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Sparks were flying everywhere as the two's feet danced over the metal in the scrapyard; they would catch planks of wood and suddenly there would be fire surrounding them. One was panting heavily, whilst the other had barely broken out a sweat.

"Is that all you got?" the being taunted; Silver swallowed deeply, reaching into the pocket of his jacket, and drawing out a Sol Emerald. The dark-furred creature simply raised an eyebrow. "A measly emerald? Is that it?"

Silver breathed in and out heavily, and tightened his jaw. "Don't you know what this is?"

"Yes. It is one of the Sol Emeralds." The enemy laughed evilly as Silver's eyes widened. "Ha! I did my research – and it's not like it could harm me in anyway. I was created from the negative uses and effects of both the Master Emerald from the Chaos Dimension and the Jewelled Sceptre from this one. I just winded up here instead of the in-between."

Silver could sum this up in one word, quite easily, too – though Blaze would scold him for it later.


The being's navy fur took on a more violet hue as he prepared himself for the fight; the silver stripes on his head, quills, arms and legs became a bright white, as white as his eyes. Silver raised his fists readily, even though the numerous scratches and wounds stung incredibly. The circular symbols on his hands started to glow – before fading into a darker shade of cyan.

Silver was confused. This had never happened before – what was happening? His vision swam in front of his eyes, and he realised that the lack of power in him was due to blood-loss. He fell to his knees. The metal clanged, ringing in his ears. He could faintly hear someone running to him from somewhere to his left, as the being hopped onto an old lamppost and harrumphed in triumph.

"I am the Ultimate Darkspine – the Ultimate Evil Creation. I came to this world to destroy those that oppose the true power of Sol and Chaos, which is to be harnessed by those that can handle the pressure. I am one of those people, and the other is stuck in Chaos's dimension, the sadistic git…"

"I… won't let you… Not on my watch…" Silver uttered a single groan, before collapsing forwards, where Blaze dove forwards and caught him in time. She rocked him back and forth in comfort as he cried in pain, bruises blooming over his face quickly.

Ultimate Darkspine grunted. "Yeah… like you'll be able to stop me, you weak hedgehog."

And, with that, he hopped away…

Silver awoke with a scream, sitting up immediately. Blaze hopped out of her chair, and rushed over to him, worry evident on her face. She already had a cloth in hand. "What? Where does it hurt, Silv?"

The white hedgehog panted, his eyes wide as he felt tears sting in the corners; he had stretched up too quickly, and reopened a deep wound on his back. He whimpered as Blaze gently mopped up the blood seeping into his fur. He yawned, and rested his head on Blaze's shoulder, feeling her arms wrap around him and her hands lock behind his neck. He pressed his face into her own neck, gently kissing her collarbone, which was her weak spot. He felt her shudder slightly, and smiled as he wrapped his arms around her tighter.


The dark being sat in an old, partially-overturned skip, dirty and ripped blankets and pillows serving as his sleeping area. A cardboard box was propped up against one side, like a table. He was currently reading a thrown-out book called "Jack Flint and the Redthorn Sword" by a human author called Joe Donnelly. So far, he was halfway through and already enjoying the plot. It gave him ideas for his next confrontation with that hedgehog, and – eventually – his opposite, the Ultimate Lightspine.

Darkspine snorted at a particular scene in the book, and read it aloud to himself.

"Riddles and conundrums. Finbar sucked on his pipe for a while. They're the secrets that turn the world. There's magic in riddles and conundrums. To every riddle there's a key, and I have a feeling you three are the key to this one."

He rolled his eyes, and jotted that quote on a piece of spare paper. Maybe he could use that later…


They lay in the bed together, Silver's arm wrapped around Blaze's waist as she snuggled against his warm, toned chest. They sighed together in the ebb of twilight, huddled together against the cold eve, when Blaze rolled over and on top of Silver. The hedgehog smiled at his lover as she started to gently massage his sore shoulders, moving around to the back of his neck and down his back. He sat up slowly, so as to not reopen the wound in his back. Blaze smiled softly at him, and gently rubbed his arms. Silver sighed again, and cupped her face with one hand. With his other hand he tapped her nose and threaded it through her hair. He started to sing softly.

"The strands in your eyes

That colour them wonderful

Stop me, and steal my breath…

And emeralds from mountains

Thrust towards the skies

Never revealing their depth…

And tell me that we belong together

Dress it up with the trappings of love

I'll be captivated; I'll hang from your lips

Instead of the gallows of heartache that hang from above…

And I'll be your crying shoulder

I'll be love's suicide

And I'll be better when I'm older

I'll be the greatest fan of your life…"

He leaned forwards slightly, and Blaze accepted the invitation of a kiss, locking her lips with his in a passionate embrace. They moaned lightly, their eyes unconsciously sliding closed. They remained like that for a while, before breaking apart for oxygen, when–


"Argh!" they both yelped, embarrassed to have been found they way they were, when they were suddenly grabbed – along with some possessions – and roughly pulled from the house. When they finally got a good look at their "kidnapper", they were surprised to see a familiar blue hedgehog holding them tightly as he took them over to the plane that his friend waited in.



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