"Hey. That was quite the entrance that the Ruby gang had last chapter, eh?" Doof asks. There is nods all around the round table.

*Squeal.* What about that Purple Onion?

"It seems that things are going to get interesting really fast." Ferb said.

'I guess. Things aren't all... right in the World of Pikmin. You know, the Purple Onion where the Blue Onion should be. That should make you wonder, where is it, or is it gone for good? Well, we should find out sooner or later. Piklopedia copyright of Nintendo. Just thought you should know.'

Day 2 (Pikmin Time)

(Smiles' POV)

The night was done. I was cradled in the spindly legs of the Purple Onion. It was almost time. I push on one of the legs, causing the Onion to move in that direction. Leaning forward, the Onion headed towards the atmosphere. Fire streaked on the suit that I was in. I wasn't going to make it. I love you... Adyson... I'll miss... you...

(Ruby's POV)

I can't believe it. All those huge, scary monsters. And they didn't bother me... or they didn't see me. Either way, it was now daylight again and all of the giant creatures were asleep again. I've lost all feeling in my arm. Easily. Wait. What was that! Something was landing close by!

"Over here!" I yell. But I knew they couldn't hear me.

(Olimar's POV)

I land on the surface of the planet once again. I don't feel safe, so I run right over to the Onion and call out all 25 pikmin that were in the Onion. Letting two Pikmin carry back the two pellets that were near base. One was yellow... maybe there was a yellow Onion nearby? Hopefully so. I let the rest of the pikmin work on breaking down the bramble wall in base.

I had 28 pikmin in a few minutes, and the wall was nearly half way down when something was coming down from the sky at a break neck speed. I jump out of the way, calling all of my Pikmin as I do. Whatever it was, it smashed into the wall that we were working on, sending rubble flying. As the dust cleared, I saw what it was. A Purple Onion. I walk over to the now half-buried object, and to my surprise, there was one of the stowaways in the legs of the Onion. I command the Pikmin to pick him up and carry him to my ship. He was pulled in through the tractor beam, and after putting the red pikmin back in their Onion, I follow.

In the infirmerary, I take a better look at him. He was in bad shape. He had bloated, green-yellow skin, symptoms of oxygen-poisoning. He had several large tears in his suit, as well as many burns on his skin. Wait he didn't really go into the atmosphere with the Onion... did he? I am scared... did he still have a pulse? I put two fingers on his neck. Ater feeling the pulse, I sigh with relief. He was alright. His pulse was strong, despite having gone through the atmosphere with little protection.

I bandage the wounds and then grab the spare space suit. This suit did not have a life-support pack, and was quite relieved to see that his life-support was in great shape. I quickly change him out of the torn suit, and gasp in surprise. He was wearing a red shirt with a smiling yellow sun. This shirt was unlike anything on Hocotate, because it was so... primitave. The fibers were made out of wool, a low low quality fabric, with absolutely no filtrtaion devices.

"Hi." I was shook from my examinations as the stowaway tried getting up, wincing at the burns.

"Sit down. You were really hurt." I go back to wrapping specialized healing gauze around his arm. It would be like there was nothing wrong with him.

"Wow. That feels... better." He said, jumping off of the table, and grabbing the suit that I set down on the table beside him. "How long was I out?"

"... About three minutes." I reply.

"Well, the nap was much needed. Anyway, name's Smiles." The boy that I now knew as Smiles, pointed his thumb to the ceiling.

"You... who are you?" I ask.

"I told you. Name's Smiles, Pikmin Expert." This surprised me, since I had discovered and named them a day ago.

"Pikmin expert huh? What are pikmin?"

"Easy. They're are a plant-animal hybrid."

"Okay. What are the defining featured of a red pikmin?"

"They have a nose like appendage that makes them the strongest pikmin in an Onion. Well..." He glanced out of a hole in the wall at the Onion that was the same color as his hair. "...They're supposed to be." He was obviously hiding something... and he had shifty eyes. But, if he knows that red pikmin are the strongest out of any pikmin, then he probably knows more then me. I sigh.

"Alright. Nice to meet you. I am Captain Olimar of Hocotate Freight Shipping." I reply, doing the thumb sign. "Wh-What does this mean?"

"Oh. It means alright, or all good." Smiles explained. Though the sign was alien to me (and it probably was alien.), I decided that it did shorten some unneeded conversation. Smiles pointed ouside. "Shouldn't we get going and... ya'know. Find your ship parts?"

(Outside of game...)

"There he is!" Ady yelled, pointing to the screen. Olimar, as well as Smiles jumped out of the ship, Smiles heading over to the downed Purple Onion. With a quick search through his space suit he extracted a ray gun. He messed with the dials, and then pulled the trigger. The Onion pulled itself out of the ground, extending its legs and landing on the ground in the middle of their base. Smiles ran under the purple light, just as Olimar ran under the red light. The count had risen to 29 pikmin in total. Olimar glanced at the one pikmin in confusion.

(Inside the game...)

"One? I was hoping you'd have a few." I said, upset.

"Well, sorry. The Purple Onion appeared in a pool of water, no way to get bodies to it."

"So... pikmin can't breathe in water?"

"Maybe." He replied, avoiding my gaze.

"Alright." Without another word between the two of us, we set outside of the wall. With the single purple pikmin in hand, Smiles confronted the two creatures that I have decided to name dwarf bulborbs, sniffing a large red pellet. I was busy collecting all of the pellets from the posies next to base, as well as the five pellet from the ledge, and the two dwarf bulborbs. After carrying the carcasses back to the Onion, I had 24 new red pikmin at my disposal.

I smiled and then turned to see Smiles' progress. There were the dead bodies of two dwarf bulborbs, a ten pellet, and one of my ship parts, the Eternal Fuel Dynamo (Collect ASAP!). Past these was Smiles, creeping up behind a large creature that I have decided to call a Bulborb, which awoke when Smies got too close. I panicked, calling all 53 of my red pikmin together and went to engage the enemy. The bulborb leaned over to eat the purple pikmin. It was too close! If it missed it would still take a bite out of Smiles! With a smirk on his face, he tossed the purple pikmin, which flew for a few seconds, and then dropped like a ton of bricks... on the bulborb's head!

The bulborb's eyes grew quite large, and it stopped moving, its mouth frozen an inch from Smiles' helmet. He smiled in my direction, pointing over to the ship part, and then to the humongous pellet. I do the odd thumbs-up sign and then put my pikmin working on the two objects. Smiles was an odd person to be sure... but, I guess he was a trustworthy person. I already had a ship part. It wasn't even noon! I was easily ahead of schedule.

I turn, and to my surprise Smiles had the dead bulborb at his feet and was messing with that doo-hickey that pulled the Onion out of the ground. He shot the purple pikmin with the beam, which caused the pikmin to hover in the air. He shot it again, and the pikmin hovered over the bramble wall. With one last shot, the purple pikmin fell, smashing the wall into the ground. He then turned and set the purple pikmin to carrying the bulborb back to base. To my surprise, it easily lifted the creature that would usually need ten pikmin to carry on its own. However, its speed was... discouraging. Smiles jogged back to me.

"Alright. There is another part up there." He said, pointing to the small ledge where the 5 pellet was. "There is also a bulborb, so be very careful." With that, we went our seperate ways.

(Smiles POV)

The purple pikmin wasn't going to get back anytime soon, so I decided to head into the area where you get yellows alone. And freeze in horror. No yellow Onion. Instead, a single glowstem stood in its place, like some sick joke. And to make things worse, there were a sea of bulborbs, as well as dwarf bulborbs. They completely covered the grassy floor, there was even a Hairy Bulborb on the can that usually held bomb rocks.

WAIT! My gaze wanders back to the hairy bulborb. I groan. No way. Hairy bulborbs were enemies in the next game. I guess I should have seen that one coming. Then I see a pair of attenae, that might make this a little fun. A smile forms on my face.

(Olimar POV)

Alright. All 53 pikmin were on the ledge. I run around the other side, up the root, and I turn to see a familiar ship part. The Shock Absorber! Funny. The kid said there'd be a bulborb here. I take a step towards the ship part... and leap in surprise as something unexpected falls from the sky.

(Ruby's POV)

Well. This was it. No sign of help anytime soon. I was slowly going mad from the machine's continuous pinging. I could have swore I saw the stone wall fall, and the sound of explosions. Wait a minute. That was really happening. I was going to be rescued!

A person came running up, immediately looking up. He freezes in surprise. I wave with my good hand. The boy turns around and runs back out. I sigh. I guess I should have seen that coming. The only person that could possibly help me, and he runs away. Great! Well, I guess I'm dead.

(Smiles POV)

Volatile Dweevils. Those little suckers. I managed to gather the bulborbs near the stone wall, as well as the dweevils. Right before they blew up, I managed to run under the legs of the nearest Spotty Bulborb. The explosion was magnificent, Bulborb wails and bomb-rock explosions, and the ding-a-ling sound effect when a wall is broken down. I run into the clearing and looked up, expecting to see the Whimsical Radar.

It was there alright. On top of a girl's arm! Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! What should I do? What should I do? Whimsical Radar needs fifteen pikmin to carry. Which means... I turn and run as fast as I could. Purple pikmin, purple pikmin, purple pikmin. There! The Purple Onion! The purple pikmin was standing under the light, standing around a circle of twelve leaves. I set to plucking as fast as I could. Then, I had the pikmin pull the grass that would yield nectar.

After flowering my purples, I head out of base... just as an inhumane roar fills the air. In fact, the roar was more like a person gargling very loudly. I blanch. No. No, that couldn't be. But there it was, a series of gruntings and gurglings characteristic of only one enemy in either of the games. Then, a little bell tinkles indicating the coming of noon.

Cliffhanger! Wahahahaha! Also, I've decided to put up bios for those who don't know any Pikmin enemies that I have mentioned.

Red Bulborb

Oculus Kageyamii Russus

Grub-dog Family

This large organism has the familiar mandibles and cranial morphology of the grub-dog family, as well as the characteristic bulging eyes. As with most grub-dogs, the creature's cranium compromises half of its total length and girth. Showing a scarlet abdomen with white spots, this creature is primarily nocturnal, choosing to prey upon smaller creatures returning to their nests. Originally classified as the spotty bulborb, further research has reclassified this speciesas the red bulborb. Subspecies of varied colors have recently been discovered, but academics are divided over how to handle their classification.

Hairy Bulborb

Oculus Kageyamii Folliculus

Grub-dog Family

This subspecies of grub-dog has a thick coat of soft white fur that obscures its abdominal markings. The fur also warms its vital organs, making this species well adapted to colder climates. However, its hair follicules are surprisingly frail which can result in immediate hair loss if the creature is surprised.

Dwarf Red Bulborb

Pansarus pseudoculii russus

Breadbug Family

Although initially identified as a juvenile red bulborb, groundbreaking new research indicates that this creature is in fact a member of the breadbug family. A close relative of the vanilla breadbug, it escapes predation through mimicry. Unique adaptation of the red bulborb's crimson coloration allows the species to safetly conmingle. Such effective adaptation and obfuscation by a prey species is rare, indicating this clever creature is a master of mimicry.

Volatile Dweevil

Mandarachnia explodus

Dweevil family

The volatile dweevil is one member of an insect family known for mimicking objects by carrying them on their backs. The dweevil family exhibits a most unusual characteristic whereby the creature's behavioral patterns actually change based upon the object the creature carries on its back. The volatile dweevil has one of the most potent attacks of all species within the dweevil family, due to its habit of carrying explosive devices. Approach with caution and/or body armor!


Nocturnica illuminati

Glowcap family

Although they are obviously unrelated, the glowstem bears a striking resemblence to the street lights on Hocotate. It is highly possible that glowstems could be a relic of some unknown civilization beyond the scope of our imagination.

[Louie's notes]

Inedible. Known effects include uncontrollable episodes of improptu break dancing.