'First off, this is not a sequel to sarsars book, as much as I'd love it to be. Anyone who is a fan of pikmin should read his book. It was awesome! Second, this is a sequel to my stories Ruby Gloom Mambo Jambo and Accidents Happen. Third, I could not wait. I would have wet my pants. *Clears throat.* This is going to be a book in my Titan series, so read my other Titan books: Smiles Away! and Ruby Gloom Mambo Jambo, in that order. Also, to help co-host in this story is everyone's favorite German scientist, Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz!'

"Hello!" The doctor says as he steps out from behind the curtain. The crowd cheers. Heinz sits in one of the two chairs.

'Also, everyone's favorite green haired british pre-teen, Ferb 'Turbo-Ferbo' Fletcher.'

"Ello." Ferb says walking out, sitting in the remaining seat. Two chairs are pushed out by Peter the Panda and Perry the Platypus.

'And the two O.W.C.A. agents, Agent P and Agent P.'

*Nrrrrk* Perry gurgled, tipping his hat to the crowd.

*Squeal* Peter the Panda squeaked. (Yes, that is what Peter sounds like. I heard it in a Phineas and Ferb video game that I own.)

"Yeah yeah, move on with the story." Doof said.

'Alright alright. Pushy. I own nothing!'

"Except Amber Gloom." Ferb replies.

"And how about that Nagai kid?" Doof thinks aloud.

*Nrrrrrrk.* (And Dante Poulsen.)

*Squeal!* (What about Maruyami?)

"And Telematus." Ferb continued.

*Nrrrrk* (And Smiles.)

"And Akuma." Doof continued.

'Aren't you the one that wanted me to continue with the story?'

"Well yeah but-"


"W-Wait did you just cut me off?" Doof asked.

"Dante?" Ruby asked, causing the boy from the future to start up, hitting his head on the contraption that he was building.

"Ruby! What did I say about scaring me like that?" Dante says, rolling himself out from under the machine that he was working on.

"Hey sis." Amber said, peeking her head from the other side, her right claw replaced with a blow torch.

"Hi Amber. It's time for breakfast." Ruby replied. Dante groaned.

"We were up all night again, weren't we?" He asked.

" 'Fraid so." She said as she left down the stairs. Dante groaned again. Amber placed her left claw on his back.

"Thanks Amber." He said, walking away from the construction-equipment-like crab-like claw.

"Oh my gosh! It's Mr. Buns turn to make breakfast!" Amber yelled, racing down the stairs on robotic legs.

"You do realize that makes no sense!" Dante yelled after the dust cloud.

"Welcome to my world." Misery said, materializing next to Dante, who leapt about a foot in the air.

"Wah! Misery! You scared me half to death!"

"Nah. Death doesn't like it when people die early. It throws him off." She said nonchalantly, as if she was talking about the weather.

"That is creepy."

"Not as creepy as Mr. Buns being able to make walnut flapjacks." She replied.

"Your right. That is more creepy." He replied. They reached the second level, being joined by Iris, Scaredy Bat, and Maruyami.

"Everyone have a good sleep?" Maru asked.

"If you say one more thing about how great mornings are, I will personally tear every feather out of your wing." Yami hissed.

"What's the matter? Not a morning person?" Dante teased.

"You better watch yourself human. I am a monster after all." Yami hissed, purple saliva flying from his mouth.

"Yeah yeah." Dante replied, shrugging the comment off, causing more growling from Yami. His siamese twin stopped, trying his best to calm him down, to no avail.

"So... how was your sleep?" Iris asked, cozying up to Dante's side.

"Sleep?" He replied, letting out a roar of a yawn.

"Oh no. You weren't working on that project again were you?" Iris asked.

"Affirmative." Amber replied, poking her head from behind the corner.

"Dante, the machine will be built on its own time. How about you help us plan a party?" Iris offered.

"Sounds nice and all, but that machine may be the only thing that will save our butts!" Dante said grumpily.

"Well, a break every once in a while is good. *chuckles to self* Would you not agree?"

"Is that Boo Boo?" Dante asks, sending Scaredy running.

"Calculating. Conclusion reached. That wasn't very nice." Amber said.

"Big deal." Dante said, shrugging. "Not my fault that he is scare of his own shadow." He walked off, leaving the girls to talk between themselves.

"I don't like the way he's acting." Iris said sadly.

"Computing... Conclusion reached. Dante has been working a long time, rarely sleeping. Solution... He needs a nap." Amber replies. "I have needed my back-up battery cells to keep me awake over the last few days. Human components... exhausted. Condition: tired. Dante's condition: ehausted and stressed. Solution... give him space."


"That is the logical choice." Amber responded.

"I'm worried about Dante." Ruby said, grabbing some plates from the cupboard.

"Well, you can't exactly mother him, even though you are technically a few hundreds years older than him." Telematus said, pouring orange juice into a cup with the power of his mind. A plate floated up from the pile and caught the flying flapjack. "Nice shot Mr. Buns!" Telematus yelled over to the pile of socks-turned-stuffed-animal that had the pan over the stove, another pancake in the making.


"Can you hand me the left-handed franj tuner?" Smiles, eight year old inventor asked, holding his hand out for the specialized sewer plumbing tool, which was handed to him by Perry, an anthropomorphic platypus in a fedora. "Thank you." He ratcheted for a minute.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Phineas asked.

"Well, it was your idea. It will be great."

"Are you sure?"

"Course I'm sure. Besides, we called Doof over. With all of us together, this will be the best-!" Smiles yelled.

"Quiet! I need concentration." Doof yelled, wiring everything together into a button.

"Doof! No selfdestruct button!" Ferb yelled without even looking. Doof slapped his head.

"Dumkopf!" Earning a gale of laughter from the other inventors and the platypus.

"Dr. Doofenshmirtz? What are you doing?" Isabella asked in confusion, entering through the gate.

"Phineas wasn't sure that this baby-" Here Doof pats the underside of the invention. "-Was going to be completely safe. So, Smiles gave me a call. It sure does feel good to make an invention that actually won't be thwarted. Then again, this invention isn't evil." Doof held his chin, pondering for a moment.

"Big deal. It isn't evil." Smiles replied. He stands on the platform in the middle of the invention, hooking up one of the O.W.C.A. Auto scan replicators to the four laser turrets that were on all four corners of the square platform.

"Well... what is it?" Isabella asked.

"Videogame Simulator." Smiles replied, examining the laser was attatched correctly. "Phineas says that videogames are dull because there is no real reason to play them. So, my idea was put you in the game. Brilliant huh?"

"What if you die inside of the game?" Isabella asked, concerned for her adopted brother and her boyfriend.

"Then, you are instantly transported back here, unharmed." Smiles replied. "In the game, that is your digital body, outfitted with your soul. So, as soon as you want to quit, you just say so. No problem." Smiles smirked. "Brilliant, even by your standards, eh Phineas?" Smiles chuckled.

"Great breakfast!" Dante yelled, running back up the stairs.

"Halt! Food units not completely consumed!" Amber yelled.

"I'll go get him." Ruby said, leaving her half-eaten flapjacks on the table and ran up the stairs after him.

"I'll help her." Misery said, getting up and running after her.

"Why not? It seems like an interesting predicament." Telematus said, levitating up the stairs after the first three.

"Alright. Game disc: Active. Power levels: Stable. Flux capacitor: Operational." Doof read off the list.

"We are almost ready. Prepare yourselves, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Prepare for the most amamzing invention ever in video game history!" Smiles rallied up the group of kids in front of him, while Phineas and Ferb were busy with the last minute details. "Did I ever say that I had a severe case of stage fright?" Smiles whispered to Ferb. Ferb shook his head. "Oh."

"We're done!" Phineas said, stepping away from the machine, wiping the grime off of himself with a rag.

"Almost done." Dante grunted, ratcheting while a blowtorch, held by what appeared to be a hand at the end of a slinky, was burning a satellite onto the top of it. At that point, Telematus floated into the room, flanked by Ruby and Misery.

"Come on Dante. Just finish breakfast."

"Almost done." Dante repeated, more to himself than to the other three. Misery grabbed the leg of the boy of the future and pulled. A lightning bolt flew in through the unfinished roof, hitting the machine, Dante, Ruby, Misery, and Telematus.

"Testing... now!" Ferb yelled, throwing a switch.

"Behold! The first awe-inspiring images from beyond our dimensional reality!" Smiles yelled as the red beams collided with each other, making a tennis ball sized portal in the middle.

Sparks. Sparks travelled over everything in the room. White sparks travelling from Telematus, black from Misery, and the blue ones from the malfunctioning gadgets of Dante. Telematus slammed against the wall, unknowingly hitting the call button on his phone.

*RRRIIIINNNNGGGG!* A phone called from the audience.

"Well, that ruined the moment." Smiles said, upset. Suzy pulled out a pure white cell phone, and her eyes grew wide as blue, white, and black sparks rose from the cell phone, heading towards the biggest source of power, the Videogame Reality-inator (Doof wouldn't help unless the device was named after his usual inventions). However, the sparks had to go through one thing first: Smiles. And they did just that, going through his stomach and hitting the red ball of light on the other side. A bright yellow flash, and a ball of light of the same color travelled down the sparks, into Smiles who screamed, and changed into a purple ball of light, and was pulled back into the rust red ball. The yellow ball travelled into Suzy's phone...

There was a bright flash of yellow.

A blood red ball of light was pulled out of the phone, into the deeper colored red, and then the T.V. screen over the rest of the machine came down, revealing the title screen of the game that Smiles chose. Doof, wasting no time, ran over to the console and started typing.

"Game disc: Playing. Power levels: Unstable. Flux Capacitor: Fried. Smiles and another individual was sucked in. Status: Alive." Doof shook his head sadly. "That's all I can say."

(Smiles POV)

I feel pain. Bad. But that means I'm alive. Good. I appear to be wearing, for lack of better words, a fish bowl on my head. I also am wearing some sort of cloth all over my body. I am scrunched against someone else, who probably hasn't reached conciousness. Wait! I could feel a handle! What a stroke of pure luck! Or someone else's incredible stupidity. Or maybe a combination of both. Anyway, I pull the handle, causing me to fall out, whoever I was scrunched up with to fall onto the floor, me underneath, with a loud clatter.

"Stowaways?" A voice asked. Before I could open my eyes, however, wherever I was was shaken violently, and I could tell we were falling. The ground became very hot very fast. I lost conciousness again.

And there. I'm very efficient! And I have great work ethic! I can probably churn out stories of slightly above average quality at a nice pace. ~Lichylichy.