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Kim Pov:

Today has got to be the hottest day of the year! The air conditioner can't even cool you down. Since there were no other ways to keep myself cool, I threw on a lavender tank top with dark blue short shorts, lavender flip flops and black sunglasses . After that I decided id go to the dojo to hang with the guys for a few hours since my parents wouldn't be of any help. They were passed out on the sofa snuggling with each other, I sort of barfed inside my mouth at the sight of them. I walked into the Bobby Wasabi Dojo only to find the boys shirtless on the blue mats. Even the guy I fell in love with the moment he gave me my apple. Jack Anderson has always been there for me so now I'm only trying to keep my feelings inside. I'm not sure but the girls have been telling me he might have a thing for me. I'm dyeing to know if it's true. They were all sweating at the sight of Jacks amazing six packs I was tempted to run my hands over them. When he noticed me staring he smirked and said "Like what you're seeing? If you want to you can get a closer look" and winked of all the cocky guys at my school Jack has to be the cockiest."Whoa Jack your egos bigger then Franks head." At that the guys laughed including jack. I walked over to the guys and sat down beside them. "So what's crackalackin, Kimmy" "Eddie, if it weren't so hot I would have drop kicked you into next year, one don't you ever call me Kimmy again and two 'crackalackin?' really?" "Sorry the heat if effecting my brain" "For sure it's totally the heat" I was thinking that but it wasn't me who said it, it was Milton. "That wasn't nice!" "Yo, let's play truth or dare!" Jerry yelled.

Jack Pov:

After a mixture of yes's and a few fines I brought out a whipped cream bottle from Rudy's office and spun it. When it landed on Milton I dared him to go kiss Jerry's moldy sock. After his lips touched the sock for a millisecond he ran to the bathroom and sanitized his lips for 10 minutes. When he came back it looked like he was still about to hurl. When he sat back down he spun the bottle and landed on Kim. Kim was dared to jump in the fountain in the courtyard when she came back she was soaking wet. She thanked Milton for finding a way for her to cool off but all he did was smirk. He saw the way I looked at Kim and I knew he knew what I was thinking. She clothes stuck to her beautiful figure and she had no way to cover up. She was even too innocent to notice what Milton was trying to do. Yes I Jack Anderson, have a huge crush on Kimberly Rebecca Crawford. And I don't blame myself she's so amazing her eyes are hypnotizing. Smile mesmerizing and every move she makes is breath taking. Ya I know I sound like a cheesy soap opera but if you met Kim you would say the same. Anyways after Kim spun the bottle she landed on jerry and the dares continue. About twenty minutes into the game it starts to get hotter and I don't just me the weather. By now Kim is only half dry I'm currently in boxers, Eddie ate a rotten sandwich found in Jerry's locker, and Milton ripped up his science textbook and Jerry? Well Jerry has to do community service next Saturday because he the mall cop found him in the fountain. But when Eddie spun the bottle it landed on Kim, after seeing that his lips took the form of a smirk. "Hey Kim, I dare you to hug Jack, wait no don't hug him, I dare you to kiss his six pack" the guys all smirked all except for me I only stared at a space on the mats. "Do I really have too?" Kim asked "Yes you do" that was the response from the guys "Shit!" "Do it Kimmy, we know you want to" after she shot Jerry and the others a death glare she looked and me and I think I saw a hint of pink creeping up on her cheeks matching mine.

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