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Percy's P. O. V.

Chapter I: An Urgent Call

I was sitting on my bed looking at my beaded necklace. This newest one, the fifth one, was half orange (representing Camp Half Blood), and half purple (representing Camp Jupiter). I was thinking about how the quest went, when my mom called from across the hall, "Percy, come into the kitchen. There is someone who'd like to talk to you." "Okay Mom; be right there, " I called back.

I put the necklace around my neck and went into the kitchen to find my mom, my step dad, Paul, and a watery image of a middle-aged guy from the waist up, and a white stallion from the waist down. "Chiron!" I said. "What's up? Is everything okay?" "Sadly I don't know, Percy." he said "This gods won't tell me. But they said for me to tell you to go pack an overnight bag and go to the Empire State Building."

"Okaaaaaaay, " I said (officially confused). "And they didn't tell you why?" "No, and they usually tell me everything. Oh, and by the way, I asked Blackjack to come and get you so it would be faster. He should be here…"

Suddenly there was a bang on the window. "Right now. " Chiron said amused. Thanks for the five minute warning, I thought as I opened the curtain. I was a bit surprised to see a pure black Pegasus hovering outside my 3-story apartment building window. "Yo Boss," he said in my mind. I sighed. "Hi Blackjack. How are you?" I asked. "I'd be better if you got rid of some of those unicorns back at camp." "Blackjack, you know we need them for healing, " I said.

Ever since we came back from Greece we have been using unicorns for healing. Camp Jupiter gave them to us and we gave them some pegsi in return. The pegasi don't like them much, and they keep coming to me with complaints. We're going to build a unicorn stable so that should help. It's not much, but at least I don't have to worry about them coming into my cabin at 3:00 am.

"Wow, " Paul said as he ran to the window. "What is that? A giant eagle?" "No Paul, " I said. "Zeus already has one of those. This is a Pegasus. It's like a horse with wings. Blackjack, can you wait a minute so I can pack my bag?" "Sure Boss." "DON'T. CALL. ME. BOSS!" I said. "What ever you say Boss." I sighed again and went to go pack.

When I came out Paul was examining Blackjack (which Blackjack didn't really seem to enjoy), and Mom was making breakfast. "Ready Blackjack?" I asked. "Ready Boss". "Okay, bye Mom. Bye Paul. "Bye Percy. Don't forget to Iris Message us, " Mom said. "Good luck Percy," Paul said. "Thanks Mom. Thanks Paul," and I jumped out the window.

When Blackjack caught me we were soon soaring through the sky. At one point we flew over a donut shop, and Blackjack wanted one. "We're on a mission here, " I said. "But I'm hungry. Plus it won't take long. Please?" "Oh alright, but only if you promise to fly really fast the rest of the way," I said. "Deal," he said. After I bought him a chocolate donut with sprinkles, and me a plain one, we flew really, really fast - straight toward the Empire State Building, a.k.a. Olympus.

When we got there, Blackjack wished me luck and left. I went to the man behind the desk. "Six hundredth floor to Olympus please," I said. "There is no six hundredth floor kid. Beat it," he said as if he didn't believe it himself. I cleared my throat and he look up. "Oh, it's you, Sorry," he said, and gave me the key.

The elevator music had greatly improved since the second Titan war. Today, it was Carrie Underwood singing 'Before He Cheats'. Thank the gods. If I had to listen to 'Staying Alive' again, I don't know what I'd do. Finally, when the elevator reached the six hundredth floor, I was amazed with the work Annabeth was doing designing Olympus.

It was amazing. There was a whole bunch of statues of all the gods, but most were of Zeus, Apollo, Ares, and Athena, (probably because they requested it). I really need to talk to her about adding more Poseidon statues. What's weird is their eyes seem to follow me. Anyway, even before I reached the throne room, I could feel an aura of power. When I went in I saw Zeus, my dad Poseidon, and another woman I recognized - Hecate, goddess of magic and one of the minor gods who worked for Kronos.

"Hello Percius Jackson," she said with a welcoming smile that didn't make me feel so welcomed. She had long black hair and a black dress to match. "We have been waiting for you," said Hecate. "Right. Sorry. Blackjack wanted a donut. So what's so important?" I asked. "Percy," Poseidon said. "What do you know about wizards?"

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