabbed her messenger bag and headed downstairs holding onto the banister as she did so,

As soon as she entered the kitchen she was greeted with an aroma of food

"Good she's here"

"Duh Gran, of course I'd be here"

"Ava I didn't say anything" Gran said as Ava sat down at the table

"Oh crap I did it again didn't I?" she muttered and heard a plate being set down in front of her

"If you mean mind reading dear, then ya did" Gran smiled at her regardless that Ava couldn't see it

"Ergh it's just-"

"Honey you need to control it better"

"Well it's harder when you can't see" Ava snapped but immediately regretted it afterwards


Gran sighed and sat down beside her "It's ok dear" she patted her back "a lot has happened in the last couple of months"

"Everything is harder" Ava admitted

"I know dear but it will get better, I can feel it" Gran assured her "now go on an eat, I don't want you going to school on an empty stomach, first day an all"

Ava chuckled and took a bite out of the pancakes "hmm" she groaned and reached out to grab the syrup and drowned her food in that.

"You're going to lose your teeth before me" she heard her grandmother laugh,

"Hmm don't care, this is too good" Ava uttered her mouth full with food, she swallowed it down and felt around for a glass of juice, she felt the carton and poured some juice

"Honey you're getting the toast here let me-"

"Gran I am capable of pouring for myself" the blond frowned, "forget it I'm not even thirsty-"

"Ava" Gran snapped but there was a loud horn blaring

"It's Bonnie I got to go" she pushed herself away from the table and picked up the messenger bag from the staircase, Ava opened the door

"Ava" she heard Bonnie's voice.

The dark skinned smile taking in her pale blond friend, and cocked an eyebrow knowing that the other teen definitely has left something behind


"Elena?" Ava called the Gilbert girl live next door which was a plus for them "let's go" she walked past Bonnie

"Not so fast young lady" Gran appaeared "morning dears" she smiled at Elena and Bonnie but frowned at the blond "you forgot something, here" she pressed the cane in to Ava's hands


"Use it, I don't want you to be bashing into everything" Gran ordered

"Fine" Ava muttered tapping the cane on the hardwood porch floor

"Come on Ava" Elena smiled linking her arm with hers,

"She's a stubborn mule" Gran muttered watching her grand-daughter walking down the gravel path, Bonnie snorted

"Nothing's change then"

Gran laughed "I know, look at for her, she's not one to ask for help"

"I know" Bonnie smiled.

Ava tapped her foot against the floor of the car and tuned out of Elena's and Bonnie's conversation, she gasped when she felt the car swerve her grip on her cane tightened

"Oh my god, Elena, Ava you ok?" Bonnie asked turning around to face the pale blond

"Yeah, yeah what the hell happened?" Ava asked pulling barriers up in her mind so she wouldn't have to hear the two girls' frantic thoughts

"It was a bird it appeared out of nowhere" Bonnie said breathing loudly

"Elena you ok?" the blond asked not hearing from the brunette

"Yeah, I'm fine, I can't be scared of cars forever" Elena said her breathing rate going back to normal

"Can we go then?" Ava asked

"Yeah sure" Bonnie uttered and restarted the car again, the blond felt the engine rumbling and soon enough they were back on the road,

"Here it is, hell" Ava muttered feeling the car coming to a stop, Elena snorted

"Exaggeration much"

"Funny thing is, it's not" Ava smiled

"Oh cheer up Ava, I got a feeling this year is going to be kick ass" Bonnie exclaimed, as Ava fumbled with the belt buckle, she grabbed her bag and opened the door

As soon as Ava stepped out she could hear the chatter of students and cars pulling into the parking lot. Ava used her cane to guide her inside swinging it in arch shape in front of her

"So has anything changed?" the blond asked her friends who were walking beside her

"No everything look like it did last year" Elena informed her

"Lovely" Ava uttered her tone oozing sarcasm

"Cheer up Ava" Elena laughed linking her arm with her as they entered the school.

Ava was glad that her locker was next to Elena's and that they had similar schedules

"What's my locker combo?" Ava asked

"Two turns to the left three to the right and once all the way around" Elena said

"Thanks" Ava murmured and followed through dialling the locker combo "So Bonnie still mumbling about the lack of male real estate?" Ava asked causing Elena to snort she pulled out her books, her gran had especially ordered them so they were brailed.

"Aw there is she is, I can't believe she broke up with me" Ava recognised that voice "Is Matt nearby?"

"Yeah how'd you do that?" Bonnie asked, Elena turned around and saw her ex-boyfriend looking at her

"Magic" the blond claimed and laughed

"Yeah right-"

"Aw Bon I'd thought you'd be a believer?" Ava pouted moving her cane into her other hand

"Just because my crazy grams is doesn't mean I am" Bonnie snorted "oh erm Gram's says to tell your granny she still owe her the poker money or something"

"Ergh bloody granny, you know she knows that she sucks at the game, but still wants to play" the blond uttered, she could hear students echoing all around and felt herself being shoved forward

"Hey watch it, bitch" Bonnie yelled "you alright?" she asked Ava who had dropped her books

"Yeah I'm fine" the blond muttered and shouldered her bag. "So Matt-"

"Just left" Elena sighed leaning against the locker "he hates me"

"Matt doesn't do hate" Ava rolled her eyes

"Yep, that's just his I'm too cool but I'm too heartbroken to show it face" Bonnie said "incoming"

"Elena" Caroline rushed forward, Ava heard an oof and knew that the other blond must be hugging the brunette tightly "Oh my god how are you? It's so good to see you, how is she is she good?" she asked Bonnie who smiled and nodded "Oh Ava, so good to see you, is she ok? With the whole not seeing thing-"

"MY god Care, I may be blind but I'm not freaking deaf" Ava snapped

"Only trying to be nice, god" she heard Caroline's thoughts

"She's cranky" Elena intervened not wanting an argument to break out between the two blonds,

"Aw, of course she is" Caroline nodded and much to Ava's surprised she was pulled into a hug by the taller girl, she let out a sigh when the bubbly blond pulled back "ok, I'll see you guys later?"

Ava nodded and when she heard her leaving she frantically shook her head, making both Elena and Bonnie laugh

"No comment, let's never talk about that again" Elena said, causing Ava to laugh "come on" she linked her arm with Ava's and led them away.

The trio of teen girls walked down the hall "Whoa hold up" Bonnie claimed

"What?" Ava asked halting

"Hot dude-"

"All I see is a back"

"Hmm I sensing Seattle" Bonnie said "and he plays a guitar"

"I thought you weren't a believer?" Ava exclaimed hearing Elena snort

"You're really going to run this whole psychic thing into the ground aren't you?" Elena asked

"Pretty much" Bonnie nodded

Ava shook her head and tucked a stray curly blond strand behind her ear

"Oh my god is that Jeremy? Ergh what's wrong with him?" Ava turned her head towards the brunette frowning slightly "I'll be right back" with that the brunette walked off

"So am I just going to stand here why you perv on the new guy?" Ava asked

"Ssh, not so loud" Bonnie hissed "please be hot, please be hot" she chanted making the blond laugh loudly

"Is he?" Ava asked

"Holy shit he is hot, so hot, no wait he's super-hot" she heard Bonnie

"Alright let's go" Ava said loudly but the other girl hadn't moved "Bonnie stop being weird and let's go, we have Tanner first and I don't want to give the man more of a reason to be a dick"

"Fine, no fun Ava" Bonnie mumbled and threaded her arm with hers

Ava took her usual seat which was behind Elena, she rummaged through her bag, and could hear other students arriving as well. She swore when she accidently elbowed her book off of her desk, she reached down and attempted to find the thick text book, with her hand outstretched. She jumped when she felt a large hand over hers

"Sorry" she heard a deep voice "is this yours?" her face tilted upwards making the man in front of her gasp quietly "are you ok?" she asked quietly

"Yeah, erm sorry I'm Stefan Salvatore" he eyed the attractive blond, he clutched onto her book, her scent was different from any others he had smelt before

"Oh you're the new hot guy-oh crap I mean guy- you're a guy" she blushed "sorry I have a terrible condition of word vomiting"

Stefan chuckled "No problem, here you go" he handed her the book and helped her up, he hadn't missed the cane by her feet "and you are?"

"Oh Ava" she smiled sitting back down

"Oh my god, Ava he is super-"

"Class started, Miss Bennett pay attention" she heard Tanner barker, the blond fiddled with the voice recorder and pressed record, and sat back listening to the lecture

"He is totally eyeing up Elena" a small smile played on Ava's full lips

"Oh god, he's so good looking and nice, keep calm Elena, just remember to breath in an out" her smile widened slightly hearing Elena's thoughts, so the brunette was into the new guy

"I would so do him, god I bet he looks good with no-"

"Xenia" Tanner barked making her jump "You may be blind but you can look interested"

"Right so sorry" Ava flushed and sat up and heard him going back to his lecture "Dick" she muttered causing those around her to snicker

"Something funny Xenia?" the history teacher asked

"No sir…..no wonder why you're wife left you" she mumbled the last part, but the man didn't hear her. Stefan glanced over to the blond and frowned slightly, he could tell there was something different about her. "Ok where were we….ah right so our home State Virginia…"

Ava sighed and let her mind wondered, when the bell rang she grabbed her recorder and her bag. She felt the rush of students pushing past her; she groaned hearing the sound of her cane being moved away

"You've got to be kidding me" she muttered under her breath and shouldered her bag.

"Here you go" Stefan had witnessed the scene and briefly wondered were all kids this rude. He held out her cane placing it in her hands. Their hands made skin contact.

"You ok?" he asked seeing her paling

"Yeah, fine erm I'm fine" she muttered and grabbed her bag,

"Ava" Elena called from the front, the brunette was waiting for her friend at the doorway

"Coming" the blond didn't say anything to Stefan and walked past him, her cane aiding her as she did so

"You ok?" Elena asked she sent a small smile to Stefan who returned the gesture

"Yeah I'm fine" Ava plastered a smile on her face "what have we got next?"

"Ergh biology-"

"Oh that's good" Ava nodded

"I think you're the only one who likes it" Elena muttered, Ava chuckled and plastered a smile on to her face "so what do you think of the new guy?"

"Erm…he's nice"

"Is that all?" Elena asked

"What? He helped me, but I'm getting the feeling that you like, like him already, well you should hurry before Caroline tries to snatch him up" Ava uttered her ears twitched picking up all the sounds of the students walking up and down the school's hallway, Elena began to describe to the bond on how Stefan looked, but truly Ava wasn't listening her mind was focused on something else, she couldn't get read on the new, nothing, usually she could hear thoughts and had troubled pushing them out of her mind, but from Stefan there was nothing there, no idly random thoughts, no anecdotes nothing. Ava sighed and shook her head her cane tapping against the floor so she knew the path was clear, she decided to let it be, in an odd way it was peaceful, the blonde zoned back into Elena's rant.

It was the end of the day and Ava was piling some of her books in to her bag,

"So Ava, fancy coming to the grill tonight?" Bonnie asked

"I'm not sure I can't-"

"No, it's customary; we always go to the grill after the first day of school" Elena chipped smiling "please Ava, if I'm going then so are you"

"Ergh fine, but-"

"I'll pick you up, at seven" Elena declared

"Ok, plus Gran will probably end up kicking me out of the house anyway, 'Ava you can't stay inside all day' ergh"

Bonnie snorted "Was that meant to be an impression of your Gran?"

"Yes, and I know it was marvellous" Ava smiled widely as they walked down the hall, either girl beside her so that she was in between them

"You are rather deluded aren't you?" Elena asked, the blond could hear laughter in her tone

"Big meanie Elena" she pouted and much to Bonnie's amusement shoved the taller girl causing her to stumble

"Ava" Elena uttered

"What?" she asked innocently, they headed to Bonnie's car since she was giving them both a ride home.

Ava slid in to the back and dropped her bag beside her

"Buckle up Ava" Elena instructed they waited seeing the blond fumbling with the belt, when she was done, Bonnie revved the engine, Ava held onto the white cane and leant against the car window.

"Your stop Ava" Bonnie called putting the car in to park,

"Mine too Bon" Elena rolled her eyes

"Yeah I know but I prefer Ava over you" Ava laughed at that grabbing her bag and cane,

"I always liked you Bonnie" she clamoured out to the car and heard Elena slamming the door of the car

"You alright from here?" Elena asked watching Ava

"Elena, I know where I live, I've mapped out the whole town practically, right up here" she lightly tapped her temple

"Fine, fine, I'll pick you up" Elena smiled as Ava headed up her gravel driveway and climbing the steps to the porch, the brunette shook her head, Elena knew Ava her whole life and knew that the blond was fiercely independent, she didn't like getting help, especially when she could do things on her own.

Ava groped around for a key and pulled it out of her pocket, she slid it into the lock and pushed the door open

"Who is it?" Gran yelled "Is it a burglar because I have no valuables and-"Ava rolled her eyes

"Gran it's me" she yelled slamming the door shut behind her, she placed her cane by the staircase and headed into the kitchen "and since when did a burglar use keys to come in?" she asked, she had mapped out the layout of the house and Gran hadn't changed anything

"Well a smart burglar would" Gran muttered "come I made some tea and-"

"Erm Gran I'm going to the Grill later to-"

"Honey I think I know already" she smiled "but have some tea-you better drink it" Ava laughed hearing the her Gran's thought, she sits down and lightly grazes the tips of her fingers against the hot mug "and muffins" she smiled hearing that, it was a tradition of some sort, beside the one where her and the others would meet up at the grill, Gran would always welcome her home with a piping hot mug of tea and freshly baked muffins

They both were sitting down opposite one another; Ava grabbed a muffing and groaned when she bit into it

"Serious Gran these are good"

"I know dear, now chew before you swallow" she admonished

"So modest Gran" Ava uttered

"Hmm, I know so how-I mean did you control-"

"I didn't blurt out anything, if that's what you want to know" Ava frowned,

"Dear I know sometimes you struggle with it-"

"Gran I don't need a lecture, I'm getting better at blocking people off and it's more of a light buzzing sound" she sipped her tea

Gran frowned and grabbed Ava's hand stilling her movements "Ava, you can't shut off your gift-"

"It isn't a gift" she snatched her hand back "It's curse, I'm a freak already and now I got this"

"You're not a freak" Gran snapped

"I am, I can't see I can't do nothing, you know how embarrassing it is not being able to do things like normal people" she muttered, Gran sighed and pulled the girl forward so she could cup her cheeks

"Ava you're not a freak, you're special, far more special then you believe" she murmured brushing her frail fingers across Ava's smooth cheek

"Gran you suck at pep talks" Ava muttered "oww, you pinched me"

"I did, and my pep talks are brilliant, now shoo go do homework-"

"Gran first day so there is no homework" she told her, she could pick up the radio blasting some old country music

"Hmm alright dear so any gossip, of so dish" Gran grinned, Ava snorted

"Damn you and Caroline would be best friends ya know-"

"Oh I'm nothing like that prissy girl" the old woman scoffed "so tell me-"

"It's like living with another teen-"

"I know it's because I'm young and sexy" Gran stated, Ava doubled over in laughter "alright kid, so dish"

"Hmm, let me think" Ava leant back into her chair crossing one leg over the other "well there's a new kid in town-"

"Is he good looking?" the old lady asked immediately

"Gran does it look like I can see him?" she asked rhetorically earning a slap upside the head from her Gran

"You know what I mean, so?" she insisted and handed Ava another muffin

"Gran I got-"

"You're too thin" she cut her off "go on"

"Well, Bonnie said he's hot and…erm I think the whole of the female population of Mystic Falls" Ava told her a frown marred her face

"What's wrong?" Gran asked seeing it "and don't think about lying"

"Fine, I couldn't hear him" she said

"What was he speaking quietly or-"

"No gran I mean, I couldn't hear his thoughts, there was nothing there, almost as if he was a dead person" Ava said taking a chunk of the muffing

"Oh" Gran murmured "Oh my god they're back, why do they have to come here?"

"Gran?" Ava asked curiously "who are-"

"Nothing dear" Gran cut her off, Ava rolled her eyes

"I can hear your thoughts, do you know something about what's wrong with Stefan? Or why I can't hear his thoughts?" she asked

"Ava, trust me you don't want to know-"

"He's befriending Elena, and is in my class I think I-"

"Does he seem like a threat to you?"

Ava was baffled wondering where this was coming from "not really, he was sort of nice actually"

"Ok, well be carefl around him"

"Gran he was nice so-"

"Nothing just leave drop it Ava, I'm sure things will come out eventually" Gran murmured "It's nothing for you to worry about, now go get ready, freshen up"

"Alright" Ava finished her muffin and walked out her hands gliding against the wall to guide her.

Gran frowned she had made sure to censor her thoughts around the blond, but she was worried, she knew there was a vampire around in town, Ava couldn't pick up his thoughts, she just hoped that the petite blond would stay away or if she couldn't well she then hoped that the vampire wouldn't get a whiff of her blood, after all Ava was special.

Ava dropped her bag by her desk and ran her fingers through her thick blond locks, she dropped down on her desk chair and reached out for one of the books that was haphazardly laid across her desk. Like all her books, this one brail

"Hmm, what do we have here" she muttered under breath and ran her fingers across the title "huh-Hunger Games" she was a fan of adventure novels and fantasy. she had gotten in to the first couple of chapters, but had stopped when she heard there was a knock on the door

"AVA" Gran screamed

"My god, I'M COMING" she yelled back, she marked her place in the book and grabbed a jacket that was by her door,


"COME ON GRAN I'M NOT DEAF" she shrieked and laughed loudly when she heard the old woman jumping,

"My goodness dear no need to yell"

Ava scoffed "you are impossible" she slipped on her jacket and answered the door


"Elena" Ava smiled recognising her voice

"Hi, you ready?" she asked she swore she could hear laughter in her tone "ergh crap you heard me and Gran didn't you?"

"How could I not? I think the whole town heard that" Elena laughed,

"Lovely" Ava uttered sarcastically "let me grab-" she stopped hearing something shifting on her porch, "who else is with you?" she asked

"Damn, you've got good hearing" Elena said "Stefan's joining us"

"Hi Ava, I hope that's alright" she heard Stefan's voice

"No it's fine" she smiled in the direction of his voice "I'll be back I need-"

"Here you go dear" Gran handed her the cane "Oh who's this?"

"Hey Ms Xenia-"

"Dear call me Claudine" Gran sighed

"Right" Elena smiled "this is Stefan Salvatore, he's new in town"

"Oh right" Gran smiled, her eyes not leaving his she glanced down at his hands and didn't miss the large ring sitting there on his middle finger sitting there, Stefan tense but relaxed when he saw the warm smile on the old lady's face "Ava was right you are a hottie-"

"Oh my god" Ava blushed "shut up gran" she hissed.

Both Stefan and Elena laughed at that

"It wasn't me it was Bonnie actually, I told you what she said" Ava muttered,

"Well whoever said it they were right, if I were younger" she winked at Stefan,

"Did she wink?" Ava asked


"Oh but-"

"Ok, by Gran" Ava spoke over Elena and pushed her and Stefan forward "go, go, go" she hissed "I'm sorry about my granny Stefan" she muttered as Elena linked her arm with hers

"No its no problem" he assured her "she's nice-"

"You mean crazy-"

"Ah, ah, but we love her for it" Elena laughed as they made their way towards Stefan's car

"Yeah you're right" Ava uttered,

"We're using my car" Stefan informed her "You want to get in the back or front?"

"The back" Ava immediately said knowing that the brunette would want sit near Stefan,

"Right, well let me just sort the seat out" Stefan said as he did so, the blond attempted to once again to see if she could get anything from new guy, but was frustrated to find that she couldn't

"Ava you ok?" Elena asked her seeing her friend looking as if she was staring off into space

"Yeah I'm fine" Ava smiled, and could hear the gravel crunching beneath Stefan's feet

"You can get in now" he smiled at her

"Thanks" Ava nodded and climbed into the back, he then pushed the front seat back and gestured for Elena to get in

"Aw such a gentleman" Elena smirked and slid into the car

"Just have sex with him already, you know you want to" Ava blurted out, hearing Elena's thoughts about Stefan

"Ava" Elena hissed, Ava's eyes widened

"Oh crap, did I say that out loud?" the blond questioned, Stefan snorted amused by the petite little creature, she was something

"Yeah you did" Elena uttered

"Sorry, it's Grans fault" Ava said leaning back in the seat, she heard the car revved its engine

"Your gran is in the house" Stefan cocked an eyebrow

"Yeah but that woman can influence me, from there" Ava said "anyway so….Stefan…erm-"

"How about some music" Elena pitched amused at her friend's rambling

"Yeah good idea" Ava nodded letting out a sigh of relief,

"So what was you doing before we came to pick you up Ava?" Elena asked glancing over her shoulder, seeing that Ava was twirling one of her blond curly locks

"Not much, Gran made muffins-"

"Aww, and you didn't get me any?" Elena asked making Ava smile

"Hmm, there's tons, come back later I'll fill a whole basket for you"

"Am I missing something?" Stefan asked as he drove towards the Grill,

"Claudine, makes the best muffins in town" Elena explained "seriously you could live off of those treats"

Stefan whistled, "that's some claim"

"Hmm, but it's true" Ava leant forward and "I'll see if I can get you one Stefan"

He laughed "thanks Ava" the petite blond radiated something, he swore she was like a ray of sunshine, whenever he had seen her she always had a smile on her face. And that was something, he had many people like her, who were either blind or had different ailments but Ava seemed push herself despite it.

"Anything else?"

"Gran asked for the latest gossip, her and Caroline are like two peas in a pod-"

"I swear if I didn't know any better I would say Claudine was related to Caroline" Elena laughed

"Me too, well I was reading-"

"Caroline managed to convince you too read Twilight?"

"Why would I waste my time on that crap" Ava scoffed "please sparkly vampires? If I ever met a sparkly vamp I'll think I would just laugh my ass off" Elena giggled, Stefan smirked

"So you don't believe in that? The supernatural and all that?" he asked,

Ava hummed and tapped her slim fingers against her cane "well I think anything is possible"

"Ava's open-minded, always hoping for some sort of mythical creature to meet" Elena told him, shaking her head, Stefan grimaced slightly but nodded

"Well it would certainly make life less boring" Ava added and felt the car slowing down "we're here, great" she uttered as both Elena and Stefan climbed out of the car.

As soon as Ava stepped into the grill she could hear music and laughter, she tapped her cane and swung it to make sure her path was cleared

"Can you see them?" Ava asked

"Yep, come on" Elena lightly grasped her hand and led her over to the table where Bonnie and Caroline were at.

"Ava you came" Bonnie grinned at her

"Duh, it's tradition" she smiled placing her cane by her feet,

"I thought she wanted space, but look at her already with the new guy" Ava recognised that as Matt's thought "Is Matt around?" she asked

"Yep, and he is giving Elena the puppy eyes" Bonnie uttered, Caroline scoffed

"Why does he want to be with her? Elena always gets everything"

"I doubt she gets everything Care" Ava rolled her eyes

"What?" Caroline asked,

"Shit" Ava hissed "nothing, just forget about it" she smiled "so is there a waiter around? I'm dead thirsty"

"Let me get you a drink" Stefan offered walking over

"No, I can get my own, thanks though be back in a minute" Ava jumped onto her feet and grabbed her cane. Stefan sat down beside Elena watching the blond easily making her way towards the bar "How- I mean I-"

"Trust me, Ava knows her way around town, and she likes doing stuff on her own" Elena uttered and saw Ava coming back with her soda

"Yeah, do something for her. She would have a go-"Caroline rolled her eyes

"She's independent Care" Bonnie uttered shaking her head, both her and Elena exchanged a look

"Right, I'm back" Ava grinned and dropped down on the seat which was located on the other side of Stefan "so let the interrogation begin"

"So more morbid why don't you?"

"Am I sensing sarcasm Bennett?" Ava asked sipping her drink; she placed her cane back by her feet

"You'll be right in that" with that Bonnie quickly snatched her drink and took a large gulp

"Ergh Bon" Ava whined, and managed to grab her drink off of her.

"You guys are so childish" Caroline sniffed and then returned to batting her eyelashes at Stefan

"You've just realised that now?" Ava offered and yelped when she felt a kick under the table

"You ok?" Stefan asked her

"She's fine, so Stefan were you born in Mystic Falls?" Caroline asked

"Quote Ava, 'let the interrogation begin'" Bonnie whispered to Ava who snorted

"OK you sounded way more morbid then me" she whispered back,

"Hmm, and I moved around when I was young" Stefan replied, Ava shifted in her seat and crossed one leg over the other

"Parents?" Ava asked softly

"They passed away" Stefan said quietly

"Like Elena and Ava" Caroline uttered

"And they say I'm subtle as a brick" Ava muttered and heard Bonnie scolding the other blond

"I'm sorry" Elena said, "We have more in common than I thought" Ava bit her lip hearing that, she was thinking how wrong her friend may be.

"None that I talk to" Stefan exclaimed, glancing over to Ava whose sea-green eyes was focused on the table.

"So anyway" Caroline said, Ava rolled her eyes wondering how could the blond not realise at how insensitive she comes across as. "there's a huge party tomorrow"

"Yeah it's a sort of the beginning of the year thing" Bonnie nodded

"Will you be there?" Stefan asked looking at Elena

"Of course she is, plus she's Ava's ride so-"

"Whoa hold up, who said I was going?" Ava asked cocking an eyebrow

"I did and-"

"If I'm going then so are you" Elena declared "come on Ava it'll be fun"

"Yeah for you" she muttered under her breath "Fine I'll come along but Gran-"

"You're Gran would've probably pushed you out of the house" Bonnie laughed "plus I know she and my grams are playing poker-"

"Again?" Ava asked "my god that woman never learns, let your grams know that she shouldn't completely clean out my Gran, I don't want to listen to another bitch-athon"

Bonnie laughed and nodded "I'll let her know"

After about another hour, everyone opted to go home, Bonnie had offered Ava a ride home, since Stefan and Elena wanted to stay for longer.

Bonnie pulled up to Ava's driveway

"So anymore word from you gran about your witchy thing?" Ava asked interested

"I swear sometimes it sounds like your more into this then me" Bonnie smiled shaking her head, Ava leant her head back, brushing her long blond hair back

"Hmm, just curious is all" Ava muttered "so I reckon within two weeks Elena would have slept with Stefan"

"Ha no way I reckon within a week" Bonnie laughed

"Yeah right, no I still say two weeks" Ava grinned and grabbed her cane

"We'll see" Bonnie grinned as Ava got out of the car "See you tomorrow, I'll pick you up usual time"

"Alright, see you then" Ava called using her cane to aid her up to the front door, she unlocked her door

"Who is it? Is it a burglar?" Gran shouted

"God, Gran it's me" Ava yelled and slipped off her jacket "and since when did burglars use keys?" she asked "and I swear I had this conversation before"

"Well you never know" Gran called "in the living room dear, but I'm heading to bed"

"Oh alright, night Gran" Ava yawned and headed upstairs, her bedroom was right at the back of the house, she walked down the corridor, and pushed opened her door and placed the cane down near her desk, Ava kicked off of her shoes and headed into the bathroom which was adjoined to the bathroom. Her night clothes were hanged up behind the door, she stripped out of her dress and slipped on her flannel shorts where it rested low on her hips, Ava then pulled on the camisole. She deposited her dress in the hamper and headed back into her room where she crawled into bed and pulled the covers over her body.

She leant her head back into her pillow and sighed, today was something, she had met Stefan today and couldn't shake off the feeling that there was something more to him. What even worried her more was that Elena clearly liked him, she didn't need to pick that up from her thoughts no she could tell from the way Elena had spoken to her and vice versa. Ava drifted off to sleep

Ava was woken up to the loud blaring of her alarm clock

"AVA TURN THAT THIMG OFF" Gran shrieked, she rolled her eyes and slammed her hand down on the shrilling sound. She swung her legs out of her double bed and padded barefooted over to her large bay windows, where she threw the curtains open, she could feel the heat of the sunlight warming her skin, she smiled and breathed in, the sunshine always exhilarated her. Ava did her usual morning routine and had a quick shower, she slipped on her underwear and bra, the blond walked over to her closet and ran her fingers across the numerous fabric,

"Hmm this would do" she murmured decided to wear a pair of skinny jeans and what felt to be a black long sleeve top. She brushed her curly blond hair and tied it up in a messy bun. Ava slipped on a pair of socks and then her black converses. She grabbed her jacket and messenger bag as well as her cane.

She entered the kitchen and smelt the aroma of food "Is that pancakes I'm smelling?" she asked her nose twitching slightly

"Yes, now come on dear"

Ava walked towards the table and dropped down on the old worn wooden chair, Gran set a plate of pancakes that were stacked up in front of Ava

"So what are you planning to do today?" Gran asked

"Hmm, well there's school and then there's that party" she replied taking a forkful of pancake, she blanched slightly and grabbed the maple syrup "I am grabbing the right one aren't I?"

"Yep, it's says maple" Gran assured her and frowned when she saw her grand-daughter drowning her food with it, she snatched it off of her "alright that's enough"

Ava hummed and started to eat again, much better she thought

'My god girl, you're going to get cavities sooner than you like it" she heard Gran

"Serious Gran it's only some syrup, anyway I heard from Bon that you and Sheila are going to have another poker match or something-"

"I knew Sheila couldn't keep her mouth shut" Gran muttered causing Ava to snort

"Just make sure she doesn't take you to the cleaners"

"Don't worry dearie, Sheila Bennett wouldn't know what hit her"

Ava shook her head and finished the rest of her breakfast, she heard a knock on the door and knew that it must be Bonnie, "see yah later Gran" she kissed the frail old woman on the cheek and headed out.

"I hate History-" Ava whined as she and Bonnie walked down the corridors

"I thought you like it, you're into all of that" Bonnie commented

"Hmm, it's Tanner he makes me hate it" the blond muttered, she settled in her usual seat and pulled out her recorder and a notepad, just for something to pass the time.

The bell rang loudly and Ava could hear the rush of students

"All right listen up" Tanner called silencing the class. Ava slumped in her seat and tried to listen to Tanner's dull voice.

"Let's start where we left off, the battle of Willow Creek took place of the war in our very own Mystic Falls, how many casualties resulted in this battle?" Tanner asked, no one answered, "Miss Bennett" Ava didn't miss the sharp intake of breath from the girl beside her

"Erm…a lot? I mean a lot, a lot" Bonnie said, Ava snorted at that

"Cute becomes dumb in an instant Miss Bennett, brush up on your history" Tanner barked,

"Dick" she head Bonnie muttered

"You do realise that he called you dumb?" Ava whispered to her smiling as she did so.

"Since you like talking Miss Xenia do you know the answer?" Tanner asked, Ava felt her cheeks heating up

"Well….erm…..it was around the 1800's?" she trailed off

"Are you asking me or telling me?" Tanner frowned

"Both" Ava nodded smiling wildly "and yeah I know, cute becomes dumb in an instant" she said

Tanner rolled his eyes and looked around the classroom, Ava leant back in her seat "Mr Donovan, would you like to take this opportunity to overcome your imbedded jock stereotype?"

"Nah, I'm cool with it" Matt said, making the rest of the class titter with laughter

"Is he looking around for another victim?" Ava whispered to Bonnie, hearing the class grow silence once again

"Yep, he's looking, still looking and Elena's the next victim" Bonnie grinned

Ava tapped her slim digit on the desk top and heard Tanner's deep voice "Elena would you care to enlighten us?"

"I'm sorry, I don't know" Elena uttered

"I was willing to be lenient last year for obvious reasons but the personal reasons ended with the summer break" Tanner said through clench teeth

"At least she told him the truth" Ava mumbled she opened her book and trailed her fingers over the brail text

"There were three hundred and thirty six casualties" Ava recognised that as Stefan's voice "unless you count the local civilians"

"That's correct Mister-"

"Salvatore" Stefan informed the man

"Salvatore, any relations to the original settlers here?" Tanner asked

"I thought he was supposed to know he's history" Ava muttered to Bonnie causing the other teen to laugh

"Miss Xenia, do you have something to share with the rest of the class?" the history teacher snapped, causing both Ava and Bonnie to straighten up

"Nope, I doubt that they would be interested, but if that's the case then…"

"Enough with the babbling" Tanner cut her off, Stefan didn't miss the flustered look from the blond, Ava tended to ramble on when she was put under the spotlight

"Distant" Stefan replied to Tanner's earlier condition

"Well very good, except there was no civilians casualties in this battle" Tanner said "there you go, now you don't sound so smart"

Ava shook her head and strengthened the walls in her mind, like Gran had always told her to

"Actually there was" Stefan told the man "there were twenty seven confederate soldiers that fired on the church believing it to be housing weapons" he paused "The Founders Archives are stored in the Civil Hall if you liked to brush up on your history"

"Ha" Ava blurted out causing the rest of the class to laugh, she coughed loudly

"That's a very poor cover up" Bonnie chuckled

"Is Tanner looking at me?" Ava asked

"Nope, he's glaring a hole into Stefan's head "

"Ah right" Ava muttered "Bloody smart-arse kid, think he knows it all" she heard Tanner, she shook her head wondering would the history teacher ever be happy. Ava was glad when the bell rang

"See you later Ava" Bonnie smiled knowing that the girl had art

"Bye" Ava smiled shoving her books and recorder into her bag, she would have to upload the transcript for this class later. She shouldered her bag and left the classroom

"Ava" she spun around hearing her name being called

"Stefan?" she questioned "what's up?"

"Well I have art and I heard Elena saying that you had it as well and since-"

"Come on Stef, I'll lead the way" she smiled at him,

"Thanks" he grinned as he took her arm threading his through hers "so I gather you don't like Tanner much?"

"Is this your attempt to make small talk?" she asked amused as she led him towards the art classroom

"Yeah, sucks doesn't it?" he muttered

"Erm…you're better than Elena, that girl can't do small talk to save her life" Ava laughed

"Thanks I'll keep that in mind" Stefan nodded there was a light breeze and she felt Stefan stiffened

"You ok?" Ava asked frowning lightly

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine" he muttered pushing the urge to sink his fangs into her pale throat, god he thought, she smelt nothing like he had come across before/

They entered the classroom, Ava took her seat in the back and was joined by Stefan

"Great so now that everyone's here, let me tell you the beginning of the year project" Ms Kim said causing the class to become silence "we're going to be sculpturing this term"

A grin made its way across Ava's face "So the person you're sitting next to will be your partner, each of you will sculpt each other's face, and it'll be presented before the end of this term, but for today I'd like you to sketch your partner and next class you'll start"

With that the class filled up with chatter

"Erm…I get it if you wanna go find a new partner or something" Ava told Stefan causing him to frown,

"Why would I want to do that?" he asked frowning

"Erm….some people get uncomfortable, when they work with me and…."

"Yeah and I'm not some people, I want to work with you" he uttered, she could tell that he was smiling

"Great, so we should start right, so can I see you?" she asked as Stefan grabbed the two sheets of thick paper

"Erm…Ava how are you?- you can't-"

"I know I can't see the normal way per sae but I'll do it my way" she smiled "ok?" he couldn't say no to that face

"Ok" he nodded and handed her a pencil

"Great can you stay still?" she asked

"Still as a statue" he chuckled, making her smile wider, she raised her hand and began to touch his face, Stefan felt her smooth hands on his skin, her wrists were right by his nose, within a blink of an eye he could rip his fangs into her delicate skin but he stopped himself, thinking there was something special about her.

"So straight nose" Ava murmured, her thumb slid over his lips to get the shape "strong jaw" she murmured and then moved over his temple and eyebrows "they were right, you do seem handsome" she blushed "sorry word vomit" she took hold of the pencil and started

"No I find it an endearing quality" Stefan smiled "and you're beautiful by the way"

"Aw, no wonder the girls all fawn over you, you'll have Elena eating out of the palm of your hand" Ava smiled and started her drawing, Stefan began his.

When the bell rang Stefan leant over Ava to see her drawing

"Wow, you're good" he said in awe at her drawing, it was an exact replica of him

"Surprised aren't you?" Ava smiled packing away her belongings

"No it's just that-"he floundered for words ,

"Stefan relax, I'm blind you can say it" she rolled her sea green eyes "I get that a lot, people thinking I'm not capable of doing stuff, it's fine"

She shouldered her bag and grabbed her cane which was by her feet, she was about to leave but Stefan grasped her hand

"I know that Ava, you've shown that you're more than capable" he assured her making her smile.

"Well that's good to know" the blond nodded

Ava was currently sorting through her closet trying to find something to wear, she decided to go with jeans and nicer top, from what she could gather it was a deep forest green silk coloured one,

She heard her cell ringing, Ava followed the sound of her phone and fumbled around

"How the hell did it get under the bed" she muttered grabbing her cell, Ava answered it


"Ava, it's me Elena" she heard the girl on the other end

"Hi, still giving me a ride?" she asked whilst dropping to her knees to find some shoes, like her clothes they were also labelled, she had picked out a pair of black ballet flats that were encrusted with some diamantes, she slipped them on and grabbed her jacket and cane,

The house was empty since Gran had gone over to Shelia's about half an hour ago. Ava had just arrived in the foyer when there was a knock on the door

"Who is it?" she called her hand hovering above the door knob

"it's the Boogey man"

"Very funny Elena" Ava rolled her eyes pulling open the door, she could hear the other girl laughing

"I know so come on" Elena uttered shutting the door behind them, she linked her arm with Ava's "I can't wait to see Stefan, oh my god I hope he's there, what if he's not? Aww-"

"Relax Elena, I'm sure he's there" Ava uttered thoughtlessly

"What?" Elena asked her eyebrows shooting to her hairline looking at her

"Oh nothing, I thought you said something, I mean Stefan's probably going to be there" Ava said hurriedly and mentally slapped herself, Gran was right she needed more control

Ava heard Elena opening the car door, and grabbed the door handle she opened it and climbed in

"So Stefan told me you and him had art together" Elena commented whilst Ava buckled herself in

"Yep" she grinned "and he's my partner for the project we're doing, I touched his face- and-"

"Don't let Caroline hear you say that, otherwise she'll want all the details-"

"Like what? 'how does his skin feel?" Ava snorted making Elena laugh

"No but what do you think of him? You seem kind of close to him already-"

"Close? Elena we share a few words here and there, he seems nice enough and I know for a fact he likes you-"

"Wait, did he say anything?" Elena asked glancing over to Ava who was tapping her fingers against the cane

"No, but remember he only considered to come to the party if you show up" Ava uttered leaning her head against the car window "so duh, it's obvious that he likes you"

She felt the car coming to a stop so she knew that they had arrived at the Falls

"Stick to me Ava" Elena uttered as both girls started to unbuckle themselves

"Elena not a kid" she mumbled and got out of the car, as soon as she stepped out she could hear the steady beating of the music and laughter and chatter, Ava gripped onto the cane as Elena lightl grasped her hand "I see Bonnie" she yelled,

Ava allowed herself to be led by Elena, they came to a halt

"Elena, Ava" Bonnie grinned seeing the two girls

"Hi" Ava smiled and felt something being pressed into her hand

"It's soda" she told the blond

"Thanks Bon" Ava took a sip and sighed quietly hearing both teens beginning to talk about Stefan "I'm going to go find somewhere to sit" she told them

"Alright, catch you later Ava" Elena called making sure to keep an eye out on her friend. Ava stumbled slightly over fallen branches and managed to locate a log, she stepped over it and sat down on it. She could feel some heat her way and knew that she had sat down by a campfire, one of the other students had set up, she sighed and let the heat wash over her. Ava heard the music and the rustle of leaves, kids were probably going in and out of theses woods.

"Ava" Caroline called appearing in front of the teen

"Hmm?" she finished off her drink

"Why don't he like me?" the blond whined and dropped down next to her

"I'm guessing Stefan?" Ava ventured

"Yes. He likes Elena, it's always Elena" Caroline spat, "no one ever picks me"

Ava sighed and grabbed Caroline's hand giving it a small squeeze, Caroline looked over to the other girl and saw her eyes were focused on the fire making her eyes seem brighter

"Caroline Forbes, trust me sooner or later you'll find your prince charming and when you do, it'll be all worth it"

Caroline smiled and surprised Ava by hugging her "Thanks, question is how long do I have hang around for?"

"Hmm, just be patient, you'll find someone" she smiled

"Yeah, or I could hunt them down, so it'll be quicker-"

"Care…and she's gone" Ava muttered hearing the blond leave, also she no longer felt the Forbes's girl body heat.

She groaned when she realised that she had finished her drink "wonderful"

"Here ya go Ava" Matt handed her a cup, "so not dancing?"

"Pfft, are you kidding me? Do I ever dance?" she asked a smile playing, Matt chuckled that was true whenever there were dances going on at school, Ava was always on the side

"How about I dance with you?" he asked

Ava smiled "Thanks Matt, but you and I both that neither of us are the best dancers, so I'm going to wait and-"

"And what? One day your perfect guy will sweep you off your feet?" Matt asked sipping his beer

"That's the dream" she grinned and raised her glass "To epic romance, if it ever happens to either of us"

"It already happen to me Ava" Matt muttered, the blond rolled her eyes and held out her hand, the jock was confused when he didn't take her hand Ava sighed

"Matt hand please" he placed his larger hand in her smaller one, "one day you'll find someone, move on from Elena you don't want to be stuck in a rut, so are you going to leave me like a loser with my hand in the air?"

Matt laughed "cheers" he clinked his beer bottle her cup. And they both drank, a shudder ran down her spine something dark was in the air "Ava you ok?"

"Huh? Yeah I'm fine" she smiled and took another sip of her drink, the part atmosphere immediately dissipated when there was a terrified scream


"Elena?" Ava muttered jumping on to her feet, she had dropped her cup

"VICKI, OH MY GOD VICKI" Matt shouted running over to his sister.

"Oh my god, what's wrong with her-"

"There's so much blood-"

"From her neck, who would attack her neck?"

Ava frowned the rush of thoughts entered her mind, she grabbed her cane and attempted to make her way over but fell, "shit" she hissed and groped around for her cane,

"Ava" Bonnie shouted running over to her she picked up the blond girl's cane which was lying a few feet away from her, and helped her jup

"What's going on?" Ava asked as Bonnie grabbed her hand and dragged her over to the benches

"It's Vicky, she's been attacked, Tyler called an ambulance so it-" Ava could hear the sound of sirens "here"

"Hey" Elena said

"Is Vicky going to be ok?" Ava asked

"Not sure yet, but can I borrow your cell I wanna call Jenna so she could pick us up"

"Sure" Ava dug through her pockets and pulled out her cell

"Do you want to go the Grill and get some coffee?" Bonnie asked as Elena hanged up, she pressed the cell into Ava's hand

"No, I wanna get Jere home, he is kind of freaked out" the brunette told her

"Alright, Ava?"

"Nah, I think I just wanna go home, I got a headache" Ava muttered rubbing her temples

"Ok, well I'll see you two later" Bonnie hugged both of them and left

"Is Jeremy ok?" Ava asked as Elena linked her arm through hers. They walked towards the edge of the forest so they were near the road

"It's Jeremy, I don't know what to do with him Ava, he's out of control and-"

"Elena give him some breathing space" she advised her tucking in a stray curl behind her ear "he's still grieving, it's obvious that he's having more trouble with this then you, just give him some time, after all that heal all wounds"

Elena laughed and pecked "For a ditzy blond you sure do have your moments of wisdom" Ava could hear a car pulling up

"Did you call me ditzy?" Ava asked mocked offended

"Yep" Elena laughed and yelped when Ava whacked her on the back of the leg with her cane.

"Hey are you two done? I do want to get home" Jenna called

"Jen, your niece is evil-" Ava grinned as she opened the car door, she slid into the back and was joined by Elena, her nose twitch smelling beer "Jeremy here?"

"How the hell does she do that?" Jeremy asked he hadn't made a sound

"Magic, plus you stink of beer and I know it's not Elena" she told him a small smile playing on her lips

"Let's go, your gran is home by the way"

"Really? I thought she was playing poker with Sheila-"

"She did, buckle up" Jenna told her, Ava did as she was instructed "but she lost so she's in a foul mood"

Ava snorted "serves her right told her not to play with the Bennett woman, every time she does she gets cleaned out"

Elena laughed, the blond yawned and rested her head against the brunette's teen shoulder

"Tired?" Elena asked quietly

"Hmm, understatement, today's been a long day" Ava sighed "so how did your chat go with Steffie-"

"Steffie?" Elena cocked an eyebrow

"Nick-name, I'm trying it out, does it work?" Ava asked

"Nope, and to answer your question it went well….until the whole Vicky fiasco….he did a disappearing act"

"Huh, that's weird" she commented

"I know right, but…..I do really like him" Elena confided in her, her and Ava had been friends since pre-school practically but she had always felt the blond was holding something back.

"Well then go for it" Ava assured her "if any of the last couple of months taught you anything, is that take chances Elena be a little impulsive"

"Thanks Ava" the taller girl smiled

"No problem" Ava felt the car coming to a stop, she picked up her cane and opened the door

"See you later Ava" Elena called

"Bye" Jenna yelled

"Bye" Ava sent her a smile and made her way up the porch steps, she came to a stop when her cane hit the front door, she rummaged around in her pocket pulling out her key, she unlocked her door and stepped in slamming the oak door behind her


"Before you scream Gran it's me not a burglar" Ava smiled placing her cane by the door she

"Oh good, come into the lounge"

Ava dropped down on the couch beside the old lady and heard the dulcet tone on the television "What are you-oh my god Titanic? Really?"

"What I love this movie, plus bloody Sheila took all my money, Leonardo cheers me up" Gran exclaimed causing Ava to chuckle

"Alright Gran, if you say so" Ava smiled settling down beside her

"Here" Gran handed her a book "it's new, Lottie got in her store, thought you'd might like it"

Ava traced the brail that was on the throat, a smile made its way across her face "To Kill a Mocking Bird?"

"Hmm, thought you'd like that" Gran grinned and tugged her curl; she went back to her movie, whilst Ava settled back in her seat and started to read.

AN: The first chapter of a new fic, well Ava's been introduced and her friendships with the others has been somewhat explained