"Do I love Bolin?" She thought while bending some water high into the air. Mako then walked into the gym with Asami on his arm and Bolin at their heels. "Hello Korra!" Asami yelled across the gym which made Korra drop the water onto herself and the dirty gym floor. "Grrrrr…." She growled under her breath. Korra was completely soaked; all because of Asami. Bolin strode over to her wanting to help the best he could. "Do you need some dry clothes to change into?" Bolin asked her softly. Korra nodded and Bolin smiled. "Be right back!" He said as he bolted out of the room. Mako then went to the bathroom, while Asami smirked at Korra. "Having your little boyfriend run and get you some clothes are you?" Asami sneered. "You better watch yourself. I don't really give a crap if your Mako's girlfriend, I could still beat your sorry little prissy butt kay?" Korra defensively implied. Asami laughed lightly. "Wait till you see what Amon has planned for him." Asami snickered and whispered so Mako wouldn't hear her in case he came back.
"But remember, you can't tell anyone , because if you do…I'll know." Asami snickered.

Korra froze. Her expression went blank and she didn't move at all. "W-What did you say about Bolin?" She whispered. Asami then made the 'shh' sign with her finger and left. Bolin came back with a wide grin on his face, but when he saw Korra's expression, it disappeared. They continued in silence, training for the Championship that was in a couple of days.

When practice was over, Bolin went with Korra to Air Temple Island. "Korra, whats wrong?" Bolin asked on the ferry ride over. Korra shook her head and didn't make eye contact with him. "You know you can talk about it whenever you need to. I'll always be here." Bolin told her smiling.

When Korra and Bolin arrived at the island she told Bolin to stay put. Ikki then came up to him and asked him if he was Korra's new boyfriend and if she could pet Pabu.

She ran to Tenzin in the house and told him what happened at practice. "Tenzin, what should I do?" Korra asked, her voice cracking like she was about to cry. Tenzin thought about this for a moment then wisely said "Korra. Tell him. But also say that he cannot tell anyone. Not even his brother." Korra nodded and went back outside to Bolin. "Come on. I need to tell you something." Korra said wincing.

They walked to the meditation pagoda and sat down there. Bright green eyes looked into Korra's with question.

"Bolin. Asami told me today that Amon….-has plans for you." Korra choked out, letting silent tears fall from her ocean blue eyes. "And- and- I don't want you to get hurt." Korra stuttered. "Y-you can't tell anyone. Not even Mako." She added. Bolin draped his arm around her shoulders and she blushed bright red. "Don't worry. I'll always be safe with you guys." Bolin whispered.