"Ahsoka! You have to concentrate!" Anakin said, his training lightsaber humming quietly at his side. "If you get distracted like that in a real battle, you would be dead."

"I-I'm sorry, Master," she stammered. Her head dropped to her chest shamefully.

"Let's try it again," Anakin sighed. He then stood ready, legs apart, balanced. He activated the once dormant blade, waiting for Ahsoka.

"Ready, Master," she replied, taking her own position in the vast training room in the Temple. Ahsoka lunged at Anakin, but he casually sidestepped her attack. He swung his blade at her, only to be blocked by her emerald one. He pressured his lightsaber against hers, casing her to back up before releasing her blade entirely. She fell to the ground, with Anakin's blue blade below her chin.

"I win," he smirked. Ahsoka kicked him in the stomach, and he released his blade, which deactivated as it clattered to the floor.

"So you wanna fight the classic way?" he asked, positioning himself with his hands balled into fists in front of his face. She simply smiled before running towards him, literally walking up his torso into a back flip, in the process, kicking his face.

He recovered and jumped into a roundhouse kick which hit her in her flank, and she backed up, clutching her side. She ran back at him, and punched him in the face. He punched her back, and in response she kicked him where it counts. He collapsed to the floor, clutching the sensitive area with a pained expression on his face.

She knelt down to see if he was okay, but he jumped up and slapped her across the cheek. She staggered backwards, holding her face with one hand. Anakin ran to her, fist ready to finish the battle, but she lashed out her fist first, but Anakin was ready. He grabbed her fist, holding it in front of his face. She kicked him in the shin, and he released her hand, falling onto the ground. She took her chance and pinned him down by his shoulders.

"I win," she chuckled. Anakin burst out laughing at her remark. She couldn't help but smile when he laughed. She looked at his eyes deeply, and gently stroked a sweaty lock of hair from his face that she adored so much.

"Ahsoka, what are you-"Anakin was cut off, due to having her lips on his. His eyes widened at the unexpected kiss. She pulled away, and she seemed just as surprised as he was.

She stood up quickly and ran out of the room, her face in her hands, crying. She ran into her dorm, locked the door and curled up in a corner. Anakin ran after her, and started pounding on her door.

"Ahsoka! I need to talk to you. Let me in," he said, before entering the room which Ahsoka had unlocked. She still was curled up in the corner, but she wouldn't look at him.

"Ahsoka, I know you're probably really confused right now," Anakin said as he sat down beside her. "This is a part of growing up. Discovering and accepting your feelings is completely natural. You have nothing to be ashamed of."

Ahsoka looked at him through her tear-filled eyes.

"I'm…so sorry, Master," she whispered, her voice hoarse with tears. Anakin embraced her tightly, sighing.

"There's no reason for you to be sorry. I should be the one saying that. I pushed you too hard, and you ended up hurt, physically and emotionally."

"But-"Ahsoka stammered before her lips were touched by Anakin's gloved fingers.

"No buts," Anakin said before enveloping her lips with his own. Ahsoka welcomed the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck, playing with his hair. He deepened the kiss, winding his arms around her waist. He pulled away, and looked into her sparkling blue eyes. She smiled as he embraced her once again before she drifted off to sleep in his arms.