Brittany got out of the car and stood in front of the familiar house for a moment before walking up to the door and knocking on it. She took a deep breath, she was nervous, which was understandable. She only had to wait a moment before the door opened. In the doorway stood Lucy Lopez, she hadn't changed much in six years, except the bags under her eyes and gray in her hair. She stared at Brittany for a split second before throwing herself into the tall blondes arms.

"Oh Brittany! Mija! Mija, mija, mija!" she cried into Brittany's shoulder. "Carlos! Ven aquĆ­!" she called.

A moment later Carlos Lopez appeared in the doorway, he just like his wife stared at the tall blonde girl in front him before he too embraced her tearfully. They all stood like that for a few minutes before Lucy and Carlos pulled away. They walked back into the house and Brittany followed them to the sitting room. She looked around and saw that it was exactly how she had remembered it, there were a lot of pictures, most of Santana some of them had both Santana and Brittany in them.

"He's gone, dead. Its over, its finally over." Brittany said.

"Its finally over?" Lucy repeated as a question.

"Over! I am free." she said, drying the tears in her eyes.

"Brittany this is wonderful! I am so happy, have you seen your parents? We have kept in touch with them, so has she." Carlos said nodding to a picture of Santana and Brittany from the beginning of their senior year on the mantle.

"I was just with them I only just got in from San Francisco yesterday." Brittany said, not taking her eyes off of the picture. "Did you ever tell her?"

"No, we promised not to, though it was the hardest thing I've ever done, same with your parents and Carlos. We all agreed on that." Lucy said.

"I need to see her, its been six years and I need to see her Lucy, please tell me where she is, give me her number please." Brittany pleaded, she was crying now.

"I know Brittany, I know. For six years my daughter hasn't been the same. She needs you back in her life, I know that she still loves you, I know that she will always love you. Here is her home, cell, and work." Lucy said. "Her address is there too. Brittany, a lot has changed, she's going to be mad, and she won't believe you at first, but of course I don't have to tell you, you knew her better than anyone even me probably."

"Thank you Lucy! Thank you Carlos! I love you guys." Brittany said hugging them each once more and kissing their cheeks.

"Goodbye mija." Carlos said and Brittany walked back into her car and drove back to her parents house.

"Mom! Dad!" she called as she walked into the house.

"In the kitchen." she heard her mother call out. She walked into the kitchen and saw her parents sitting at the table drinking coffee. "Did you see Lucy and Carlos?"

"Yes. They told me that you guys kept in touch and that she keeps in touch with you too." Brittany said.

"We do. Are you going to see her?" her father asked excitedly.

"I have all her numbers. And her address, she's in New York City."

"I know, she's doing well for herself now." Molly said.

"Go call her Brittany." James said.

"I'll be upstairs." Brittany said and bounded up the stairs to her bedroom she hadn't used in six years since she was 18, she was now 24 and it looked the same as it had the last time she left it.

There was her bed that was still made with the same comforter she had had since she was a freshman in high school. The room was covered with posters and pictures. She looked around at the posters and saw two that had been there for as long as she can remember but weren't hers. There was a Hunger Games poster and a Harry Potter poster, both of which Santana had hung up in the beginning of their senior year. Also on her walls were countless pictures. Brittany walked around the room looking at them. Most of them were of her and Santana, they were there in all ages, there were ones of them at Cheerios competitions, Glee Club competitions, and just the two of them. Her favorite was still on her night stand, it was of them on New Years Eve, senior year. They were dressed in regular clothes, not their cheer uniforms, and they were at Mike's party, Kurt had captured the two standing looking at the fireworks, Brittany was standing behind Brittany and had her arms wrapped around Santana's waist, they smiled at the camera. Brittany sat on the edge of the bed and pulled out her phone and the paper that Lucy had given her. She looked at the clock, three in the afternoon, she decided to start with Santana's cell. No answer. She called her work number next, no answer. Brittany dialed the last number on the sheet and prayed that Santana would answer.

"Hello." an unfamiliar female voice answered.

"Hi," Brittany replied nervously, what if she was talking to Santana's girlfriend, or wife. "Can I please speak with Santana Lopez?"

"Who may I ask is calling?" the woman asked.

"My names Brittany, I am a friend of Santana's from high school." Brittany said.

"Sure hang on." she said and then Brittany heard the woman say to someone else. "Kyle, go get you Mami and tell her one of her friends from high school is on the phone."

"Okay!" Brittany heard a small boy answer, Brittany's heart sank, it must be Santana's wife on the phone, wife or girlfriend, and Santana had a son. Is that what Lucy and her mother had meant when they had told her Santana was different. After a minute Brittany heard another voice and almost forgot to breath.

"Hey, Kyle said one of my friends from school is on the phone. Is it a Rachel Berry?" she heard Santana ask the other woman.

"No, her name is Brittany."

"Did you say Brittany?" Santana asked after a silent moment.


"Okay Ella, can you put some Spongebob on for Kyle and then you can leave, I'll see you tomorrow, I'm going to take this outside." Santana said in a smaller voice.

Brittany waited patiently for Santana to pick up the phone, she was already finding it overwhelming to hear her voice again after six years. She was relieved that the woman she had talked to seemed to be nothing more than a nanny.

"Who the hell is this and why are you calling with that name, this is not funny, if its a joke its a sick and cruel joke!" Brittany heard Santana's voice through the receiver of her cellphone. Brittany couldn't seem to find her voice. "Well?"

"Santana...its me, Brittany." Brittany breathed into the phone.