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Listen to the song! Its called "Weakness" by The Wanted. It is honestly amazing! You will reply it a million times! :]

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She aims a smile with the safety off
And she's not afraid to use it

I opened my eyes to show a set of marvelous teeth. Whiter then I've ever seen a pair. But I soon realized they were hers. That girl I've crushed on ever since the beginning.

That girl who drove me crazy, every time we were alone. That girl I love as a sister but more than a friend. The girl who made me fall in love. The only girl I will ever love. Kimberly Rebecca Crawford.

She holds my gaze just long enough
For me to feel like I'm gonna lose it

Her eyes are memorizing, you cant help but get lost in them ... What was I saying? Oh yeah, her eyes! That dreamy, creamy brown. That heartwarming chocolate delight.

The spark of joy she gets, when she's happy is always present in her eyes. The sad puppy dog look she gives when she wants something. I found myself being pulled into one of our famous Anderson Vs. Crawford stare off.

The first to avert their eyes automatically loses, unless you're Kim. I felt a shudder run down my spine when she pulled her gaze away. That instant pain I felt when she wasn't looking at me was enough to break the ice.

Her eyes slid down my bare chest and glided over to my abs revealing a sparkling sense of want and lust.

And I know that she knows
That I know what she's doing to me

She leaned down and kissed my abs for a split second before pulling herself back up, on top of me. I shivered with delight as I felt her shift so both her legs were on either side of mine.

My body erupted into a blanket of warmth. This girl drives me crazy, if only she knew. She knows how I feel about her and yet she keeps coming at me and giving me more than I want.

Just to drive me insane and see how much space I will give her! She knows I would never force her into something but when she comes at me, it's hard to control yourself.

And she knows when she calls
I'll fall for her every time

"Jack." She said in between kisses down my neck. "Jack, are you awake?"

That voice could make angels fall from the sky. When she talks to children her voice changes giving her a cuter expression. Children love her for the way she talks to them. I love it when she calls my name.

The hint of her accent is enough to make melt my heart. Yes, I Jackson Anderson am being cheesy but hey! This girl knows how to do that to a person.

"Are you trying to kill me before I can get pay back?" I teased as I pulled her down to kiss.

"Oh no you don't." She declared before I could place my lips on hers.

Cause I'm wrapped I'm wrapped around
Your perfect little finger

"You are staying right there." Tracing her perfect little index finger over my chest. "I like seeing you shirtless. Plus you look way hotter when you wake up."

"Kim, shut up and kiss me." I said as I pulled her down once again. This time successfully pulling her in for a kiss.

Now this kiss was full of one thing and one thing only. Lust. Lust for each other, lust for everything. That one kiss held more meaning than any other kiss before. I knew, I knew she was ready or that she was starting to get ready.

"Kim, you know I'd never leave you, right?" I questioned after we pulled away.

And I'm trapped inside the cell
Of every sound she makes

"Yeah, but I still don't think I'm ready. What if something goes wrong and I get pregnant?" She sits back up, close to the junk in my pants. A bit to close for me to feel comfortable ...

"Then I would be by your side every step of the way. Well, if you want to keep the baby. Even if you don't I'd still be there for you." I smiled as a popped myself on my elbow.

"You know if we were 19 I would have purposed to you already." This statement made her the queen of all tomatoes. Honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.

She is my weakness
She is my

"You know, I would have said yes." She winked while tracing small circles on my lower stomach.

"Kim are you trying to make me attack you? You should know that is making it hard to control myself." I moaned, hoping she didn't catch it.

A look from her is like oxygen
How would I keep breathing without her

The look from her told me otherwise. "Oh you mean this?" She 'innocently' asked while tracing more circles. "Or do you mean this?" After she said that she planted a small kiss on the area she was tracing circles in.

The moment her lips came in contact with me skin, my body erupted in flames. Of course not literally.

"Kim!" I yelled as I yanked her away from my boxer line. "Don't you think that's a little after hours?" I smirked.

She breaks a hole as she looks away
Now my heart ain't beating without her

Something is up, she isn't looking back at me or even hitting me.

"Kimmy, what's wrong?" I asked now clearly concerned.

And I know that she knows
That I know what she's doing to me

"I love you, don't ever leave me." She said while wiping tears from her eyes.

And she knows when she goes
I'll come for her every time

"Don't cry. I can't face seeing you like that." I whispered as I removed her hands from her face, whipping her tears away.

"I never plan on leaving you. In fact..." I trailed off reaching for my side table.

I opened the drawer and removed a black box, showing it to her. I opened the box to reveled a ring.

Cause I'm wrapped I'm wrapped around
Your perfect little finger

"A promise ring?" She questioned.

"Yes, I promise I will never leave you." Sliding the ring on to her long skinny fingers.

And I'm trapped inside the cell
Of every sound she makes

"Jack, you can let go now." She joked pulling her hand out of my grasp.

"Aweh, I was just imagining how our daughters hands would feel like. She could have the same eyes as you. For all we know, she could look exactly like you." Causing her to blush.

I smirked knowing that would be her only reaction.

She is my weakness
She is my weakness

"Ya she could, but she would have her daddy's strength and personality. You know that 'Hero Complex' I always tell you about? Maybe she can have that too. I never told you this but that's one of the reasons I love you."

This time it was my turn to blush. Not just because of the 'Hero Complex' thing but about the fact that she said she loves me.

I know it might sound crazy
But I don't wanna let go

"I can't do this!" I yelled getting frustrated.

"Can't do what?" She questioned.

I stayed silent.

Now I don't mind spending every night if you don't let go

When she noticed I stayed quiet she said, "What can't you do Jack?"

I know it might sound crazy
But I don't wanna let go

"Nothing, I just need you in my life." I said.

"And you have me here. Just like you said, I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying here with you."

After Kim finished her sentence she passionately, kissed my lips.

Now I don't mind spending every night if you don't let go

I pulled her down to lay down beside me. I kissed her neck lightly when she was down beside me.

Cause I'm wrapped I'm wrapped around
Your perfect little finger

"It's pretty." Looking up at the ring that was now in the air.

"I don't think it compares to you." I whispered back. This only cased her to giggle.

And I'm trapped inside the cell
Of every sound she makes



"I'm sleepy." She said before lying her head in the space between my shoulder and neck.

She is my weakness
She is my weakness



"I love you." Placing one last kiss in her hair and drifting off into a dreamless sleep.

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