"Faith come on one more push" Xavier shouted, Faith Xenia let out a scream of pain he winced as her grip tightened on his hand. The married couple were in the hospital it was time for the newest member of their family to come into the world. Faith collapsed on the gurney, tears and sweat marred her face, she cried.

"I can't do it. Please you do it for me-"Faith breathed heavily.

"Erm I can't give birth-"Xavier uttered, "Come on honey. Do this. We'll get out lovely Ava after this." He kissed her head.

"I can't-"

"Suck it up" Claudine blurted out she was on her daughter's other side. "I got you out of my vagina get this babe out." Faith glared at her mom.

"Come on honey. You can do this-"Xavier calmed her. "You need to push." He urged her, the doctor was getting antsy. With loud scream and final push the room was filled with a baby's cries. The nurses hurriedly bundled the new baby up, and handed her over to her mother.

"She's beautiful." Xavier grinned looking down at his tiny daughter, her eyes were scrunched up closed. "Takes after her mother."

Faith kissed the baby's head. "She is."

Claudine canted her head to the side and held her finger out, she smiled when the new-born limply touched her hand. "She's a funny looking thing."



"Kidding." All three faes gazed down at the new-born. "Welcome to the world Ava Xenia"

Ava's brows furrowed when she prodded in her side. There was an exasperated sigh and then she was shoved.

"Hey-"Ava yelped when she hit the floor "what the hell Jeremy?" she rubbed her sore head.

Jeremy rolled his eyes. "I've been trying to wake you for the last five minutes." He grabbed her hand and pulled her onto her feet. The pair had arrived at the hospital with Elena; the fairy was forced to leave Coco behind in the car as pets weren't allowed in the hospital. They were relieved when Meredith rushed Elena through. Ava and Jeremy were left in the waiting room.

"What? Is there any news?" the petite teen asked,


"Then why did you wake me?" Ava huffed wiping the sleep from her eyes. She was exhausted after today's events.

"Because I was bored…and I couldn't stand watching you drool anymore." Jeremy declared "here this'll wake you up." He pressed a can of soda he got from the vending machine into her hand. "Come on, Meredith said we can check on Elena." he grabbed her hand squeezing it. "I was scared today you know." He confided in her, it was true, when he walked in on his sister passed out on the floor he had been so frightened. Jeremy couldn't stand the idea of losing her, or even Ava…despite their sometimes chaotic relationship they were brother and sister. Even if he nor the fairy weren't related by blood.

"It's ok to be scared." Ava said softly. "You big pansy-"Jeremy laughed and shook his head

"So what did you dream of that made you drool?" he asked, spying Meredith outside Elena's hospital room.

"Elijah obviously." Ava grinned.

"Right you have that weird crush-"Jeremy uttered and rushed towards the brunette doctor catching the woman. "How is she?"

Ava pressed her lips together, she would have easily found out herself but her head was throbbing due to the amount of times she'd had it slammed.

"She's not going to slip into a coma is she?" Ava blurted out; worry was evident in her tone. "Or is she just gonna drop dead somewhere? Because that can't happen. Stefan would be upset and so would Caroline, Bonnie would go bat-shit crazy and try to bring her back to life. But then we might have another psycho Gilbert running around and-"

"Ava-"Meredith tried to interrupt the frantic fairy.

"No offence Jeremy, because when you kind of think about seeing ghosts are awesome, but if Elena has the same trick it's not cool and-humph-"Ava grunted, Jeremy placed his hand over the blond teen's mouth effectively silencing the teen.

"She is fine." Meredith assured the teens; both Ava and Jeremy visibly relaxed hearing that. "She got a little banged up today…"her eyes trailed over Ava's bruised cheek and saw that the brunette wasn't the only one who got banged up. The doctor was tempted to check the teen's head wound but saw that it was all bandaged up. "She hit her head but it was just a slight concussion."

"Thank god." Jeremy breathed glancing over to his sleeping sister. "There's nothing to worry about. Meredith exclaimed.

Ava huffed wondering when would he remove his hand, "But when she collapsed there was blood." Jeremy uttered.

"Honestly she is fine." Meredith put more emphasis on her words. Ava listened as the doctor carried on talking. "She's just been through a lot, is there anyone you want to call?"

Jeremy blinked and glanced down at Ava. "Ava can handle it." He squealed when she licked him. "Oh that is gross-"he balked. Meredith rolled her eyes fondly sure the doctor hadn't known the pair for long but could immediately tell that Ava's and Jeremy's relationship was close.

"I have other patients to tend to; I'll catch you guys later." Meredith patted them on the back as she walked passed.

Ava let out a sigh and rubbed her temples. "Just one night where there is no drama, do you think that'll ever happen to us?" she asked Jeremy.

The younger teen snorted and pulled his cell out from his pocket. "Ava you're a fairy, I can see ghost and Elena is a doppelganger. The ship of normality sailed a long time ago."

Ava rolled her milky green orbs and shifted her weight. "So I'm going to go and annoyed Floyd. He might get me some fries or something-"she turned on her heel, but Jeremy grabbed the back of her top stopping the blond from running off.

"No you're going to call Stefan-"he shoved the cell into her hand.

"What? No-"Ava cried out, once the vampires found out that they weren't locked up in the house they'll be furious. "You call them-"

"What?" Jeremy scoffed "So I can listen to how Damon and Stefan would kick my ass. You do it…"

"Why me?" Ava whined stomping her foot.

"Because you're a girl…plus if Damon gets mad threaten him with no sex." He said casually, Ava wouldn't admit it to him but that actually a smart rouse.

"Fine. You owe me." Ava huffed and heard Jeremy dialling a number before pressing the cell into her hand.

"Sure, sure. I'm going to call Matt and Caroline" Jeremy told her before walking down the hall to get to the pay phone.

Ava held the cell up to her ear and started to pace up and down outside the doppelgangers room. She could hear the ringing and licked her lips.

"Jeremy?" she heard Damon's voice "Why are you calling-"

Ava's milky green orbs twinkled in mischief opted to tease her boyfriend for a moment.

She deepened her voice, doing a pretty decent impression of Jeremy's voice. "I just wanted to tell you something-"

"Jeremy what-"

"I fancy the shit out of you Damon. I want you to be mine-"Ava stifled her giggles, when she heard the loud laughter from the other end of the phone. No doubt that Stefan was eavesdropping on their conversation.

"I want you to." Ava's jaw dropped at the raven head's declaration "I'm only with Ava because I just wanted to get closer to you-"

"Eww Damon you prick-"Ava shrieked completely oblivious looks she was receiving from some of the other people. "You fancy Jeremy and-"she groaned when she heard him cackling on the other end. "You knew it was me the whole time didn't you?"

"Yep-"Ava knew he was grinning from the other side of the phone. "So what's up princess?"

Ok now came for the hard part, Ava anxiously twirled one of her curls around her index finger. "Well…erm the thing is…Elena…-"

"Ava spit it out." Damon ordered dreading about what he was going to hear.

The corridors were beginning to empty, Ava leant against the wall. "The thing is Elena…kind of collapsed and…yea."

"What?" Ava could hear the scuffle on the other end; Stefan must've snatched the cell out of his brother's hand. "Is she alright?" the younger Salvatore asked urgently.

"Oh she's cool. Meredith said it was just a concussion." Ava uttered "No biggie but I reckon Caroline is going to smother her. And-"

"Wait-"Damon's voice snapped "Meredith? Did you call her?"


"You're lying Ava, I know when you lie." Damon said dryly.

Ava huffed even over the bloody phone he knew when she wasn't being truthful. "Fine…we're at the hospital." She muttered digging the toe of her shoe into the floor.

"You took her to the hospital?" Damon exclaimed.

The fairy scowled, wonder what else was they meant to do? "Yeah I did. Jeremy was screaming, he found her unconscious it was the most logical thing to do." She argued back.

Damon scowled, did his fairy not know of the hoard of vampires that would most likely be after her and Elena. "Not when you have a parade of vampires at your disposal-"

"Yeah-"Ava snorted "I've got such a good parade right? Caroline and Tyler ran off to most likely have kinky sex or something. There was no one else around." The fairy noted that Jeremy still hadn't returned probably because he knew that she was getting an earful. The little dick she thought.

"Listen Ava, every remaining Original will want Elena dead. Most likely you as well. You are all tied together-"Stefan intervened before things could get rash between the couple.

"Elijah and the others won't kill me-"Ava countered, she was after all a fairy the last of her kind. They couldn't kill her could they?

"Ava, Alaric is linked to you; if they can they will kill you." Stefan ignored the low growl coming from his brother. The pair was driving down a dark road, far away from Mystic Falls. "You and I both know that Originals are tricky creatures." Stefan sighed, he loved that the blond always saw the good in people but at the moment she was in danger. "You and Elena are sitting ducks there."

Ava let out a puff of air, staying out in the open wasn't a smart place to be. "But Meredith wants to keep Elena in here for observations." She told them.

"Ava get yourself and Elena home." Damon ordered her, she could tell by his tone of voice that he wasn't messing about. "We're on our way." He hanged up on her.

Ava sighed and rubbed her temple. "So-"

"Shoo Jeremy you useless piece of meat." The fairy snapped "You-"

"If you don't get pissed you can have a whole box of my poptarts-"he bargained, Ava stilled and narrowed her milky green orbs.

"Two boxes ass. I'm gonna get in trouble when they come back." Ava murmured "So how'd you feel about breaking Elena out of hospital?" she smiled.

Jeremy grinned, he grabbed her hand and led her back to Elena's room, there were hardly any people around. And if they were they weren't paying the slightest bit of attention to the pair of teens.

"Wouldn't be the first time we've done this." Jeremy grinned and they entered the doppelganger's room.

"And we're home I am never sitting next to you two again-"Ava grunted as the car came to a stop. Elena and Caroline had taken the front seats, leaving the petit fair to be wedged in between Matt and Tyler

"It's not our fault that Stefan's car is small-"Caroline informed her, from the corner of her eye she saw Elena unbuckling herself.

"Why do even have Stefan's car Matt?" Ava asked, the blond vampire pulled the front seat forward allowing the others to clamour out. Tyler climbed out first and the fairy stumbled after him.

"Careful-"Tyler warned and grabbed Ava by her upper arm to keep her steady. They walked up the pathway.

"Because my truck is in the shop. And Stefan said I could borrow it." Matt explained

"Just get rid of your shitty truck-"she yelped when the jock gently slapped her upside the head.

"I worked hard for that shitty truck-"

"So you do admit it's shitty than?" the fairy grinned, Jeremy had taken off in Elena's car to get them all some dinner.

"Shut up Ava." Matt sighed knowing there was no point in arguing with Ava. That girl was…too much but he wouldn't change her for the world. He was still reeling from learning that both his two female best friends were linked with their former history teacher and not only that but there would be no doubt that sooner or later vampires would be coming after either of them.

They all pied into the Gilbert house, Caroline ushered Elena in

"Couch now." the blond vampire ordered the doppelganger. Ava grinned not at all envying Elena for being subjected to a mothering Caroline.

"I'm fine I just want something to eat-"Elena uttered.

"Jeremy has gone to get food." Ava kicked off her shoes and scurried into the kitchen. She still remember that Jeremy owned her before she could even enter the kitchen Matt pulled her back. "What-"

"We've got to make sure the house is safe." Matt said gently pushing her over towards Caroline and Elena. Tyler and Matt headed off upstairs; Ava plopped down on the armchair

"Come on get on the couch." Caroline picked up one of the quilts and trailed after the brunette. She glanced over to Ava who was sprawled out across an armchair. The teen had some dry blood still caked onto her face. The fairy needed to shower. But the vampire decided to deal with the stubborn doppelganger first. "The doctor said to rest so you need to rest." Ava propped her feet up on the coffee table.

"In other words get your skinny ass on that couch-"the blond teen exclaimed.

"Ok, I wasn't going to put it like that but yeah." Caroline smiled down at an annoyed looking Elena. "Now what can I get you?" she asked.

"Money. Elijah. Benedict Cum-"

"Not you Ava." Caroline said sharply, and ignored the pout on Ava's lips. Elena smiled I amusement "Now do you want some tea? Vodka?-"she didn't miss the looks on both of their faces. "What? It'll help you get to sleep."

"You're being a mother hen Care." Ava drawled stretching her stiff limbs, she wondered when Jeremy going to come back.

"I know I'm being smothering." Caroline sat down on the edge of the sofa "It's what I do."

Ava nodded enthusiastically "As well as being a pain in the ass…and sometimes a whiny hoe-"

"Ok-"Elena laughed "You're being nice."

"Now that's a new word-"Ava muttered and got onto her feet. "I'm going to scrounge up some food-"the blond exclaimed.

"No-"Caroline blurred after the teen and hefted the smaller blond onto her shoulder and marched up the stairs.

"What the hell?" Ava yelled

"You are going to shower before you eat." Caroline dropped the teen on her feet in the bathroom. "You smell of your blood and its distracting." Before Ava could argue back the vampire shut the door. Ava swore "I'll get your outfit sorted you're going to look so cute."

The fairy huffed "Why the hell am I friends with you?" she yelled through the door.

"Hey you started this friendship. You're the one who offered your poptarts." Caroline retorted. Ava frowned surprised that the vampire remembered that. Hell even the fairy couldn't remember anything before the age of five "Now shower otherwise no food. You're in Elena's bathroom by the way."

Ava cursed under her breath. "Bloody devil woman." She mumbled and switched the shower faucet on. The fairy stripped out of her clothes and stepped under the warm spray of water. And closed her eyes feeling the water wash over her.

"Mummy I don't wanna go." Ava whined looking up at her stunning mother. Faith sighed and looked down at her baby girl. The chid had just turned four and was solely dependent on her mommy. Faith knelt down in front of her daughter. "Honey it's kindergarten. You're going to have fun and make lots of friends." They were at the school gates and Xavier went ahead to sort out some final paperwork, Faith could see some of the other moms smiling at the small blond. She could tell that they knew what they were going through most likely because they had to go through the whole separation process as well.

"What if they don't like me?" Ava muttered glaring at the ground.


"You don't like me…no more-that's why…I is here."

Faith let out a quiet chuckle and gently stroked her soft curls. "Ava you're my baby-"

Ava pouted "I'm a big girl-I is this many years-"she held up three pudgy fingers. Claudine snorted from behind her daughter. This was a whole family affair at the moment. They all wanted to see Ava off on her first day at kindergarten.

"Ava put one more finger up-no not down-"the grey haired woman sighed seeing the child was now holding two fingers up. "Damn Faith your kid is stupid-"

"Claudine-"Xavier exclaimed.

"Kidding." Claudine rolled her eyes. "You'll be fine kiddo. You're an Xenia we're an adorable and sexy bunch-"Xavier shook his head and scooped up his baby girl, causing Ava to squeal. "If anyone gives you trouble just kick their little butts."

Ava giggled and fisted her small hands into her daddy's shirt. "No don't do that. just be good and you'll make friends." Xavier inhaled her scent; she still had her baby scent. "Off you go." He set her on her feet and gently pushed her towards her teacher. All three of them watched as little Ava ran off.

Xavier looked over to his wife and could see the worry on her face; he wrapped his arm around her slight shoulders.

"You think it's wise. Bringing her here what-"

"Faith there are no vampires here." Claudine assured her daughter.

"There are no signs of him." Xavier added "Ava will be fine." Faith sighed and leant her head on her husband's shoulder. "If he comes Faith-"

"Then we're going to have to run." Faith Xenia exclaimed, for the better part of their years their kind have been disappearing onto the other side. They knew as soon as Ava was born word would be spread after all a fairy being born is a rare occurrence. Xavier cleared his throat he wanted to take his family and send them back into their world, but he knew that Ava wasn't meant to be there yet. She was something special.

"And we will keep her safe." Xavier vowed.

Ava dried herself off and quickly slipped on the clothes that Caroline had laid out for her on Elena's bed.

"Giving me bloody shorts? It's not summer Care-"the fairy groped around and felt something soft against her palm. "Ok…she gave me tights. That'll do." Ava snatched them up and pulled them on. When she was dressed she ran down the stairs. "Ok I'm dressed-"she waltzed into the living room "Now where's the food?" Ava could feel the tension in the air, "Right…did I walk in an intense moment?" she asked.

Matt rolled his eyes and stood up. "Not anymore-"

"Oh good." Ava grinned "so…where's Coco?" she asked.

"With Jeremy I think." Elena replied, the door behind the fairy opened and the doppelganger sprung onto her feet seeing who was there. "Stefan."

"Hey-"the vampire brushed pass Ava and embraced his girlfriend hugging her tight to his chest. "You ok?"

"Yeah." Elena sighed.

Ava licked her lips. "I am here to ya know meanie-"

"Come here-"Stefan grabbed Ava and pulled her into a tight embrace. He took a step back and gave both of them a once over.

The fairy tucked in a loose curl behind her ear. "So where's Damon?" she asked.

Stefan pressed his lips together. "He had to keep going." He informed her. "Alaric is hunting Klaus and you know he could be the Originator of our bloodline."

Ava didn't like the idea of Damon being all on his own, she worried for him. Stefan placed his hand on her shoulder giving it a light squeeze. "He'll be ok Ava." He reassured her.

Ava forced a smile onto her face. "Oh I know. So food right?" she scampered off into the kitchen. Soon enough Ava and Matt were busy setting the table, while Stefan mustered up something for his girlfriend. Whilst Elena was whining on the couch.

"I'm being coddled, I feel completely fine."

"Ava set it down. Stop playing with the plates." Stefan scolded the teen who was attempting to balance the plate on the tip of her finger. "You're on house arrest. You to Ava." He added on seeing the fairy opening her mouth. Jeremy hadn't returned with her puppy yet and there was no calls from Damon, she was getting antsy.

Matt frowned wondering why neither Ava nor Elena was going for the obvious option. He set the final plate down. "Why don't we just get out of town?" he questioned.

Ava faltered and accidentally dropped the plate. "Are you high?" she asked.

"And do what?" Elena looked at him from her position on the couch. "Go on the run for the rest of our lives? No thank you." She folded the blanket up. "I'm not an invalid-"

"Then why do you look like one?"

"Bad Ava. I am done with the couch." She stormed off.

Matt scowled "Ava-"

"I am not being run out of my hometown….i think there's an Adele song for that. I am not leaving." Ava shook her head and headed in to the pantry leaving a angered jock behind.

Matt glared at Stefan; he knew this vampire could make both Ava and Elena see sense. "So you're going to let them call the shots?" he asked.

Stefan shrugged "Let them make their own decisions." He didn't want to get in the way of these stubborn women.

"And if they're wrong?" Matt countered, the television was playing in the background and both of them could hear the fairy digging around in the pantry for god knows what.

"Nothing wrong with free will Matt." Stefan strolled over to him, "you don't realise how important that is till you lose it. Excuse me." He stepped around, he was going to go upstairs and check on Elena.

Matt groaned and glanced over to the pantry door which was wide open. He saw Ava emerging from it with a pile of food in her arms.


"You guys are taking too long." Ava grinned "now fancy some jelly? Or is this trifle?" she hummed picking up a carton.

"That's oats biscuits-"the petite teen blanched and threw that item down. Matt sighed "Ava how can you act as if nothing is wrong? You're going to be hunted some freak Originals and-"

"You don't think I know that?" Ava snapped at him, glaring in his direction. "I do know that. And I can tell you I can take care of myself-"

"No you can't-"Matt snarled he closed his eyes and sighed. "Sorry…you're just…you're my Ava-"he threw his arm around her shoulders. Her face softened "I lost a lot of people Ava, my sister, my mom and I just don't want to lose you or Elena. you guys are my family." He confided in her.

Ava shifted and kissed him on the cheek; well she attempted to but just managed to catch his chin. "And you won't. Just chill…because neither of us are going anywhere." Ava smiled at him, it didn't make the jock feel any better. Perhaps he should take matters in his own hands. Before he could contemplate it further there was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it." Ava ran off towards the front door "it must be Jeremy-"she swung the door open "Jeremy final you've got Coco-"

Matt followed after her and his eyes widened at the sight of who was on the other side of the door. "Ava it's not Jeremy-"he grabbed the back of her top and pulled her back harshly a glare was placed firmly on his face.

"What?" Ava frowned

"STEFAN" Matt shouted for the other vampire. Ava heard thundering footsteps coming down the stairs. Stefan arrived with Elena on his heels.

"Elijah" Stefan breathed surprised that the Original turned up.

Ava's eyes widened "No freaking way." She grinned her eyes were bright. Elijah's lips twitched into a miniscule smile.

"Please don't swoon-"Matt hissed

"How can I not?" Ava grinned; Elena was surprised that the fairy wasn't jumping up and down on the spot. Obviously the dark haired Original parted with the petite blond on good terms.

"Hello again." Elijah's accented voice broke the moment of silence he took in their expressions.

They had now moved into the kitchen, Ava was adamant about sitting next to Elijah. Elena wished someone was recording the fairy…the doppelganger never really understood Ava's hero-worship of the man.

"All we need is to take that stake away from him." Elijah said calmly, Elena was sitting on Ava's other side with Stefan standing behind her, whilst Matt was leaning against the counter. "Once he's been disarmed the weapon is in my possession my family will scattered to the ends of the earth. And Alaric will follow us."

Ava licked her lips resting her chin on her palm. It was a decent and good plan, there weren't too many holes in it.

"So wait you'll spend your life running?" Ava frowned.

"We've done it before." Elijah pointed out. "Klaus and Rebekah spent the better part of a thousand years evading my father. What's another half century whilst Elena and Ava live out the rest of their natural life?"

Ava chewed her bottom lip, and idly tapped her fingers against the wooden table. "We finally stopped him" Elena uttered "Elijah, after everything he has done to us, I can't just let you bring him back."

"Hey-"Ava cut in. "I'm part of this as well…how do we know you're telling the truth? You could just bring him back…he-wanted to kill Elena for her blood…"

Elijah shifted and placed his hand over hers silencing the fairy. "I give you my word Ava I will not revive Klaus in yours and Elena's and even your children's life time. Perhaps that would finally teach him some manners." He added the last part quietly. He removed his hand and Ava sighed. The fairy could tell that he was being sincere.

"Klaus doesn't have manners. He only knows how to be a dick." Ava scoffed causing the males in the room to smile or smirk in amusement.

Matt didn't buy it however "Why should they trust you? All you've done is screw them over."

"I'll rather have him screw me." Ava mumbled under her breath, Stefan rolled his eyes and shook his head.

"And for that I am deeply ashamed." Elijah said his eyes met Elena's "but know this, Elena and Ava could've been dead the second I walked through that door tonight. So Elena, Ava I leave it to you to make the choice of whether to trust me or not."

Ava sagged in her seat. "You can have my puppy that's how much I'd trust you." She blurted out, her cheeks reddening as she did so.

"I got you that puppy." A new voice shouted, it was Damon and the raven head was on speaker phone so they could hear him and he could hear them. "And there'll be no trusting." Damon snapped now wishing it was him who was in Mystic Falls instead. "Ava you got hit in the head loads of times…are you sure you're not brain damaged?"

"Hey-"Ava snapped slightly offended by that.

"His lunatic siblings-"Damon carried on speaking "will kill either you or Elena the first chance they get."

Ava leant back in her seat "Kol and Rebekah will honour the terms if you give Klaus's body to us. I can guarantee you that Ava or Elena will come to no harm." There was a nagging question in the back of the fairy's mind. So she decided to voice it. "Do we have a deal?"

There was a moment of silence before it was abruptly broken "No, no, no-"Damon yelled.

"Shut up Damon-"the fairy yelled back, Elijah and Stefan both blinked at the pitch of the small teen's voice. "It's our choice-"

"Come on." they heard Damon growled, Stefan knew as soon as his brother returned Ava was going to be in deep trouble. "Ava-

"Shush I have to ask sexy I mean Elijah something-"Ava was curious about one thing. "Why do you want his body back so much?"

Elijah sighed, sure Klaus did evil, terrible things but he was family. And the dark haired Original knew the importance of that. His dark brown eyes met Stefan's mossy green ones, knowing what he was about to say the Salvatore vampire was going to be the one who understood him most. "Because he is my brother. We remain together." He simply said.

"Oh…damn you can have him…Elena?" Ava wanted to know what the doppelganger thought of this "That's his brother Elena.-"

"Ava I don't know-"

"They're brothers…you would hate for Jeremy to be taken away."

The doppelganger blinked knowing that the fairy was right. "We have a deal." She agreed.

Ava grinned "Great…so I can be thrown into this deal….if you want-"she said. Elijah chuckled and glanced over to the fairy.

"I have no doubt in denying it that I believe we will meet again Ava." He told her "I have to call Rebekah, to tell her that the deal is on." he excused himself. The group scattered leaving Ava behind sitting at the kitchen table.

"Oh damn I wish he would do me." Ava muttered letting out a dreamy sigh.

"God's sake Ava-"Damon yelled "I'm right here still."

"Oops-"Ava rushed forward and picked up the cell, "I love you Damon." she grinned and laughed when her boyfriend grumbled something.

Ava munched on a piece of chicken leg, Jeremy had finally returned with their dinner along with Coco. There was a small yelp by her ankle causing her to tut under her breath. "Fine here…bloody cutie-"she tore a piece of chicken off and placed it on the floor. Ava could hear the dog scoffing the food down. Elijah watched the scene on in mild fascination. They were waiting around for the youngest Gilbert to make contact with Alaric, Jeremy had told them what went down at the Grill, and that Alaric wanted Klaus's body. So they all concocted a plan. They were going to lure the former history teacher away from Mystic Falls, and hopefully disarm him

"Elijah?" Elena entered the room, and took her previous seat she followed his gaze and nodded in understanding. "It's gross right? But you can't look away right?"

"Nope…"Elijah muttered and canted his head to the side. Ava finished up her food and patted her full stomach.

"Now that was good" she beamed. "So Elijah do you fancy taking me up on my offer? About-"

"Me taking you?" he drawled. "Nope, you would have made more of a convincing argument if you didn't have sauce on your cheek." Ava blushed causing him to smile, she hastily wiped her mouth. If Elijah ever did get the chance, he would surely return to Mystic Falls to visit Ava.

"Jeremy has made contact." Stefan said hushing them all to be quiet. Ava's ears perked up hearing Jeremy's sneakers squeaking against the polished wooden floors.

"I know where Klaus's body is." Jeremy exclaimed, Ava felt a snout nudging her leg so scooped Coco up from the ground. She, Elena and Matt were only able to hear Jeremy's side of the conversation "…Damon is on his way to bury him in the woods off of route twelve. I'll text you with the specifics…I know." He hanged up on the hunter.

"So he bought it?" Ava asked pressing Coco against her chest. She gently stroked the chocolate Labrador's head.

"Yes he bought it." Jeremy answered looking at them all.

"So I'm going-"Ava snapped folding her arms across her chest.

"No-"Stefan cut her off sternly. He, the fairy and Elena were all in the doppelganger's bedroom. He sighed seeing the pout on Ava's face. And reached down tilting her chin upwards so he could look at her in the eyes. "Ava…I'm doing this because I don't want you to get hurt. You and Elena are going to stay here." He added. "I just want you safe."

Ava exhaled he did make sense. "Fine." She muttered, as Elena paced up and down nervously.

"Stefan make sure that Alaric doesn't lay a hand on Jeremy." Protective sister mode was coming out in full force.

Ava didn't blame her; she plopped down on the edge of the double bed. Truth was the fairy would rather have Jeremy being locked up with them.

"Jeremy will be fine." Stefan reassured her and Ava. "We've got strength in numbers between all of us. We can disarm Alaric."

Ava licked her lips, never would she have thought that they would all be teaming up against Alaric. "Ava could you just give us a moment?" Stefan asked.

"Sure-"the fairy jumped on to her feet, and walked out of the room. The vampire had just cupped Elena's face when the blond popped her head back in to the room. "Just want you to know that if you're going to have a quickie then you should hurry up-"

"AVA-"Elena launched a pillow at the fairy hitting her in face. "Out Now!"

"Alright-trying to be helpful." Ava held her hands up in a sign of surrender and spun on her heel. She headed downstairs and heard Jeremy and Matt talking in the living room. The youngest Gilbert glanced up and approached the fairy.

"Ava-"he grunted when she launched herself at him. Ava wrapped her arms around his waist, Jeremy looked over to Matt, and confusion was clear on his face. "Are you ill?"

"No dick" Ava snapped, her voice came out muffled since her face was pressed against his chest. "Just be careful…I don't want you to end up dead. If Alaric comes just thrown something at him and leg it-or maybe you should just stay here!" the fairy exclaimed, she was talking quickly clear indication that the blond was anxious.

"Ava-"Jeremy sighed placing his hands on her arms forcing her to relinquish her hold on him. But he still stayed close; Matt decided to leave the pair for a moment.

"Stay and we can watch movies…I'd even let you have the last box of poptarts or-"

"Ava I'm going." Jeremy spoke over her; he looked down at the little fairy and saw the expression on her face. "And you can't stop me."

Ava sighed and nodded "Just stay safe yeah? You're the brother I never wanted-"

Jeremy snorted "Thanks for that." he chuckled "And you're the sister I never wanted-"

"Dude plagiarism right there" she smiled, Jeremy saw Stefan coming down the stairs. It was time for them to leave. "See ya later Ava-"

"Bye Jere." Ava hugged him tightly, and pulled back. Jeremy walked over to his brother and Stefan sauntered over to the fairy and brought her closer.

Stefan wrapped his arms around her; he was worried that after tonight he may not see her again if things didn't work out. He had said goodbye to Elena earlier, now it was her turn. "Come on Ava-"he took her hand and led her outside on the porch. "I just wanted to say-"

"Don't say goodbye." Ava cut him off.

"Fine…I will see you later." Stefan murmured brushing aside a fallen curl, his fingers lingered against her cheek. "But Ava know that…if things don't work out and neither me nor Damon come back just live your life. We…put your name to all our things."

Ava's brows furrowed, night now had fully set in. It wasn't too cold there was a slight breeze but it was pleasant all the same.

"What?" the fairy asked "So if you two die I'm loaded-"


"Holy shit-Ha-"Ava laughed,

"Ava-"Stefan chided but his stern tone failed since there was a large smile on his face.

"Sorry I'm-just don't die." She ordered and faltered slightly, Stefan inhaled her scent and hugged her one more time.

"Same goes for you. Just have a night in please." He kissed her temple and looked over his shoulder seeing that Elijah was walking up the path.

"It is time." The Original announced tucking his hands into his pockets.

"Right Jeremy-"Stefan called, "Ava what-"but the fairy brushed passed him and stood directly in front of Elijah, well she hoped she did.

"Elijah…if you betray us again…-"Jeremy, Elena and Matt exited the house, they all watched on the exchange that was taking place in front of him. "Even if you are the hottest piece of ass there is…I will so go after you." She said seriously, the Original had a hard time taking her seriously. In Elijah's lifespan he faced far more threatening folks and Ava wasn't one of them. "Understand?"

"Understood." Elijah stated "Should we?" he gestured for Stefan and Jeremy over. Ava could hear the sound of their footsteps as they crossed the porch.

"Whoa Elijah dude…you're not going to give me-"Elijah sighed and before the blond could finish her sentence, he abruptly pulled her into a firm hard. Ava's eyes widened, and the others jaws had dropped Stefan and Jeremy were now standing near the car.

"Oh you're hugging me-"Ava squeaked not wasting anytime she wrapped her arms around him and held him tight. Elijah sighed quietly.

"Ava…one day we will meet again." Elijah murmured into her thick blond hair. "But for now this is goodbye." He pulled back and looked down at the fairy. "Never lose your light." With that he dropped a kiss on her cheek and turned on his heel.

Ava smiled goofily Matt shook his head seeing the fairy holding her cheek she let out a dreamy sigh.

"So finally got a kiss from Elijah huh?" the doppelganger playfully nudged her, she stood beside the shorter teen watching as her brother and boyfriend climbed into the car.

"I know…he kissed my cheek." Ava grinned her cheeks were flushed. "My cheek…oh damn Elijah you bloody missed my lips-"she shouted, Elena grabbed the back of Ava's top to stop her from running down the path.

"Come on-"Elena dragged the teen back into the house. Matt shook his head and muttered something about 'scary women' under his breath.

Ava sighed; she was currently lying on Elena's bed as the brunette sat down at her window seat. The fairy was beginning to worry since Damon hadn't called her yet.

"Ava just relax-"

"Rich coming from you." The blond scoffed and balanced the cell on her nose; Matt entered the room carrying three mugs on a tray. He made sure not to let anything slip from his mind; he was doing this for their own good, hopefully one day they would see that. If not he knew Ava would kick his ass.

"Here ya go." Matt said "Some tea-"Ava blanched; she wasn't a very big fan of tea. The jock handed the over to the brunette who shot him a grateful smile. "And hot chocolate for you Ava."

"Oh yum-"the petite teen immediately sat up and shuffled back on her bottom allowing some space for Matt. "Is there whip cream?" she took a sip and huffed.

"Nope isn't cream fattening?" Matt saw Elena grimacing at the taste of her tea.

Ava snorted and took another sip; she sloshed the chocolaty liquid around in her mouth. It tasted funny. "What are you? A girl? Honestly I think you and Matt should re-enact Brokeback Mountain." She yelped when he bopped her on the back of the head.

"Sorry for the tea." Matt uttered looking at his ex-girlfriend. "I over-did it with the honey." Elena shook her head and took another sip of her tea. Ava sighed; Coco had curled up in Jeremy's bed so she decided to leave her puppy there.

Matt was curious about Ava's and Elena's relationship between the Salvatore brothers. So he decided to just ask them. "What is it with you and Stefan and Damon?"

Ava quirked an eyebrow wondering didn't he ask that before? "Did you say-"

"I just wanted to know. Why did you go for it with Stefan Elena?" the jock questioned, Ava licked her lips and took another sip of her hot chocolate. Even though it tasted slightly funny it was still good.

"He saved my life you know." Elena replied to his question, "I don't think I've ever told you Matt but the night my parents died, the car the bridge. He was the one that saved me." She said tiredly.

Ava yawned and ran her fingers through her dry hair.

"So what do you feel like you owe him?" Matt's brows furrowed trying to follow what she was saying.

"No" Elena shook her head, "after the accident I felt like I didn't know how to live any more, like I didn't want to. But with Stefan…I figured it out."

There was a moment of silence before Ava sniffed loudly. "Are you crying?" Elena asked looking at her childhood friend.

"What? I can get sappy…you and Stefan…so…tooth achingly sweet." The blond uttered and downed the rest of her hot chocolate, she shook her head feeling a wave of tiredness hitting her. Matt noted that Ava's eyes were beginning to droop as was Elena's eyes.

"And you and Damon?" Matt asked.

Elena shifted she also wanted to know how on earth did two people like them got together…how their feelings came about. "Yeah didn't you hate him first?"

Ava scoffed and yawned, she flopped down on the bed placing her arms behind her head. "Of course I did. He was a prick, self-centred dick-head."

"So definitely not love at first sight then?" Matt chuckled.

Ava smiled sleepily and snorted "Nope…our one wasn't as romancy as Elena's and Stefan's story…we were friends...actually not even that. But I don't know…when Gran died Damon was there. Did you know when I cried in the night because of Gran he came and slid in next to me? Just held me…"she yawned. "Feel a bit tired…"her voice slurred. Her eyes began to close; Matt saw that Elena was knocked out. "Matt…you're tired too…right?" Ava's eyes finally closed.

"Sorry-"Matt stood up looking at the two females. Now was time for the next part of his plan. "I just don't want you to get hurt."

Ava sniffed and wiped her snotty nose. It was recess time and she didn't make any friends in any of her morning classes. Mommy was completely wrong…no one liked her. She pushed her way through the other kids and spied the swing at the back of the playground. Her short little legs ran towards it, and jumped onto the swing.

"Stupid…Care-girl." Ava muttered and kicked her legs out. She didn't want to play with them anyway…she wiped away her tears and glared down at the sandy floor. "Like being on my own…"

"Well then you'd be very bored." Ava jumped and the swing next to her was now occupied.

"Who you?" the little four year old asked curiously, the man's icy blue eyes met her bright green ones.

He scowled "Didn't your mommy ever told you not to talk to strangers' kiddo?"

Ava huffed "I am no kiddo…I am this many years old. Daddy say I is big girl." She held up her pudgy fingers.

That man cocked an eyebrow "You're three?"

"No" the child cried out "Dummy I am four-"

"Whatever-"the man shook his head, he couldn't quite believe he was even talking to a four year old. Hell was even surprised he returned to Mystic Falls in the first place he just wanted to be close to…her!

"So name?"

"Seriously kid" he glared down at the little girl, and was slightly miffed when she returned his glare. It was null because the small blond girl looked adorable.

"You…grumpy mister." Ava huffed

"You were the one crying earlier." The man stated and pushed himself so that he swung slightly. The small girl swung her legs mimicking him but didn't move an inch. The dark haired man sighed seeing the pout on his face so opted to gently pushed her. "Why were you crying?"

"Why is you grumpy?" she smartly replied and grinned feeling the wind in her hair. The other children were further away; none of them liked playing near the old swings they all preferred to play with the newer apparatus.

"I'll answer your question if you answer mine." He didn't even know why he was even contemplating this. He watched as the little girl scrunched up her face in concentration.

Ava came to a conclusion and vigorously nodded her head. "Ok…I…is having…no one…likes me." She wailed. The man's eyes widened in alarm ok he was so not expecting that.

"Ssh kid…shut up-"he said frantically trying to calm the four year old down. "Shush-ergh-I'll give you this-"he pulled out a packet of poptarts from within his inner pocket of his leather jacket. "Look kid-"he waved the packet of tasty treat in front of her face.

Ava sniffed and wiped her runny nose; her green eyes were wide and welled up with tears. They followed the movement of the poptarts. "What's that?" she reached out a pudgy hand and snatched the offered treat. She struggled to open the plastic packet. He took it off of her and ripped it open.

"It's called Poptarts darling…"the man uttered and watched on in mild fascination as she scoffed down the food.

"This is yummy." Ava exclaimed.

"Glad you like it. So you got problems with making friends huh?" he asked,

Little Ava nodded and licked her lips already digging into the packet for another poptart. But he covered her tiny hand with his own large one. "Kids like sharing don't they? Just give some of those kids-"he pointed in the direction of three small girls who were playing in the sand pit.

Ava wiped her mouth and stared up at the tall man. "You think they'll be my friends then?"

"Of course, who can resist poptarts?" he nodded. He watched as the small girl jumped up from the swing a large grin on her face. The man couldn't help but smile; it was so easy being happy at that age. Before little Ava could sprint away though she spun around and placed her pudgy hands on the man's knees to steady herself.

"What kid? Go make friends."

"Na uh-"Ava shook her head, her little blond curls flayed in the wind. "You said you…why was no… why is you grumpy?"

The man sighed "Go kid-"the small child remained resolute in her stand. "Fine I lost someone…and I can't find them."

Ava frowned "Hmm…is you playing hide and seek?" she asked seriously causing the man to smile at that. Such a childish thing to say.

"Sort of, but she's been hiding for a long time and won't come out."

Ava's jaw dropped "Well she is a big meanie-"she said vehemently "what is she name? huh? I can tell her she is being mean to you."

The man chuckled and ruffled her hair. "It's alright kiddo…her name is Katherine."

"Kath-Kather-Kat. Kat is a big meanie." Ava stated licking her lips those poptarts were really tasty.

"Hmm…well go make friends kiddo." He urged her.

Ava rolled her eyes dramatically "Nope…name is Ava. You?" she looked up at his bright blue eyes…his eyes were different blue from Daddy's.

"Damon." the raven haired man introduced himself and rolled his eyes when she giggled.

"Da-mon..?"Ava sounded his name out. "That's funny-"

"Your name is funny too-"

"No it's not. Mommy said mine is special" she sniffed.

Damon smiled "Whatever you say kid-Ava. Go on go." Ava glanced over her shoulder and saw the dark haired girl, the blond girl and the dark skinned girl giggling loudly. She wanted to make friends but this…Damon was nice to her to.

"Wanna come and play too?" Ava asked.

Damon chuckled yeah no way would that work it would be too weird if he played with four little girls. "Maybe next time."

Ava nodded vigorously "You gonna be here at next playtime?" she asked getting antsy.

"Maybe. Go play"

"Ok-"Ava ran off but stopped and spun around "Oh Daa-mon-"she stretched out the 'a' in his name. "Stop looking for Kat…she is…what granny would say? Ah…Kat is wasting your time."

"Alright Ava-"Damon watched as the four year old girl ran off to the trio of other girls. He smirked his plan did work sure enough little Ava was playing with the other three girls.

Ava groaned and rubbed her eyes. She frowned in confusion hearing the sound of a car's engine. She wince feeling the cold glass window against her cheek. What the hell was going on? She thought.

"Ava?" Matt swallowed he was steeling himself for when both women were going to blow up at him. Elena was still knocked out, but her eyes behind her closed lids were beginning to move

"Matt?" Ava rubbed her head and yawned. "What's going on? why are we in a car?" she frowned. Her eyes widened, they were meant to be in the house. "Matt?" she shouted when he didn't reply to her question she managed to startle Elena awake by her voice.

"What's going on?" Elena asked, her voice was laced with exhaustion. They were in Stefan's car and Matt was driving. The doppelganger glanced over and saw that Ava was buckled up in the back seat behind Matt.

"It was the only way I was going to get you in this car." Matt explained.

Ava frowned in confusion "Why do I feel like I'm hung-over?" she mumbled, her hazy mind was beginning to clear up. "It's like…we're drugged and-oh you're such a shit-"Ava kicked the back of Matt's seat causing him to grunt. "You fucking ass-"

"The tea-"Elena realised that Matt had both of their drinks laced with sleeping tablets or something.

"You drugged us. I knew that bloody hot-chocolate tasted funny" Ava rubbed her eyes and leant her head back in the seat. "Why the hell did you drug us?"

"Yes Matt why?" Elena snapped glaring at him; they were currently driving on a long dark road.

"I'm sorry-"

"Fuck you. When we get out of this I'm going make you…watch Coco for a whole weekend." Ava fumed.

Matt sighed "Look I did it for the both of you." He snapped effectively shutting both teens up. "Listen you both haven't any parents to tell you what's right or wrong. You've got me and Jeremy and a bunch of vampires fighting in a war you guys shouldn't be in the middle of."

"What the hell?" Ava snapped not understanding what he was on about. She tugged on her seatbelt and cursed under her breath. One thing that she hated about Stefan's car was his seatbelts were impossible to unlatch. She swore he had these installed into his car when she moved in.

"Matt what the hell is going on?" Elena asked trying to keep a calm head.

Matt gripped onto the steering wheel; his eyes glanced back over to Ava before looking ahead. "Ava stop messing with the seatbelt." He ordered, she sent a withering glare in his direction "Look I love you both. So I'm getting the both of you out of town. It's the only way to keep you safe."

Ava shook her head, they were basically running away. She didn't want to run. She wanted to go home. "Oh Matt-"Ava groaned loudly.


"We left Coco behind." Ava slumped in her seat. Elena just stared at her, seriously? She thought they were in much bigger trouble at the moment.

Ava let out a breath of air she didn't even know she was holding. Klaus was killed…she felt a small part of sadness at that. But what worried her even more was that he claimed that he was the Originator of their bloodline, meaning that effectively everyone she knew would end up dead.

"Got it Jere." Matt hanged up.

"We're going back-to hell with getting out of town plan" the fairy ordered "Ava-"

"No listen to her Matt." Elena cut him off, her voice shook "If Klaus is the one that turned their bloodline then they're all going to die."

Ava leant forward as far as she could go in her seat. "They're all there." She uttered. She could see the saddened look on Matt's face but Elena did.

"Ava…"Matt swallowed he trailed off.

"What?" Ava asked anxiously getting a bad feeling in her gut. "Go on, spit it out."

Elena felt her heart sinking, realisation coming to her. "Ava Damon isn't with the others. He's too far away by the time we get there it'll be too late. I can turn us around though to get back to the others."

Ava felt tears well up, she wouldn't get to say goodbye to him? Elena reached over and grasped her hand.


"I…I guess we've got to go back without him." the fairy's voice trembled, another person she loved she wouldn't be able to say goodbye to. "I didn't say goodbye-"a tear escaped and ran down her face.

"No you can." Elena pulled out her cell from her pocket and dialled Damon's number. She then handed it over to Ava and sat back. Matt turned the truck back around.

Ava gingerly raised the cell to her ear, she twisted the fabric of her top and licked her lips.

"Hello Princess, so you're calling to see if the Grim Reaper paying a visit?" he questioned.

Ava's lips twitched in to a smile hearing his voice. "How are you? You're not coughing up a lung or something right?" she asked concern reeking from her. Elena's eyes darted back over to Ava, both the doppelganger and the jock conversed quietly, giving Ava a private moment.

"Nope, not coughing up anything. But I'm sure we'll have a laugh once we find out that Klaus is a big fat liar." Damon exclaimed, he was trying to reassure her.

"Yeah…"Ava didn't think that would happen though, since Klaus was more than convincing that he was the Originator. Damon frowned hearing the sound of the car engine.

"Where are you?" he asked.

Ava licked her lips and leant against the cold glass window. "Matt kidnapped and drugged us. Some crap about being kept safe…we're going back to Mystic Falls." She said the last part quietly.

"To them?"

Ava felt her heart ache when she heard his tone. "You're too far away Damon…I…I wanted-"she shuddered. "We're…going back for Stefan, Care, and Tyler but-"

"It's ok." Damon soothed her "I…since I'm possibly be a dead man- can I ask you a question? I just need to know something."

Ava blinked hard trying hard not to cry. "Go ahead." She said softly, the fairy felt the car turning around the bend.

"Why did you chose me? Why did you love me?" he murmured, throughout his lifespan it was always his brother who got the girl. But this time he got his own one and he just wanted to know why Ava stuck with him throughout. Especially after everything that'd been going on between them

"That's your question?" Ava countered "That question has a lot of answers Damon. The most obvious one is because I love you." She said shakily, her heart pounded in her chest and her fingers trembled. "Because you…are you. You came into my life out of nowhere. You turned it upside down and you made me want to have adventures." She said honestly, Ava licked her lips and tears cascaded down her face. "I…you was there for me when I needed you most. You took care of me and…you loved me in a way that I thought no one would."

Elena had tears streaming down her face as she heard Ava's side of the conversation. That was what love is.

"I don't want you to go Damon. You promised that I wouldn't lose you-"a sob tore from Ava's throat. "You're meant to be the one thing in my life that stayed the same. You said I wouldn't-"she cried and took in shuddering breaths. "I lost everyone and now you to-"they flew past the trees and Matt was getting closer back to Mystic Falls. "I don't think I can handle it." She confided, all the losses that they all suffered the fairy didn't know whether she could take the blow of losing Damon.

"Listen to me Ava." Damon said firmly taking in a deep breath. He was forcing himself not to break down in tears as well. "If…if it turns out Klaus wasn't lying-"he heard her sniff and could just picture her face. "I want you to live your life without me-"

"I can't" Ava cried.

"Yes you can. Because Ava you're strong and so full of life yourself." Damon said sincerely. "Stefan must've told you that we left you everything. Use the money, go on adventures, explore Europe-you'll love Paris…"Ava wiped her tears her face was pale but her cheeks were flushed. "Or if you want to stick in the US go Vegas, get hammered…I want you to promise me Ava that you will live your life to the fullest-"

"Damon-"Ava swallowed she was going through a torrid of emotions, "Please-"

"Promise me Ava. Just promise me." Damon said softly,

Ava's body shuddered with suppressed sobs and she nodded despite the fact that he couldn't see her. "I promise." She sniffed wiping her runny nose with the back of her hand. Ava shook her head why was she getting so worked up? He was going to be ok…he had to be ok. "Stop it Damon, you'll be ok. You're going to be ok right…Damon?" she frowned when she got no reply. "Damon?"

"I'm here." he answered her.

Ava let out a shaky breath; she couldn't stop the tears from rolling down her face. "You know Damon it's always going to be…you're always my number one." The vampire on the other end let out a throaty chuckle, there was no heart in it though.

"Ava you'll always be my girl." Damon choked out; he froze hearing footsteps behind him. He spun around and saw that Alaric was here. "I will always love you Ava."

Ava smiled through her tears and pressed her flushed cheek against the cool glass. "Despite being a vampire…and everything else. You're my hero Damon." she clenched her fingers into the fabric of the seat. "I love you…just try and come back to me."

"Goodbye Ava." He hanged up.

Ava swallowed and her shoulders shook, as she felt sobs bubbling up from her throat. this wasn't how it was meant to end for them. Elena pressed her lips together and managed to grasp Ava's hand silently telling the distraught blond she was here.

"You'll come out on the other side of this Ava. I promise." The doppelganger uttered. Ava nodded she was having trouble believing her words but she wanted to.

Ava was brought back to reality when she heard Elena's tearful voice. "You too Care." The doppelganger said and then hanged up on the devastated vampire. Matt watched Elena's face and frowned seeing the tears in her eyes.

"What's going on now?" the fairy asked, her voice was slightly croaky.

Elena turned to look at the pair "It's Tyler…he's erm…"Ava bit down hard on her bottom lip. The brunette didn't need to finish her sentence they knew what happened.

"Tyler…"the blond couldn't quite believe this was happening….this day was getting more and more troubling.

"Damn-it." Matt slammed his fist against the steering wheel, once again because of vampires he was losing someone who he cared about. First it was his sister and now it was his friend. "DAMN IT. DAMN IT. DAMN IT-"he roared causing both Elena and Ava to jump.

"Matt calm down." Ava said loudly.

"Stop it" Elena stated.

Matt shook his head and looked at his former girlfriend and then glanced over his shoulder so he could see the fairy. "This wasn't how our lives were meant to turn out."

Ava sighed and reached forward placing her hand on his shoulder. "But it's the life we've given. You got to admit that it definitely wasn't boring."

"Amen to that." Elena muttered leaning back in her seat. Matt patted Ava's hand before she removed it.

They were getting closer to Mystic Falls, "I can't believe Elijah is leaving…again." Ava muttered,

"You really do-"

"Yes I fancy him. yes I want to have his babies happy?" the fairy declared. Both Matt and Elena exchanged amused looks. The fairy was in a much better mood, since they learnt that Stefan and the others weren't having symptoms meaning that everyone else was ok…more specifically for the petite blond Damon was ok. "Are we there yet?" she asked.

"Erm…we're nearing Wickery Bridge." Matt replied.

"Thank god my butt is asleep." Ava grimaced attempting to raise her bottom but the seatbelt restricted her.

"We so needed to know that." Elena drawled and looked down at her cell. "I need to call Stefan but my phone is dying."

"Well I would give you mine, but I wasn't expecting Matt to kidnap us." Ava said dryly. The jock rolled his eyes and dug through his pocket pulling out his own cell.

"Alright Ava it wasn't my brightest my idea." Matt huffed "Here use mine." He handed it over to Elena, who thanked him.

"I can't wait to get home-"

"MATT LOOK OUT-"Elena shrieked seeing a figure in the middle of the road. Ava screamed as the car careened off of the bridge and crashed in the icy cold water. The fairy felt explosion of pain as her head smashed against the window. Ava heard Elena and Matt screaming and then nothing.

"Daa-mon- where is you?" the four year old Ava huffed, she wanted to tell the nice man about her new friends. He said he'd be here at the next playtime but she couldn't make it. Elena wanted to show her the doll house…so she thought she catch him at home-time. She was also waiting for Daddy to come and pick her up. Ava let out a puff of air and tried to push herself but her feet dangled above the sandy floor.

"I don't think you can reach yet love. You're too small." An accented voice rang out. Ava's head snapped up and saw a man standing in front of her.

"Well…you speak in a funny voice." Ava snapped "meanie."

"Apologies…how about I buy some ice cream to say sorry?" he smiled crouching down in front of the small girl. The little blond shook her head.

"No…mommy said not to take things off of strangers." She said her shy nature coming out.

The man chuckled and lightly tugged her curl. "Well…mommy isn't here is she? So she won't know."

Ava frowned and shook her head…he didn't feel nice like Damon…he made her feel funny. The man snarled causing Ava to lean back. "My name is Nik…and you are-"

"Ava." The small girl murmured placing her fingers in her mouth.

"See I know your name now and you know mine…we're not strangers come on." Nik held out his hand,

"No…Daddy is coming." Ava said she wanted her daddy now. This man was scary.

"Fine I tried to be nice. Richard take the girl-"Nik called, the four year old watched wide eye as a man came out from behind the trees. "I've got some things to deal with. See you later love." Ava gasped when the man blurred off. She let out a whimper when the man named Richard appeared in front of her. Ava fell off of the swing. Mummy always told her when bad people come just run as fast as you can. So without further ado she ran. Little Ava didn't get very far and screamed when he grabbed her and threw her onto his shoulder.

"Shut up-"the man yelled.

"DADDY! MUMMY-"Ava shrieked kicking her legs out, Richard headed towards a black car that was parked further away. "DADDY-"

"I said shut up-"the man hit her bottom, causing Ava to cry in pain. Big fat tears made their way down her face.

"Lay one more finger on my daughter I dare you." Ava sniffed and wriggled. She heard her daddy's voice.

"It's only a matter of time before he takes her. Just let go. This fae is ours." The man sneered.

Xavier's eyes hardened, he was late in picking Ava up but when he did arrive he felt a surge of hatred arrive and then rage tore through him when he saw the snivelling little vampire hitting his only daughter. "He knows she is here and he will get her."

Xavier clenched his fists "Drop her-"he ordered. The vampire laughed thinking was he for real?

"You can't make me-"

Xavier chuckled "Yes I can." He felt a surge of power coming from the pit of his stomach, "Drop her." His eyes were white and the vampire felt his body moving against its own will. He dropped the four year.


"Come here Ava." He ordered. Ava ran towards her father and he pushed her behind him. "Cover your face." he didn't want her to see this part. The small blond pressed her face into the backs of her father's legs.

"He will get her." The frozen vampire snarled. "Faes are rare creatures."

"That we are." Xavier smirked "but over my dead body that she'd be taken. Goodbye." There was a burst of white light from the tips of Xavier's fingers. There was nothing left but a scorch mark on the floor.

Xavier scooped Ava up, "You ok baby girl?" he brushed her hair away from her face. he managed to get rid of the immediate threat. But now other vampires will know where they are.

"He was mean…"Ava sniffed burrowing her face into the crook of his neck. "And he hurt my bum."

"I know." He rubbed her sore bottom. Xavier pulled out his cell and dialled his wife's number as he hurried to the car. "Faith…we have to get out of town. Vampires are here."

Ava coughed and lost her breath feeling cold water entering her system. She spluttered "Elena? Elena?" her voice was lost in the water. "Elena? Matt?" she called out telepathically. She gritted her teeth and tried to move her legs, but they were stuck behind the front seat. "ELENA? MATT?" panic was beginning to set it. She could feel the cold water crushing her.

"Ava?" Elena's eyes snapped opened hearing frantic thoughts in her mind; she coughed and looked around in confusion. Her eyes landed on Matt, and then flew over to the backseat. She saw that Ava was conscious but there was dark substance surrounding her. The doppelganger realised that it was blood. She could see Ava struggling. "Ava?"

"My legs-stuck-"Ava coughed and swallowed more mouthfuls of water. Elena shook Matt needing to know he was ok.

The fairy's mind started to get hazy, her grip on the front seat slackened, and her eyes beginning to droop.

"Mummy? Where are we going?" Ava asked sleepily the four year old was sleeping in her nice bed when Daddy came in and said they were leaving. She didn't get to say goodbye to granny.

"We're going on an adventure darling" Faith tried to sooth her. "Go back to sleep."

Ava pouted and looked out of the window, watching as they flew pass the trees. "Daddy?"

"Yes?" Xavier's eyes remained focus on the road. As soon as he arrived home he had told Faith and Claudine what happened. Claudine gave them her full blessing of leaving town, it'd be best for the,.

"What….what do….where do babies come from?" Faith snorted seeing the horrified look on her husband's face.

"Why…why'd you want to know?" Xavier squeaked and glared at his grinning wife.

"Well…I don't really." Ava held her stuffed puppy. "But…Granny told me to say that because you'd make a funny face…like this one…"Faith gigged seeing the mocked shocked expression on her daughter's face. "Did he do the face mummy?"

"Oh honey I think you gave your daddy a few grey hairs." She laughed.

Ava giggled and pressed her face into her puppy's stomach. "I hate your mom." Xavier muttered under his breath causing Faith to swat him.

"Well-"Faith gasped…something was amiss. Danger was ahead. She felt a tight sensation in her head it was almost as if something was pulling her away.

"Faith?" Xavier looked worriedly at her.

"It's time Xavier." Faith looked at him, "we're going to be leaving whether we want to or not."

Xavier's brows furrowed "What?-"he groaned clutching his own chest. She was right…if they were leaving that meant Ava wasn't going to be going with them yet. "But Ava-"

"I know." Faith pressed her lips together, seems like she wasn't going to be there for her daughter. "Ava wake up-"Xavier's eyes narrowed ahead, there were two figures unmoving in the middle of the road.

"Mummy?" Ava frowned in confusion and didn't like the sound of her mummy's voice. She sounded scared.

"You know the feeling in your tummy you get when you're angry or sad?" Faith looked at her daughter directly in the eye, creating a connection. A connection between two faes were far stronger than any other. "I need you to feel that again. Show your light." She ordered. This was going to be the only way to keep her save.

Ava mutely nodded, still not understanding what she meant. Faith sat back in her seat and grasped Xavier's hand.

"You think-"

"XAVIER LOOK OUT-AVA NOW-"Faith screamed seeing a figure flying at them through the darkness, Xavier swerved the car hitting the vampire, there was a burst of white light, Faith heard the vampires screeching in pain. The car did several rolls sending Xavier through the windscreen.

"Mommy? Mommy?" a four year old Ava cried, glass shards were thrown into her eyes, she was throbbing everywhere. "Daddy?" her head was hurting and all she could see was blackness, she used her small fist to rub her eyes trying to get rid of the blackness but it wouldn't go away. Blood streaked down her face, she whimpered and immediately stopped rubbing her eyes feeling fiery pain.

"It's ok Ava" Faith Xenia attempted to sooth her child. "I need you to listen to me very carefully-"

"I can't see"

"It's ok baby" the older woman swallowed, she knew she didn't have long left. She could feel death calling her. "Ava baby, I need you to run-"she froze; the barriers in her mind were down, she could hear them she could get rid of these ones before she left the world. "I need you to get out and run-"

"What about you?" little Ava sniffled, Faith turned in her seat enough to look down at her only daughter. She knew she was special, she was just like her. And like her Ava would be hunted because of what she is.

"Honey mummy has to go away. But she'll still be here all the time-"black spots were appearing in her vision "I'll be here Ava-"with effort she reached over the back of the seat and tapped Ava's chest, where her heart resided. "Mommy will always be here. Now run"

Ava whimpered she didn't understand what was going on "No I won't leave you…mommy-"

"Ava I need you to be brave" tears coursed down Faith's face. "Just run. Run for me my little fairy Ava please."

Ava sniffed and tugged herself free from her seatbelt; she was small enough to slip through them. "But mummy I can't see-"

"I know honey. Just to your left is the window. Go through it and run. Run Ava" Faith's eyes slowly closed, her breathing as shallow and uneven, she needed Ava to get away and she prayed that someone would find her before they come. The small four year old crawled through the broken window and felt the shards of glass digging into her knees.

"Mummy?" Ava managed to get onto her small unsteady feet

"It's ok Ava…mommy loves you. Always" Faith hummed and closed her eyes. Ava jumped hearing a loud howl, she remembered her mother's words and ran but she tripped sending her falling on to the ground. Ava ran she always listened to her mother. She sprinted down the dark road, she whimpered when she fell. She cried she wanted her mummy and daddy.

"Ava?" she heard a familiar voice.

"Daa-mon?" Ava whispered Damon's eyes widened taking in her bloodied face. he could smell the blood in the air.

"Yeah it's me-come on."

"No…"little Ava sobbed "my mommy and daddy…they're…mommy's sleeping." The vampire scooped her up holding her to his chest. Damon's heightened hearing didn't pick up the sound of any more heartbeats in the area. He closed his eyes realising why there was no heartbeats.

"Honey…let's take you to the hospital…"

"My eyes hurt-"she whimpered and went to rub them again, but his large hand clamped around her wrist. She'd do more damage if she rubbed them.

"Ok, ok, let's go and we can get something to help your eyes from hurting." Damon murmured rubbing her back. And then gently pressed her face into his jacket, and blurred off to the hospital. "Ava I need to-"they were right outside the hospital.

"You're going to come in with me?" Ava sniffed, "You won't leave me?"

Damon looked down at the broken hearted looking girl. "Never." He promised pressing a kiss to her temple. He would leave once he was sure she was in safe hands and then perhaps one day he would find her again.

"AVA STAY AWAKE-"Elena thought frantically seeing Ava's slumping form, she was relieved when she saw the fairy shuddering. They needed to get out, her blond hair floated around her. She slammed the windows with her hands weakly. They were trapped.

Ava's lungs were beginning to burn, she doesn't think she'd be able to hold on. "Elena?" the doppelganger coughed and grabbed Ava's hand

"Squeeze my hand." She ordered, there was a faint squeeze from Ava. Elena shook Matt but the jock wasn't waking. The doppelganger looked across at Ava, the blond was fading fast. Elena looked down at their hands, and saw Ava patting her one.

"Ava? Please-"

"It's ok Elena…"a faint smile crossed Ava's lips…her mind was blacking out. She was losing all sense of sensation, she felt weightless. "I…it'll be ok."

Elena felt her heart skip a beat when Ava's grip on her hands slackened and the fairy let go. "NOO AVA!" she saw Ava's eyes drifting close. She felt the car shift, the brunette eyes widened seeing Stefan was here. The vampire tore the door off and went over to reach her but Elena violently shook her head and pointed to Matt. But the broody vampire wasn't having any of but then Elena pointed towards the back.

Stefan stilled seeing Ava's form her heart beat was dangerously low. Stefan saw that the only way to get Ava out was to remove Matt. The fairy let out one last gasp and inhaled even more water before she let herself fall into the darkness, before Ava lost herself completely she felt someone grabbing her arm.

Damon punched Alaric his former best friend in the face. The hunter was intent on killing the raven head vampire. The former history raised the stake but Damon managed to knock it out of his hand.

Alaric let out an excruciating pain filled groan. And staggered, the vampire caught him.

"What's going on? What's happening?" Damon's eyes widened seeing his skin turning grey.

"No Ric-"Damon fell to his knees with the hunter holding him. "Oh my god. Ric, Ric-"he shook him. Damon's icy blue eyes were filled with tears, if Alaric was dead that meant either Ava or Elena was dead. He needed to find out. With one last gaze on Alaric's grey corpse he blurred out of the warehouse. He wasn't going to lose her. He couldn't.

Damon burst through the hospital doors. "Where is she?" he stormed passed Meredith.

"No Damon-"the brunette doctor ran after him, and grabbed his arm forcing him to come to a stop.

"What happened?" he growled, he needed to see if Ava was ok. He needed to hold her.

"There was an accident. The car crashed…I helped Elena-"Meredith said earnestly "I…she needed my help."

"What the hell do you mean?" Damon snarled causing Meredith to shake in fear, never in her meetings with Damon had she seen the vampire so volatile.

"I helped Elena-"

"She means Elena has vampire blood in her system." Stefan said strolling towards his brother and the doctor. "Elena is in transition."

Damon looked at him, and saw the dark look on Stefan's face. the younger Salvatore they were going to face a mammoth of a problem when Elena woke.


"She's in critical condition-"Meredith led them further down a series of halls and they came to a stop. Damon felt his heart lurch at the sight of Ava. She was linked up to a number of machines; she looked so small in the bed. "I…she must've hit her head…there's bleeding on the brain. And-"Damon's eyes narrowed when he saw through the clear tube red liquid.


"Yes-"Meredith said not seeing the problem at all; she was even more confused when she saw the horrified looks on the vampires faces. "What-"

"Ava can't have vampire blood-"

"What w-"before the doctor could question them, there was a loud panicked yell from within Ava's room.

"AVA-"Damon shouted, the blond was convulsing on the bed, blood spluttered from out of her mouth. Meredith rushed into the room, in doctor mode. Damon went to follow after her but Stefan held him back.

"You'll get in the way-"Stefan grunted managing to avoid getting hit in the face. They focused back on the scene.

"Oh no-AVA-"Damon shouted, there was a loud beep….indicating there was no heartbeat.

"She's crashing-"Meredith shouted pulling the tube out of her mouth. "Get the crash cart." One of the other doctors ran in with the cart.

Ava's top was cut open and rubber pads were placed on her chest, the brunette doctor charged up the machine and shocked Ava's still form, there was no rhythm, one of Meredith's colleagues Chris who started compressions on the fairy's chest.

Ava groaned what the hell happened? She was lying on something soft and she felt the sun on her skin. The fairy struggled to remember anything that happened before.

"Damn must've gotten really hang over." She mumbled under her breath and heard the sound of birds chirping. She let out a low sigh, this was peaceful. Ava hummed and her eyes fluttered open. She saw the blue sky and smile. The blond sat up and stretched her arms above her head before standing up.

She grinned seeing a blue bird flying past her…it looked beautiful…wait she could see! "Oh shit-"Ava grinned in glee, this was one of her best visits to fairy realm ever. The blond rushed towards the calm lake and gazed down at her reflection; she dropped to her knees and examined her face. "Wow…"she grinned touching her nose. So this was what she looked like.


Ava spun around and grinned seeing her grandmother, "Gran-"she threw herself at the silver haired woman. "I can see…wow never knew you had that many wrinkles-"she teased taking a step back.

Claudine smiled but it slid off of her face when she took in her granddaughter. "Ava-"

"And I hugged you. Best dream ever-"Ava babbled on.

"Ava you're solid." Claudine said softly, how could this happen to her?

Ava looked confused; her eyes were focusing on many things. Fairy world was beautiful, the air was clear, the grass was green and it was just so open. "What does that mean?"

"It means you're dead Ava." Ava gasped as her mother and father came out into the clearing.

"No pulse." Meredith shouted "Keep going-"she ordered, Chris pounded hard on Ava's chest, one of the nurses pumped some air into her lungs but there was still no heartbeat.

"Please Ava…"Damon whispered, he and Stefan watched on with their hearts in their mouths. "Just fight for me." He begged.

"Charge to 300" Meredith ordered, "Come on Ava-"she pressed the pads against her chest and let out a shock. There was no change.

"Call it?"

"NO-"Damon burst through the doors having managed to break out of his brother's hold. "You can't stop you can't give up."

"Damon it's been twenty-"

"DON'T GIVE UP." Stefan grabbed the back of his jacket to stop his brother from flying at the doctor.

Meredith swallowed and licked her lips; she could see the resignation in her colleagues face. "You can't please…this is my Ava." Damon said his eyes on Ava's still form; she was so pale, so lifeless. "Two more rounds." Meredith uttered picking up the pads. This was Ava after all.

"I'm dead?" Ava asked looking up at them and shook her head "What? How-"

"Honey you're a solid being here. That means you're dead in the other realm." Xavier explained "You're home." He smiled. Before she could blink he pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly to his chest. The small fairy revelled in her father's hold. Faith grinned tears welled up in her eyes. She could actually hold and hug her daughter too.

Ava felt tears course down her face, and smiled. "I can see-how?"

Claudine smiled "When you enter this world all aliments will be left behind. You're home-"Ava's smile faltered having registered what they were saying.

"Ava?" Faith frowned.

"This is my home?" Ava whispered looking up at her. "But…what about Mystic Falls?" she asked

Claudine swallowed "Ava-"

"I can't leave them Gran…Damon is there." Ava's voice trembled. "I…I love him and-"

Faith smiled gently smoothing down Ava's curls, "Honey I would never tear you away from your love. We can get you back to that world…"

"You can?" hope rose within Ava's heart.

Xavier nodded "There'll be consequences you may not be able to return to this world." His voice was deep and velvety. "Not only that. But your ailment will return."

Ava didn't understand, "What?"

"You'll be blind again Ava." Claudine answered. "Fairy magic can take you back. You need to make a choice Ava. Stay here or go back." She ordered. "Go back to Damon and your life there. Or come and start a new life here amongst your own kin."

Ava's bright green eyes took in the world around; never had she saw so many colours. Could she give this up? She had to make a choice.

"Come on Ava." Damon snapped "Please come back, please come back." He begged, Stefan's eyes were solely focused on the fairy. His mossy green eyes met Meredith's eyes. She sadly shook her head. Damon fell to his knees, he felt like his heart was breaking.

"Call it?" Meredith said softly. Her colleagues nodded. "Time of Death 11:07 pm"

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