A/N: Hey again! I'm back for book number three of the Potter Twins. As always, I have not now, nor have I ever owned Harry Potter. I am not making money off of this fan fiction writing hobby of mine, so don't sue me…please?

Summary: Hannah and Harry Potter are back for their third year at Hogwarts, and now Hannah is ready to expect anything…and she means anything. A lot is to be expected this term, from a criminal escaping from Azkaban, a crazy Divination teacher, and even her feelings for Draco Malfoy intensifying! Let's just say…things are probably going to get messed up pretty bad.

Chapter 1

The Great Escape

My mouth went agape when I heard what Uncle Vernon said. His sister, Marge was coming for a visit! Here…to Privite Drive!

At that rate, Harry'll never get that permission slip signed.

I'm Hannah. Hannah Potter, third year Slytherin at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. And I'm Harry's twin sister.

Anyways, Harry was asking if he could get his slip signed to go to the school village, Hogsmeade, and Uncle Vernon, being Uncle Vernon, said that he would if Harry behaved himself. But I was a definite no. He didn't like the thought of seeing a girl having fun.

Two nights later, just before Marge's arrival, I heard the cat flap on my bedroom door open and Aunt Petunia's hand showed through.

"Don't tell your uncle I did this." Aunt Petunia whispered through the door before walking away.

I shot up and looked down at what Aunt Petunia left on the floor and picked it up. It was a signed Hogsmeade permission slip! I squeaked and put it in my trunk so I wouldn't forget it when Harry and I left.

"GIRL!" Vernon yelled a couple of minutes later "Come and help Aunt Marge with her bags!"

I groaned and shuffled downstairs. Aunt Marge was here. She wasn't my real aunt, just Vernon's sister…but he made me call her Aunt.

I reached the hallway and took Marge's bags, praying I'd get a letter from Ivy when I got back up to my room.

"So…you're both still here?" Aunt Marge asked me and Harry.

"Yes." Harry and I said together, our backs to her.

Then she got into a rant over how "We were lucky to have been dropped on my brother's doorstep." and how "If it was me, you'd be in an orphanage by now." and "Blah, blah, blah."

"When's she leaving again?" I asked Harry.

"Soon, I hope." Harry said, dropping Marge's suitcase in the guest room and walking away.

I dropped Marge's dog's crate next to the suitcase and went into my room, waiting for a letter from Ivy.

There wasn't a letter, but there was Ivy's owl, June laying across my bed, with what looked like a broken wing.

"June!" I shouted, picking the poor owl up and putting her in Gwen's empty cage "What happened?"

All I got was a hoot of pain and an appreciative nip on my hand.

A few nights later, I still had June in Gwen's cage, and she was improving, but not making any plans to fly back to Ivy yet.

I didn't get the chance to help her that night because it was Marge's last night at Privite Drive, and we were having a big dinner to celebrate.

I sat down and ate quickly and quietly, ignoring when Marge said to Vernon and Petunia "She's as scrawny as a scarecrow, what a runt. Just like her mother."

I held my tongue up until Harry and I were forced to do dishes, Harry washed, I dried as Marge, Vernon, Aunt Petunia and even Marge's dog, Ripper had brandy.

"So, what school do those two go to?" Marge asked Vernon.

"Saint Brutus's." Vernon said proudly.

"And Hannah likes it a lot, Auntie Marge. She even has a boyfriend!" Dudley chimed.

I nearly dropped the plate I was washing.

"I don't have a boyfriend!" I shouted at Dudley.

"Oh, I believe my little Dudders." Marge said, pinching Dudley's cheeks "What's his name?" she asked Dudley.

"I heard her calling him…Draco."

I gripped the towel and the plate tightly. Draco wasn't my boyfriend, dang it! He was my friend!

"Draco?" Marge asked "Must have thirty tattoos and ride a motorbike." Marge accused, taking a sip of brandy "Just like that father of theirs…what did he do for a living?" he asked Harry.

"He didn't have a job." Harry said flatly

"Unemployed?" Marge said, the makings of a sneer clear on her face "Must have been a drunk. A filthy, uneducated drunk, just like their moth-"

"SHUT UP YOU UNKNOWLEDGEABLE WENCH!" I shouted, losing my temper. A crack of lightning flashed outside "Never…talk…about…my…Mum like that!" I hissed, the makings of my signature fireball forming in my hand.

"But it is the truth." Marge teased "There was something wrong with the bitch, so there was something wrong with you pups."

"SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP!" Harry shouted at last as I nearly started to cry.

Marge was about to say something when she started to grow. And she grew and she grew and she grew. And she started floating out the window.

"Come on!" Harry ordered, taking my wrist and taking me upstairs to my room.

We packed hurriedly, me yelling at how bitchy Marge was the whole time, Harry just nodding and saying "Uh-huh." once in a while.

When we stormed back downstairs with our trunks in hands, Vernon grabbed hold of me and jostled the cage June was in.

"Put her right!" Vernon ordered, starting to choke me, forcing Gwen's cage open.

June struggled to get out of the cage and bit Vernon's hand that was constricting my windpipe as Harry said "No, she deserved it."

I wiped my eyes due to fatigue as we walked out of the door. But I stuck my head back into the house and stuck out my tongue.

"EAT IT, ASSHOLE!" I shouted, smirking at him.

"Let's go, Hannah!" Harry ordered, taking me by the collar and dragging me away from the house.

I was tired. I wanted to go to bed, take a nap, anything that involved sleeping.

We walked to the park and sat on a bench. I laid across Harry's lap and looked up at him, suddenly realizing we were going to be expelled for using magic outside of school.

"We're getting expelled, aren't we?" I asked, looking up at Harry.

"I really don't know, sis." Harry said, getting up and leaving me to lie on the bench.

I heard the rustle of a couple of shrubs and shot up from the bench in a short burst of energy. The next thing I saw was a large, black dog peering at me and Harry, who had drawn his wand.

The dog's eyes blinked and disappeared as Harry tripped over his trunk.

"Smooth, Harry." I said, sarcastically, helping him up.

I heard a loud BANG and I turned around to see a large purple triple decker bus. A young man with a large mess of pimples on his face and turned to us two.

"Welcome to the Knight Bus."