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This is the beging of a series of One-shots

A New Start

"Are you sure about this?" he questioned her, but knowing her as long as he did once she made up her mind that was it.

"Yes! Aaron you have to relax, me leaving the BAU I think will be a good thing for both of us and the baby. I know we weren't planning this little one but I have to think of her and Jack is so excited plus look at it this way Jessica can finally go on that vacation she's always wanted to go on and not have to worry what's going to happen to Jack" Emily said, she knew he didn't want he to leave the team but their little family of three was soon turning into four and Emily didn't want her baby to feel like she did as a child hardly seeing her mom and dad for months on end and plus this way like Rossi she could finally put pen to paper and write her little book that she always felt she need to share with the world.

"I'm still not sure Seaver is the right choice for the team, she's still pretty green" Aaron said looking at Ashley Seaver's file. Knowing that even thought she had worked well with the team before and now that the word got around that Emily was leaving she appied for a spot back on the team

"She is more than capable and you know it. Come on its time for bed and tomorrow is my last day and we still have to deal with that secret party Garcia is throwing " Grabbing his hand and heading into the bedroom too tired to talk about the subject any more they climbed into bed and when to sleep, tomorrow was the start of a whole new adventure.