'I wonder if they miss me, as much as I miss them.'

I watched as Roxas and Axel ate ice cream without me again. I had run away from the Organization a few days ago, knowing the sooner I got away, the sooner I could be 'fixed', as DiZ put it. In other words, I would die. But I knew what I was doing. I just wished Roxas could understand.

The two weren't talking that much, just looking at the sunset. I remember when we used to laugh and talk our heads off. Well, that was earlier, this is now. At least they could be alone again. No more me barging in and interrupting their friendship.

I could still see Roxas' face after the mission. He had looked everywhere for something or someone. He seemed pretty upset that he couldn't find who or whatever it was. I had followed him back to the Clock Tower, but hadn't dared go inside. So here I stood, looking up at my fr- colleagues. Yeah, that's what they were. Just colleagues. And soon it wouldn't matter. I'd be gone.

I wondered if they missed me. I sure missed them. Once or twice I'd have trouble restraining myself from joining them on the Clock Tower, or giving Roxas a hug, or laughing at a joke I had overheard Axel tell. I guess old habits die hard...

I was walking out of the Clock Tower when I saw someone I'd thought I would never see again.

"Xion!" I cried, running to her. Much to my surprise, she looked at me, fear in her eyes, then she fled. Xion. Ran away. From me. Me, of all people! "Xion! Xion, wait up!"

She didn't. In fact, I think she sped up. Why was she running? Didn't she understand how much I missed her? Still, even as fast as she was going, I was faster. I managed to corner her, and she sighed, admitting defeat. While she was looking at the ground, I rushed to give her a hug, trying to tell her through it how much I missed her and how happy I was to see her.

"R-Roxas... I... can't... breathe..." she gasped out. I quickly let go, blushing a bit. I scratched the back of my head, embarrassed.

"S-Sorry. I'm just so happy to see you! I've been looking all over for you! Me and Axel, every day after our missions!"

"...You were? Sorry..." Her voice trailed off. I was getting concerned. She wasn't making eye contact, meaning she felt guilty. I knew this by now.

"Hey, why'd you run off? What's wrong?"

"You never understood did you? I don't think you ever will."

Harsh. Man, I knew I was a little dense – Okay, I'm very dense! - but she didn't have to go and say that... "What do ya mean? How am I supposed to understand if you won't tell me to begin with?"

"...I just can't tell you, Roxas. Please. Don't make me."

This wasn't the Xion I knew. I mean, sure, she would, at times, hide stuff until I begged her to tell me, but she's never this secretive. She usually tells me everything, so much that I can't get her to shut up. Now she's acting like I'm Saїx, or something. Still... she's my friend, so... I won't force her. Axel said friends don't do that to each other.

"Alright, Xi. I won't. But where've you been?"

"Uh... nowhere important..."

Leaning down a bit (She's a smidge shorter than me), I caressed her cheek with my hand. I felt her tense for a moment, before leaning into my touch. I smiled as her eyelids closed slowly and a small smile like mine appeared on her face. I took this as permission to do what I'd meant to do. I pressed my lips to hers, making sure to be gentle in an attempt to calm her down. I could feel her kissing me back as her hands moved into my hair. I pulled her closer, my arms around her waist. Emotions that I shouldn't have shot through me. When I let go, it felt like something was missing, especially in my chest. Though that could be the lack of a heart problem...

"Xi, you don't know how much I missed you," I told her, pecking her lips again.

Her eyes widened. "Y-You missed me?"

"Of course I did! You're my best friend, Xion! I looked everywhere for you! I love you, and I just... missed you."

I started to panic as a tear slid down her face. I quickly wiped it away with my thumb, saying, "Oh, I'm sorry. Was that... Did you not... Did I say something wrong?"

Xion shook her head, smiling. "No, you said all the right things, Rox. I … missed you too."

I grinned and spun her in the air, making her laugh. I'm glad I could cheer her up. She was the most important person in my life. I could never live without her.

'I fucking love you, got it?'

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