The spring to your door

(By Deyse)

Hi everybody!

Here goes a short story divided in only two parts (the second one is almost ready, I'll post it very soon). There is no connection between this one and any of my other stories and series, okay? This is a stand alone tale just for fun and because I got quite inspired as I've been watching the whole series again.

Hope you like it!

The dance hall seemed to gain a special glow under the sparkling and powerful lights spread along its surroundings, making the guests truly believe that magical night was part of a wonderful dream. The ladies' dresses were all graceful and well designed and at the same time gave their owners the extra glamour that all birthday celebrations like those deserved. And the gentleman's suits made the perfect balance between elegance and sophistication, granting them a distinguished and noble air. The beauty of the human beings all together and in such a joyful moment had always called a certain angel's attention, and there she was again. Standing in a small corner and in her human form, she was distant enough not to be noticed.

Monica's soft brown eyes sparkled with the happiness and satisfaction proper of those angles who had their assignments well accomplished at the end of a long month of hard work and devotion. Dressed in a maid's uniform, she watched as Mrs Campbell danced with her husband and could not hide a pleased smile at all the love that could be seen in the couple's eyes. They had not only been blessed with the cure for Mrs Campbell's cancer but also with the presence of an angel to deliver God's message of hope and love and to bring together a family that had been going through a hard time.

And as a lesson of humbleness, the Heavenly creature came to them as an employee, a servant to whom they did not give much attention or credit at first, but who proved to be the bringer of light and spiritual guidance.

A young lady, in her late teens and also elegantly dressed, came closer to the maid in disguise with a smile. "Mom and dad look so beautiful, don't they?"

"They definitely do, Emily. And Mrs Campbell seems to float in your father's arms." Monica replied, also smiling at the beautiful scene ahead of her.

"You're right. And if there is a great responsible for so much joy, it is you, Monica!"

"Oh, Emily, I'm only the messenger. You know Who is the real responsible for restoring your family's faith and hope."

"Yes, I do know. But if you ask me, God couldn't have chosen a better angel to accomplish this task!" She said, and with gratitude, took the angel's hand. "None of us will ever forget what you did for us, Monica. For my entire life, I saw my mom struggling to overcome my brother's disappearing so many years ago and her falling ill only made things worse. I don't know what would have become of us if there wasn't an angel by our side."

Monica offered a warm smile. "Whatever it is that lies in your future and your family's, be sure that the Father will be there too, protecting you and guiding your steps. He did not and will never forsake you, not even for a moment, Emily."

"We know that, Monica. And we don't have enough words to thank Him."

The angel gave Emily a light hand squeeze, not missing the half-moon birthmark the girl carried in her right hand. "He heard your prayers. He is always listening." Monica's eyes travelled to the centre of the hall and her smile grew wider as she saw a young man coming towards them with sparkling blue eyes. "And if you ask me, I guess there is someone who thinks you should join your parents on the dance hall!"

Emily turned around and saw her school sweetheart crossing the large hall. "It's Jeffrey!"

"I told you he would not miss this party for anything!" The slight mischief on Monica's face was mixed with her contentment for adding that special touch on an assignment which had already been so perfectly accomplished. "Now you must go… And so must I!" The angel said, frowning a little as she moved her feet. "There should be special shoes for angels who are working on party assignments!" She joked, causing the girl to giggle.

"Thank you once again, Monica!" Saying that, Emily turned around at the same moment her school sweetheart stopped in front of her.

"Emily… I was wondering if… Well, would you like to dance?"

"Sure, Jeffrey…" She said, accepting his proffered hand and allowing him to guide her up to the dance floor.


Still with a contented smile on her meek face, the Irish angel left the Campbell's mansion and walked along the lane with no definite destination. Initially, she still lingered on the family's happiness and their tears of emotion when they were told they were in the presence of an angel of God and heard the message that Monica had so brilliantly delivered. But a few steps were enough for her to frown again, now incredibly bothered by the shoes that composed her uniform. She was wearing a coat over the black dress and white apron and, besides the high heel shoes that were hurting her delicate feet, now she felt cold too as the chilly night wind blew against her face, announcing that it would start raining soon.

"Father, why do I need to remain in this human form? And why isn't Tess around anyway?" She whispered, now standing on a corner and not really sure where to head.

But a familiar voice came from behind her and reached her ears a second later, sending her worries and doubts away for a while. "Monica?"

She turned around and her lips curved in a broad smile at the vision of such a dear friend. "Andrew!"

The angel of death came closer to her, returning her smile but also with a questioning expression on his handsome face. "What are you doing around here?" He wanted to know, gently placing a hand over her shoulder.

"Well, I was actually wondering that meself, you see…" She replied, her Irish lilt filing in the air and causing his smile to grow wider as he had always been so fond of it. "I ended an assignment and thought I'd go Home now or that maybe Tess would show up at any moment and tell me what to do next but none of that really happened. So I'm not really sure where to head to or even how to get out of here in the first place…"

Andrew's smile quickly faded away and he frowned with concern at hearing that his dearest friend was all alone and visibly lost in the street at such a late hour and under those conditions. "You mean you don't have anywhere to stay?"

"Actually I don't. I used to live in the Campbell's house over there but now I'm sort of… a 'stand-by slash earthly homeless angel'!" She explained.

Still quite worried, Andrew looked at their surroundings, making sure Tess wasn't anywhere around, and then turned his eyes back at the Irish angel. "Well, you might be on a waiting mode, but you're definitely not staying here!"

"You have a place to stay?" She wanted to know, with a surprised tone in her voice.

He reluctantly nodded his head, not really wanting to show the clear advantage he had upon her right now. "Well, I… actually, I do."

"Oh, Andrew!" She exclaimed with admiration, as angels normally did not have to remain on a house or apartment while they were on Earth fulfilling their missions. "So you must have been working on a long term assignment!"

"I was, until a while ago, when I finally delivered the message and took Mr Burns Home. And as I took a walk to my temporary apartment I was also wondering what else was keeping me here…" He took her small hand in both of his and smiled at her again. "Until I bumped into a certain 'misplaced little angel' on my way 'home'!"

Relieved, Monica returned his smile and tilted her head in a way that would certainly make him grant any of her wishes. "Do you think you have room for this temporarily misplaced angel?"

Chuckling at her words, he nodded once again. "I do! And I can offer you a cup of hot mocha all along!"

The way she grinned back at him and the extra spark he managed to put in her eyes with that announcement nearly undid him and were certainly the best rewards he could have had after a long working day. "A cup of mocha would be lovely too!" She said, her eyebrows knitting together on the following second as a soft sigh escaped her as she looked at her feet.

Andrew could notice the slight inch of pain on her pretty face and was worried all over again. "Monica?"

"These shoes are not anatomically made for angels, you see, Andrew… They have been hurting my feet since early in the morning…"

Shaking his head, he let out a displeased sigh, dreading to think of what would have been of her if he hadn't taken a walk at that very time and at that exact street. Only now did the angel of death understand that his assignment was to take care of his most precious friend – and he would accomplish this mission with all his love.

Bringing her closer, he kissed her temple and wrapped his arm protectively around her small shoulders. "Come with me, baby."


Monica could not hide her enchantment as Andrew opened up the door of his small apartment not far from where they had met. The living room was not too large, but big enough to accommodate a couch, a coffee table and a side table with an elegant lamp for dim light. Plus, there was an armchair placed by the window and she could tell her beloved friend had used that spot for reading, whenever there was some free time left. The dining area was equally small, but the four chairs around the wooden table were orderly placed and right next to it an arched door led to the kitchen. On the other side, a small corridor made the connection between the living room and the bedroom and bathroom.

"Oh, Andrew, it's lovely!" She exclaimed, with enthusiasm, as he gently placed his hand on the small of her back, motioning her to come inside.

Walking with difficulty, Monica made her way up to the couch, carefully helped by Andrew, and once she was seated, he was careful enough to place a cushion against her back.

"There you go!" He said, and contrary to what Tess would certainly recommend, he sat right on the coffee table so that he could be facing her.

The Irish angel grinned at him in a way that only made him even more pleased. "Thank you!"

Shaking his head, as he knew there was absolutely no reason for her to thank, he kept on talking. "Well, problem number one is solved, since now you got yourself a shelter!"

"And it's an adorable wee apartment, Andrew. Had I known you were around on a permanent basis I would have helped you with the decoration!" She said, winking at him and eliciting an amused laugh from her dearest friend. "But I see you did a very good job yourself! It's charming and elegant, just like its temporary owner!"

Slightly blushed, the blond angel chuckled at her words and reached out for her hand. "Not as charming and elegant as my temporary guest!" Now he winked back at her, not having enough of her lovely features, now graced with a beautiful smile and also a slight blush. Then, he pointed to her feet. "Now, to problem number two!"

The little angel frowned with slight worry. "I don't think I will be able to wear any kind of shoes for the next few assignments. Shouldn't angels have their own footwear while they are on Earth?"

Still amused, he bent down and gently removed her shoes, noticing that there were small blisters on her feet. "Hum… You got yourself some little ugly injuries, baby. I'll get a first aid kit and be right back, okay?"

With trusting little girl's eyes, she nodded her head in agreement and with gratitude.


With infinite care and caution not to cause her more pain than what she was already feeling, Andrew brushed a piece of cotton embedded in alcohol against one of her wounded foot, which he placed over his knee for support. Once the area was completely clean, he put some cream over the blisters and covered them with band-aids. He repeated the same procedure on her left foot.

"Okay… I guess this will spare you from the pain and hopefully you will be able to wear your shoes sooner than you think!"

Tilting her head, she shot him a grateful look. "It feels much better already." Relieved, she pressed her toes against the carpeted floor. "But then again, I had a very good doctor!"

Returning her smile, Andrew kept on talking, not really wanting to have the credit for taking care of her - this was a mission he would always be honoured to fulfil. "Now, about your problem number three..."

"Oh, Andrew, I don't want to be a bother. I know you had a very busy day and in this human form, you must be tired. A good cup of coffee would be lovely already."

"Exactly, we both have been working hard and right now we do need to have a break and something to cheer us up, so you'll sure get your mocha soon!" The blond angel could not miss the extra spark in her lovely eyes as he said that. "But I'll also order us a pizza so our dinner is complete!"

"A pizza? What a lovely idea!" Her childlike excitement was adorable to him, and she lowered her voice as if confessing a secret. "I admit I was a wee bit hungry too!"

"I'd take you out to a good pizza restaurant not far from here, but..." They both looked at the window and saw the first raindrops hitting against the glass. "Besides, you should rest these lovely feet of yours, so I'm afraid we'll have our date right here!" He said, winking at her as her lips curved in a broad smile.

"I couldn't think of a better place!"

Rising to his feet, Andrew sat down on the couch right next to her and took the telephone. "Do you have any special flavour?" he wanted to know, dialling the pizza restaurant number.

With a pensive expression, Monica bit her lower lip for a moment and then spoke again. "Do you think they have mocha pizza?"


To be continued...