Based on the song.

Rated T (for now anyways)

"Non-specific, non-sense, ah, non-style, ah, non-stop music,Non-specific, non-sense, ah, non-style, ah yeah~"

"Whatcha singing, Rin-chan?"

I turned around, embarrassed. Len-kun. I was singing a song I had been working on for a while, called Ur-Style. It was about him, too!

"Um... Nothing, just a new song I've been working on for a while." "Sing it all!" "O-okay..."

I then sung it to him. He seemed to like it, tapping his foot the whole time. gAwesome! I'm pretty sure I know what it's about, but explain.h


"Oh, um, it's about falling in love with someone that's like a sweet melody to you, that you just want to dance all night long to, you just can't help yourself..." I trailed off.

"And there's no specific way to it, no sense, no style, and it's non-stop?" I nodded.

Len-kun grinned evilly at me. "Oooooh, Rin-chan has a crush! Tell me, imouto!" (A/N: Younger sister)

I shook my head furiously. "You wouldn't understand..." "Of course I would!" "Trust me, you wouldn't..."

"Please just tell me?" He gave me the sweetest puppy dog eyes.


And then our lips touched.