"Oh well you obviously both know that I want Brittany dead very badly, but I have had some bad luck in that area, so I will not be the one to kill Brittany." he said, evil smirk appearing on his twisted face.

"What do you mean?" Brittany whispered.

"Santana is going to do it." Dan said calmly.

"Not a fucking chance in hell would I ever do that you sick bastard! Tu estas loco, tu estas loco!" Santana yelled.

"Oh don't worry Santana, when you see just exactly what I have in store for you, you will do absolutely anything that I say, including killing Brittany. Well, I shall see you too in the morning. Sleep well, I know I will."


"The FBI Agent is here, and he's on his way to my office. Try to be polite please."

Before Sam could answer the door opened and he heard a familiar voice ask, "Is this Captain Marshall's office?"

"Puck!" Sam exclaimed turning around in his seat to confirm that the voice he heard did indeed belong to Noah Puckerman, which it did.


"Sam!" Puck said equally surprised.

"Puck! I've got something here!" Sam called to Puck who was across the bullpen. Puck came running over and glanced at the computer screen in front of his blonde friend.

"Sam! I think you just got us a location!"


Santana sat in the chair that she had been tied to for a period of time that she no longer knew. She was staring at the screens in front of her that were showing her family moving about their apartments not knowing that they were being watched, that they had been watched for some time now. Santana stared at her young son whom she loved more than anything in the world sitting on the lap of the mother of the only other person that she loved as much as Kyle. She had been given an impossible choice. There was no way that she could choose either option, she could not choose between Kyle and Brittany, her son and her soulmate, it was not possible. She felt her eyes water again, she couldn't bare to look at Brittany who was tied to a chair right across from her.

"Santana." Brittany said, she had been watching Santana's eyes oscillate between the television screen and herself. She couldn't even imagine what in the world Santana was thinking in that moment, but she herself had been thinking. "Santana, please look at me."

Santana could hear the desperation in her fiancee's voice, she wanted more than anything to lift her head up and meet Brittany's deep blue eyes and lose herself in them, but she knew the second she met the blonde's gaze that any tears that she had managed to hold back would come pouring out of her eyes. She heard Brittany call her name a third time, Santana knew what she was going to say to her, she had said it twice already. After hearing her name for a fourth time Santana finally gave in and lifted her head.

"Listen to me Santana, you cannot let Kyle die. Dan, he's a madman that is not going to stop until I am dead. Even if you refuse to kill me then he will, and then you will die and Kyle too. That cannot happen, I am going to die either way. Please, let me help you save Kyle. I love him almost as much as I love you and cannot bear to think that I may be the cause of the death of either of you."

Santana couldn't hold back the tears any longer, the ones that had previously managed to escape her eyes were now joined by the flood of ones that she had managed to suppress for this long. Brittany was telling her it was okay to kill her, if it was going to save Kyle's life and her own. Santana still couldn't bear to think of killing Brittany. As a mother however she knew deep down somewhere that if it had to happen she would go to any means necessary to protect the life of her son. She had always imagined that that would only be making him wear a helmet when he rode his bike, put his seat belt on when he was in the car, or explain to him why she refused to let him play ice hockey. Never in a million years, a trillion years, did she think that she would have to kill someone to protect her son, let alone the love of her life.

"Brittany..." she said, her voice quieter than she thought possible but Brittany somehow still heard her. She couldn't admit to herself what Brittany had already come to terms with, that she had to protect her son, no matter the cost.

"Its okay San, I love you more than anything but you have to do this, you have to protect Kyle, whatever the cost." she said, her voice thick, she was voicing Santana's thoughts and holding back her own tears.

"I love you." Santana whispered through her tears.

"I love you too."


"Captain! We have a location!" Sam yelled running into his bosses office, Puck in tow.

"Are you sure its the right place?" Captain Marshall asked.

"Yes sir, I am sure. Puck and I were able to trace the messages that were sent from Dan to Brittany's phone."

"I thought that you said they were being routed all over the world." the captain asked.

"Well they were but we were able to trace them all back to a single device and we located that, it is upstate!" Sam said showing his boss the piece of paper that showed a large house in the middle of a wooded area.

"Evans, how can you be 100% sure that this is where this Dan guy is? I think you, as well as Agent Puckerman, may be to involved in this and aren't seeing clearly, this could be another distraction."

"Sir, Sam and I are without a doubt personally involved with this, there is no use arguing that, but don't we have a responsibility to investigate every possible lead?" Puck asked, seeming much calmer than Sam, his military training was kicking in.

"We do, I just do not want the two of you to get your hopes up only to find out that they are not there. There is also the possibility that they may be there and uh, they might be, I just want you two to prepare yourselves for every possible scenario that could play out here." Captain Marshall said.

"We understand." Puck said.

"Good, now let's go, we have a team to put together."

Puck pulled Sam out of the room by his arm, they were both now playing out the various scenarios in their heads, Puck was just better at dealing with the fact that more than one of them didn't have a happy ending.


"You wanna pour me one of those Molly?" Lucy asked entering the kitchen of Santana's apartment to find her best friend making a cup of coffee.

"Of course, where's Kyle?"

"He fell asleep watching Spongebob. I'm glad, I don't think my poor nieto has slept for a long time." she said sitting down next to Molly at the kitchen table and accepted the cup of coffee from her with a grateful nod.

"I wish sometimes, that we had told Santana from the beginning that Brittany was alive." Molly said after a long silence.

"We did the right thing Molly, we all agreed that it would be best for both of our daughters if Santana was kept in the dark. I know that there were moments, times that I can so close to telling her because she was so broken, so upset, for a while it was like she had died with Brittany, and it took her so long to come back to life."

"There were moments when I thought about telling her as well," Molly said. "It took her a long time to come around to our house after. I remember the one time I seriously considered telling her the truth was the first day that she visited my house afterward and she collapsed into my arms sobbing, I was so close Lucy, so close." Molly said.

"I don't know what I will do if we lose them Molly." Lucy said, tears forming in her eyes, but she, like her daughter hated tears and tried her hardest not to let them fall.

"We won't lose them Lucy," Molly said sternly moving over to hug her best friend. "They will find them, I know that they will."

"But if we do, what would we do? What about Kyle? What if only one of them makes it?" Lucy said, the tears finally spilling over.

"Shh, it will all be okay, they will both be fine, and we won't ever have to worry about those things." Molly said comforting the older latina.


Santana and Brittany both felt tears falling down their faces as they watched their mothers in Santana's kitchen. They didn't need to hear what they were saying to understand what was going on. They had both been silent for a while now, neither knowing exactly how to express their feelings out loud. Time seemed to be passing extremely fast and excruciatingly slow at the same time. They had spent a good portion of the past few hours staring at the other as well as watching their loved ones on the plasma screen that was placed in the middle of them so that they could both see it. After they had both watched their mothers comforting each other, Brittany was the first to break the silence, that was oddly neither comfortable nor uncomfortable.

"Sometimes I wish that I had just died that night back in high school." she said quietly causing Santana's head to snap quickly in her direction.

"Why would you say something like that Brittany?" Santana asked shocked at what her fiancee had just admitted to her.

"If I had just died, none of this would be happening, you and Kyle wouldn't have been in any danger. You would've mourned me like you did and moved on like you would have. Kyle would only know me through yours and my mothers stories and you two would be completely safe out of harms way." Brittany said and Santana looked at her with a pained expression on her face. "Only sometimes though, because I am selfish and I don't know how I could ever have watched you move on with some other girl, slowly telling Kyle less and less about me, forgetting about me completely."

"Brittany, I have never once wished that you had actually died, not even here. You being alive is the best thing that has happened to me since I had Kyle. There was a whole in me, one that no one could ever completely fill. There is no way that I would have ever forgotten about you Britt, that is not even plausible. Hearing about you was one of Kyle's favorite things, he loved to hear stories about you, or us. And as for me moving on, I tried that and it never worked, I would never have been able to get over you Brittany."

"As touching as this conversation has been I think you two should stop now because I feel like I am about to puke." Dan said walking down the stairs, neither of them had even noticed him enter the basement. "So, have you reached a decision Miss Lopez?" Dan asked, his signature evil smirk in place.

"You said that I had a day!" Santana said in a pleading voice.

"Weeeelll," Dan said pulling out a gun, "I lied, its something that I do."

Santana stared at the man in front of her in disbelief, she couldn't believe that she had been stupid enough to think that she may some how get out of this terrible situation. It wasn't going to happen now, the madman was staring at her, gun in hand, ready for the one person that he had spent his entire life chasing to be gone for good. Brittany looked at her trying to catch her eye, when Santana finally met her gaze Brittany nodded and mouthed "its okay".

"Well, are we ready Santana. I'm sure that Kyle would much appreciate it if he were allowed to live, and like I've told you before, I don't want to hurt your son, he is quite the good looking young man like his mother I suppose." Dan said, his excitement at this point was tangible.

"She's ready, just promise that you won't touch Kyle and she'll do it. I promise." Brittany said.


"I will do nothing to hurt the boy, you have my word." Dan said, and for some reason, maybe he was just that good of an actor, but there was something in his voice that made both of the women in front of him believe what he had just said.

"And promise that you will let Santana go, and leave them both alone." Brittany continued, if she was going to die then it was going to be on her own terms.

"Again, Ms. Pierce, I promise." again, there was something in his voice that made them believe him.

"Okay, go Santana. Just do it, and this will all be over. I love you, and will always look over you and Kyle, do not ever blame yourself for this." Brittany said.

"I love you Brittany, I am so sorry." Santana said.

"Alright Santana, here is how this is going to work. I am going to give you this gun, it has one bullet in it. You are going to use it to shoot Brittany here, and I think that to save yourself from even more pain I would just hit her right in the head so that she goes quickly. Now just to make sure that you don't get any ideas, I am going to stand behind you with a fully loaded gun that I can use to kill the both of you before you even get your finger on the trigger to shoot me. Also direct your attention to the screen for a moment please." Dan said as she turned her head, he pushed the barrel of a gun into her back.

On the screen was no longer her apartment containing her son, mother, and second mother. Now it was showing the hallway outside of her apartment, and in that hallway was a man dressed in all black, with a dark green baseball cap pulled over his eyes holding a package as if he were posing as a delivery man. But there was the unmistakable bulge on his side indicating a holstered gun. Santana understood what it meant, if she tried anything stupid or refused this man would go into the apartment and kill her family while she was forced watch.

"Now, are we clear on the rules Santana?"

"Yes." she said, her voice barely audible.

"Good." he said, he began to untie her so that she could get close to Brittany, keeping the gun pressed deep into her back all the while. He took out a second gun and placed it into Santana's shaking left hand. "Go."

"I love you," Santana said yet again.

"I love you too." Brittany said as Santana raised her shaking hand the best that she could.



Santana was confused as she opened her eyes, the bed she was lying in was not her own, the walls around her were not hers, and whatever the hell she was wearing definitely did not belong to her. Then it all came rushing back to her, Dan, the gun, Kyle, Brittany. She sat up quickly and instantly regretted it because of the shooting pain that happened following her attempt to sit. She looked herself over and noticed that she was covered in bandages, she had one on her left arm, she assumed that it was covering what were sure to be scars spelling out DAN, she also had bandages and casts in places that she hadn't even realized were hurt. She had a large bandage on her stomach that was covering something that seemed like a big injury.

"MIJA!" Santana heard the voice of her mother from the doorway to her hospital room. "Oh Mija, you are awake! Thank God! DOCTOR!"

Lucy Lopez came running to the bed and wrapped her daughter in a hug, loose enough to make sure that she wasn't aggravating any of her daughters injuries. Lucy was crying, Santana was confused, she couldn't remember anything that had happened. The last thing that she could remember was Dan handing her the gun and telling her to shoot Brittany or Kyle would die.

"Mami! What happened? Where is Kyle? Where is Brittany? What happened to Dan?" she said, all of her sentences running together, her words were slurred, almost as if she was drunk, but it was just the insane amount of pain killers she was on.

"Shhh, mija, tu hijo is fine!"

A wave of relief flooded over her, her son was safe, but her mother hadn't answered the rest of her questions. "Where is Brittany? Tell me I didn't kill her, tell me!" Santana demanded.

"You didn't." a voice came from the doorway. Brittany.

"MAMI!" she heard the voice of her baby boy.

Kyle ran towards the bed and launched himself on top of Santana and engulfed her in a stronger hug than anyone would have thought possible, though it was the strength that made her flinch. She didn't care though, she couldn't believe that her son was safe, and so was Brittany. As she hugged and comforted her son she looked over Brittany, she seemed to be relatively unharmed except for some nasty looking bruises that could be seen where her clothes weren't covering her skin, and a few cuts that had fresh stitches in them.

"Kyle, deja que te estás haciendo daño a tu madre!" Lucy called.

"He's fine Mami. Are you okay mijo?" she said as her beautiful son turned to face her.

"Si, Mami, si." Kyle said.

"Gracias dios. Will someone please tell me what happened?" Santana said, she was angry now because she was so confused.

"Well," came a new voice from the doorway. "Puck and I got to you at the last second. We got to the basement of the house where Dan was holding you two right as the psycho put the gun in your hand San. We both shot him, quite a few times. You passed out after that, I think that your injuries finally caught up with you."

Santana couldn't believe it. Sam was standing there next Puck, telling her that they had just saved her and Brittany's lives. Before she could ask another question Mercedes came bursting through the two men in the doorway, Rory and Kurt close behind her. They all ran to the bed and embraced Santana carefully.

"He's dead." Brittany whispered into her ear as she finally engulfed Santana in one of her winning hugs. "It's over."