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When I get back from lunch, the undergrad is sitting at my bench. A laugh escapes my lips when I see what she's wearing.

"What the hell is that?" I point to the lab coat she has on which has ridiculous bacteria hand-made drawings all over the fabric.

She jumps from the chair and looks at me, startled. "My la-la-lab coat?" she stutters.

Oh great, she's retarded.

I take a deep breath and examine her for proper laboratory clothing. She's wearing closed shoes and jeans, which is appropriate, but her hair is long and loose.

"You should tie your hair up. You'll be working near the flame."

She extricates a hair band from her wrist and starts tying her hair up. When I walk past her, I notice that the back of her la-la-lab coat has "Bacteria Rule" handwritten in huge letters.

Bacteria Rule… Is she fucking serious?

I want to stab my eyes with the pen I'm holding.

Who in their right mind would spend any considerable amount of time drawing on a lab coat? No one in their right mind, that's for sure.

There's something wrong with her — I am certain.

I am truly concerned about the diminished mental capability of the undergrad under my mentorship as I proceed to show her around the lab. She follows behind me quietly, making notes.

After a considerable amount of thinking, I decide I don't trust her enough to do any of the actual technical work. There isn't any part of my project that I'm willing to assign to her, so I have her do mundane lab chores that I'm sure even a high school student could do.

It's probably not what Aro had in mind, but it's the way it has to be.

God, I'm already dreading this. Can it be Friday yet?


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