Title: That Kiss

Pairing: Quinn/Rachel

Rated M cuz itll get there;)

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A/N well this is my first EVER FanFic and of course it will be a Faberry one. I've had this idea kicking around for a while now so be kind :D This story takes place right at the end of "New York" and if all goes well the summer going into season 3.


Rachel slowly walked the halls looking for him. He was upset. Upset at himself for disappointing the others. You're supposed to comfort the ones you love when they are upset right?

He should be!

Rachel Barbara Berry that is NOT nice, you love him and it was sweet.

Then why were you thinking of HER the whole time?

Good point...

Rachel 0 inner monologue 1.


He didn't seem to understand why they would be so upset why would he, he never understands, with him for something he thought was so special. To be fair Rachel wasn't as upset with him as she should be, but Jesse was right (note to self, NEVER say that again. Jesse has always been jealous of your eventual Broadway stardom). Finn did after all ruin their chances at nationals; there was no other way of putting it. That kiss, Rachel sighed heavily. Why would you do that? Barbara wouldn't have; she would have kept her emotions in check. It should have been special for the both of them, but to her it was...something else. Rachel got a nagging feeling every time she pictured it in her mind, looking over at her. The look on her face broke Rachel's heart. That look as if you just realized you lost something forever.


Quinn was in the Choir Room celebrating with the other glee members over their "12th place" victory. Sure it could have been more if it wasn't for that kiss but she knew what it meant for Finn and in a small way she could understand why he did it. The way she sang was angelic, the way the stage lights almost made her glow, like something out of a dream. She remembers the feeling she had looking at her, like a thousand butterflies in her stomach, her heart beating out of control. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen-stop it you're not supposed to think like that about her. Caught up in the moment even she would have done it. The realization of that hit her like a ton of bricks.

Wait, no you wouldn't - you don't like her like that.

Yea, keep telling yourself that, Fabray, and one day you might believe it.

Sure, over the last year the two them have become close-not close enough…Shut it!

Brittany joyfully jumping on her back quickly snapped Quinn out of her thoughts.

"12th is better than 13th!" she yells.

Quinn smiles joyfully back.


Of all the places to find Finn, the library was the last place Rachel expected. Sulking again, she sighed. Rachel sees his face, but can't think of anything but the look on Quinn's.

"Hi Finn."

"Hi Rachel," he responds. He continues, "They hate me."

Rachel barely pays attention. All she can think about is the hurt in Quinn's eyes and it's like someone punching her in the chest. Rachel comes back to her senses only briefly, seeing how much guilt he feels.

"What were you feeling in that moment?" she asks.

He answers back, but Rachel is only half listening.

She was so hurt…

Why do you care? Sure, you're friends, good friends, she's your BEST friend. But Finn is the one you love. Isn't he?

OF COURSE he is.

Then why are you more worried about how Quinn is feeling right now then what HE is feeling right now?

She's hurt I can see it in her eyes...

HA! Rachel 0 inner monologue 2.


She snaps out of it, only briefly aware of the conversation they were having as he leans in and kisses her. She kisses back and tries to mean it.

"Let's go," Rachel says. I have to see her-HA that's 3!SHUT IT!

"Where are we going?" asks Finn.

To see Quinn."Final Glee club meaning of the year."

As Rachel walks into the choir room, she briefly locks eyes with Quinn. There's something there-I am so...SHUT IT.

Quinn walks right to Rachelwith that beautiful smile on her face, and wraps her arm over her shoulder. Quinn shudders, Rachel Shudders, They both feel the spark.


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