Author: yeknodelttil

Show: Young Dracula

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance

Pairing: Vlad/Erin

Disclaimer: I don't own Young Dracula. This is purely for the enjoyment of its fans, created by a fan

Spoilers: Series 3 of Young Dracula.

Summary: SEQUEL TO FORTITUDE. When Erin becomes Queen, Vlad will no longer need his corrupt Council. However when the Council retaliate, Vlad and Erin must try and hold their world together while they try to find a solution for all their problems.

A/N: Thanks to everyone who read the prequel 'Predetermined' and 'Fortitude', this one picks up a few years after Fortitude but the reason will become very clear, very soon…

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Set three years after the end of Fortitude

Chapter 1: Mates

The light being reflected from the moon gave the room an ethereal glow, glinting off the silver of the furniture in the room. Before long it would be dawn peering in through the windows.

There was no rush to close the thick, heavy, red curtains though; the protective UV coating stopped them from burning.

Neither of them had wanted to close the coffin after spending the previous day locked in separate ones to keep them apart. Ingrid's idea, which Bertrand had happily agreed to. He'd rapidly become her partner in crime, instead of constantly foiling each other's plans they'd teamed up together which could become a problem.

Over three years the room had acquired more personal items to it. A few pieces of technology existed in the room a phone, a laptop, a stereo but the one thing Vlad refused to have in his room was a television. Erin knew the whole reason but he'd been firm, there was one in the manor but he rarely looked at it and when he did she hated seeing the pained expression that crossed his face each and every time.

Pictures littered the shelves, all digital captures of course, of them at different times. Leaving school, their (second) Betrothal Ball, his coronation and their various birthdays. On each and every picture the pair looked deliriously happy and completely in love.

Vlad's drawings from his room and some that he'd done in art class hung from the walls, nothing in frames just pinned to the walls. Erin had even found the picture he'd thought he'd destroyed when he became the side of him he hated. That 'wonderful' picture of the year eights hanging from the ceiling.


Vladimir Dracula's eyes slowly opened, he looked around the room, it was still dark. He felt something move in his arms and he looked down to see the shape of his new mate in his arms. Grinning widely he pulled her closer to him.

Vlad had stuck to his condition that they not be mated until Erin turned twenty-one, despite more than one argument otherwise. Erin didn't want to wait, Vlad did. Vlad even refused to start any preparations until her twenty first birthday, it wasn't that he didn't want her to be his mate it was that he didn't want her to regret it then not be able to do anything about it.

Vlad gently kissed and nuzzled his new wife's neck, making sure to take care not to hurt her. He felt her stir slowly from beneath him; he smiled as she arched back into him. He ran his fingers through her tousled hair, tangling it even more. He knew his own hair would probably be just as bad.

"Hey." He whispered, taking his lips from her throat for the briefest of moments before mapping it again.

Erin turned in his arms, pulling her neck away from him. It gave Vlad a chance to see the scar on her stomach; he gently brushed it making her shiver. He always smiled at that. "Hey." She answered with a big but slightly sleepy smile.

Vlad rolled them until she was above him. He looked up at her, noticing how in the light her bite mark seemed silver.

"Does it still hurt?" He asked her quietly. He knew the claim mark would sting but he hadn't realised how much.

Erin was confused for a moment before she remembered what he was talking about.

It was the part of the ceremony Erin had been dreading the most. The mark of claim. Mating vampires had to show they were loyal to the other person in the marriage for the rest of their unlives and there was only one way they could do that. Modern mortals had rings; she knew they would never have anything of the sort so she assumed they'd have a crest or cuff of sorts. She'd been painfully wrong. Rings, cuffs and crests could be removed so they had to have something more… permanent. For a vampire there was only one thing that was permanent…

A bite.

The thought of biting Vlad had made her feel sick and terrified for weeks, she'd known for three years what she had to do but as the ceremony drew closer it had weighed on her mind. She didn't want to hurt him; being bitten was as much a fear for a vampire as it was for a slayer. He'd hidden it well but she knew he'd been scared as well.

He was taller than her so Ingrid had insisted on her wearing the highest heels she could imagine. She'd barely managed to walk down the aisle wearing them. It would be considered an insult if Vlad had to bend down so she could bite him. Vlad had jokingly offered a crate for her to stand on and it had resulted in a wallop from both Ingrid and Erin at the time, however once Erin had seen the shoes she wished she hadn't dismissed his joking comment.

When a vampire was bitten you couldn't drain any remaining blood sitting in their veins. Of course you would taste a small amount of blood but nothing like draining anyone. A mortal had the blood constantly pumping through their body so the blood filled the mouth automatically, that obviously didn't happen in a vampire's body. Instead it created a loyalty bond somehow. The chemicals in the brain were altered to make you more passive and adoring towards the other person, however if you were in love the loyalty bite had no effect.

"It doesn't hurt." She assured him, she wasn't lying it didn't hurt at all.

Vlad traced his fingers over the puckered marks he'd made on the left side of her neck. Erin now had two sets; the newest was higher than the last. It wasn't like before when he'd bitten her to save her, this mark showed she was his and a possessive thrill raced through him at the thought.

Erin repeated the gesture lifting her tight arm to lovingly stroke his silver bite mark on the left side of his neck. The bite marks had healed over with their accelerated healing so they were nothing more than scars.

Erin would be lying if she said it hadn't hurt; she hadn't been awake last time. It was a sharp, stinging sensation lasting a few seconds then it was over. It had brought tears to her eyes, although it wasn't anything like her stitches tearing. Vlad had been gentle but he had to use more force, as vampire skin was tougher than mortal skin. Erin had seen a few tears in his eyes as she'd bitten him as well; hers had been deeper in her nervousness.

"Yours?" She asked quietly, he'd always spoke sarcastically or as a challenge for someone to bite him when he wouldn't do things their way. She was worried he hated it.

"No." He smiled at her. Erin propped herself upwards on his chest, tracing her finger along his abdomen.

"We're going to have to get up." She told him seriously. They had enough things to do before nightfall.

The mating ceremony had been the easy part so far, it wasn't like mortal weddings. The planning and preparation instead came after the ceremony. The mating ceremony created the union between the young couple, then there were another sequence of feasts and celebrations that needed to be held until they were declared publicly and officially mated and a few more to mark a new Queen.

That was why there was no such thing as a honeymoon. If they'd just gotten married there would have been a ceremony and that was it nothing more. A mating was more intense than a marriage ceremony it needed to be thoroughly celebrated.

If it proved how much she loved the youngest Dracula that's all she cared about.

"Five more minutes?" He asked softly. He really didn't want to move at all from his coffin or from their first night as husband and wife.

"Five more minutes." She agreed before lowering her lips back down to his.


Erin picked up her discarded mating dress. There was hardly any damage to it at all, only where they'd both lost their tempers with her laces that Ingrid had deliberately tied in a very stubborn knot but the laces could easily be replaced.

She turned to see Vlad slipping on his shirt, she let out a laugh.

"What?" He asked looking at himself self-consciously.

"Just strange, you've been in leathers for the last week, seeing you normal is strange." Vlad nodded, the Council had been insisting on holding many more meetings over the last week Vlad knew why – they wanted to push more laws through in case he disbanded them immediately.

Vlad moved across to her, wrapping his arms around her, looking down at the mating dress in her hands. "Is it too damaged?" She looked like a goddess in that dress.

Erin had looked beautiful in her mating dress. The dress that was currently across the room somewhere. The long navy blue dress that had a delicate v-neck without a collar so he was able to put his mating claim on her. The long sleeves ended delicately on the back of her hand. There hadn't been a train on her dress it had fallen flowing to the floor with only a slight flare. She didn't want to trip over it and her long plain cloak. The bodice had hugged her figure tightly. Ingrid had laced Erin into the dress tightly; it was a good thing she didn't have to breathe.

"It can be fixed." She assured him pulling out of his arms to speed across the room. Carefully she spread it out on the chair, taking care not to crease it. As soon as she'd done that she sped back into her new husband's arms.

"You looked amazing in that." He reminded her, Erin ducked her head. He'd told her that more than once throughout the ceremony, during the family feast and more than once when they'd tried to get it off her. "Sorry I snapped the…"

"It was the only way it was coming off." She shrugged, there was no way she was going to spend her mating night in it and there was no way she was going to sleep in it at all. She knew Ingrid did it on purpose.

Vlad kissed her scars once again, "I love that this means you're mine." It was strange he hated her transformation scar but he loved her claim mark. No vampire could deny what it meant. They were the first couple to have a mating ceremony in over two centuries.

Vlad's lips began to slip lower and lower and Erin's eyes closed automatically. Erin suddenly opened them and pushed him away. Now she really wished she had a honeymoon.

"Come on." She whispered, "Breakfast and soy blood."

Vlad's stomach growled and he cursed it for its timing. Erin smiled before gesturing with her head towards the door.

Vlad just let him be led from the room, cursing his stomach all the way.


The slow pacing of two pairs of perfectly in sync but heavy footsteps had Ingrid looking up. She knew of only two people who walked instep with each other.

"You're awake then…" Ingrid grinned at them as they entered the room. Vlad wiped the sleep from his eyes before tilting his head and growling at his sister. Erin shook her head before sitting herself down at the table.

Ingrid chuckled, leaning back into Bertrand who gently ran a hand up and down her arm.

Five minutes had turned into half an hour but Erin really didn't care at this point. She smiled at Vlad as he seated himself next to her. He beamed back at her linking their fingers together.

"I assume that everything was alright last night then?" The glint was in Bertrand's eye as he spoke. Bertrand could tease when he wanted to; being with Ingrid had loosened him up slightly.

"Fog off." The pair muttered at the same time before chortling at their timing.

"Bertrand was just concerned…" Ingrid tried to defend her partner.

Vlad wasn't going to go into anything about his personal life, "When are you getting married or mated then?" Vlad asked her as he reached for the cereal. Bertrand grimaced at the 'disgusting' food. It was his home he was entitled to eat what ever he wanted to.

Ingrid snorted something and Bertrand looked the other way. Vlad glanced at Erin who shrugged. If they went any slower by the time they actually did mate or marry would be when everyone was dust. Vlad knew Ingrid didn't want to ruin anything but going too slow did that.

"So how does it feel being mated to the wimpire?" Ingrid asked looking at Vlad as she said it, she was only using the word to wind him up.

"Fantastic." Erin answered before looking down shyly. Vlad kissed her forehead lightly and she looked up at him through her eyelashes.

Bertrand decided to interrupt their moment, "You know you still have the Induction to sort out before nightfall?"

"We know." They muttered together.

Ingrid gently turned Erin's neck to look at her marks, they were clear for everyone to see. She did the same for Vlad and winced. "A bit deep." She studied them closer checking her brother was okay, she hadn't had chance to look at them after the ceremony so she was taking her chance now.

Erin's eyes lowered, "I didn't mean to…" Vlad grasped her chin and lifted her head up to meet his eyes. The only extra experience he'd had was when he'd bitten her, Erin had had to struggle with being smaller than him as well.

"Its okay." He told her firmly.

"All it means is that every vampiress can see you've claimed him a mile off." Ingrid chuckled. She could see Erin wasn't convinced. "A bite's a bite, the pain isn't any different no matter how deep it is." That's how it was for vampires.

The door slammed back, leaving an indentation in the panelling where the handle had hit it full force.

Robin burst into the room, looking at Ingrid and Bertrand. He then saw the newly mated couple and addressed them instead. Ingrid seemed a little offended but relaxed as Bertrand squeezed her hand. This was Vlad and Erin's home, it was their duty to sort their problems out.

"Vlad you'd better get to the hall."

"Why?" As far as Vlad knew everything was to be set up when Vlad and Erin got to the hall.

"Your Dad's redecorating with cobwebs."

Vlad had never moved so fast. Cobwebs were banned from his home.

His manor – his rules.


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