Chapter 19


I hated that I had to call and cancel my plans with Bella for tonight, but one of our biggest clients was having an issue and didn't want to deal with anyone but me.

So I sent her some flowers and a beautiful card.

I also called her and told her I would definitely be there for the Kid Rock concert. I couldn't wait to watch her at work.

From the sound of the way she deals with her staff, it will be a fucking turn on watching her work.

I sat on the plane thinking about my birthday next weekend, there really wasn't anything I wanted more than Bella moving in with me.

I know I thought it was too soon, but I think that with our busy lives, it might not be a bad thing. We would be able to see each other after work, sleep together and see each other before work.

I think I will talk to her about it.

I would love to have her move into my house or if she wanted we could find a new house. Whatever she wanted to do we could do.

As the plane landed I got off the plane and went to find my suitcase. I'd only be gone overnight and then I'd be back to Bella tomorrow.

I walked out from the terminal and got in the first cab that I saw.

After giving him the address of the hotel, I opened up my emails and saw several from Kate.

What could she want with me, I decided I didn't want to know. That chapter of my life was over.

I sent a quick text to Bella, letting her know that I arrived safely and that I would call her after my meeting.

Arriving at the hotel, I checked in and then went to my room.

I showered and changed, then called the client.

He suggested we meet over dinner to discuss the issues he had with the work being done.

I just hope that its not something I can't fix.

As I was leaving for the meeting my phone chimed letting me know that I had a new message. I looked down and saw that it was from Bella.

"Hey there, I just wanted to say that I love you and that I look forward to talking to you later. xoxo B."

I couldn't help but smile at her message.

She's everything that I could ever want in a woman and I know that I want to be with her forever.

Yeah, its a bit early in our relationship to be thinking about marriage, but I know that Bella is it for me.

I grabbed my briefcase and keys and headed out of my room.

I got into the awaiting cab that called and headed to the restaurant.

I hoped that this meeting wasn't a total waste of time, and that the problem was easy to fix.

As I sat in the cab, my phone rang. I looked down at the number and didn't recognize it.

"Edward Cullen," I said.

"Edward, its me, Kate."

"What do you want?"

"I wanted to see how you are. I miss you, baby," she said.

"I've been great. Like I told you before I have a wonderful girlfriend now, and I'm very happy."

"Don't be like that. You know we could be so good together. I know you miss me."

"No, sorry. I don't think so. I'm happy now, and my girlfriend is the love of my life."

"Oh please, you used to think I was the love of your life. So this new tramp is just a substitute for me. You miss me I know it."

"Don't call my Bella a tramp. You don't know her and trust me, she's no substitute for you. She is perfect for me and I feel so much more for her than I ever did for you."

"But.. Edward, I love you."

"Kate, we've been over for awhile. I'm sure the only thing you loved was my last name and the bank account."

"You know that's not true. I was with you for you, I never treated you that way."

"I think this conversation is over. Please don't call me again. Goodbye Kate."

"Edward ... please," she said as I hung up the phone.

What the hell was that all about. We've been over for awhile now.

We arrived at the restaurant and I went to meet the client, I didn't want to think about the call with Kate.

It still puzzled me as to why she was calling now, I know that I will talk to Bella about it. I don't want any secrets between us.

The meeting went well and I was able to settle the clients issues. He was just irked at some of the materials that the crew were using. But I assured him that they were of the highest quality, but a bit cheaper than the ones he requested.

I went back to the hotel and got ready to call Bella.

I slipped into some sleep pants and climbed into the bed as I called Bella's number. It rang a few times before her beautiful voice answered.

"Hello," she said.

"Hey baby, how are ya?" I asked.

"Good. I'm glad to hear your voice," she said softly.

"What's wrong, love?"

"I'm just annoyed and miss you."

"I miss you too. What has you annoyed?" I asked knowing that I needed to tell her about Kate.

"Just some annoying phone calls from Benjamin. I have no idea why he is calling now, and emailing. I didn't answer them and I don't want too. I have nothing to say to him."

I wonder what he is after.

"Baby, I need to tell you that Kate has called me, claiming she loves me and wants me back. I talked to her and told her in no uncertain terms that we were over and that I have the love of my life now."

"Oh," she said softly.

I could tell she was biting her lip.

"Bella, stop biting your lip. There's nothing to worry about, you are everything to me. I love you and I have no desire to go back to Kate. There's nothing there between us, she's been out of my life for a while now. I only want this certain brunette that I met at the pier."

Her laugh made me smile.

"Yeah, there's only one person I want too."

"Who would that be?" I asked.

"A certain sexy CEO," she giggled.

"Good to know, baby."

I heard her rustling on her bed.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Getting comfortable on my bed, its hard when you're not here. I.. I'm frustrated and irritated," she said quietly.

"What can I do to help, love?"

"I'm not sure, unless you were up to some fun while on the phone."

"What did you have in mind?"

"I'm not sure."

"What are you wearing, love?" I asked knowing that phone sex was what she wanted.

"One of your button up shirts and a pair of bikini underwear."

"Mmm... what color?" I asked as I slipped my rock hard cock out of my sleep pants.

"Dark blue," she said. "What are you wearing?"

"Mmm... dark blue. I love that color against your skin. I'm wearing a pair of sleep pants and I have my rock hard cock in my hand. Slip those underwear off and unbutton that shirt."

"It already is unbuttoned," she said as I heard her rustling her sheets again.

"Are you naked now, baby?" I asked as I slid my hand up my cock.

"Yes," she said softly.

"Touch your breasts for me."

"Mmm... feels good, but not as good as when its your hands."

I loved hearing her moan as I pictured her touching her hard nipples.

"Are your nipples hard, baby?"

"Yes. Are you touching yourself, Edward?" Tell me what you're doing."

"Yes, I'm moving my hand up and down my shaft, wishing it was your hand gripping me and taking my cock in your hot little mouth."

"Mmm... I would suck you so hard, baby. Oh Edward, I want you so badly," she said as I heard her opening her drawer.

"What are you doing, baby?" I asked.

"I need more, I'm sorry," she said softly.

"Don't be sorry, baby. I like that we are so open about things and if you need to use your toy while we are on the phone, its fine. But when we are together you'll never have to use it okay? So don't apologize, besides I find it fucking hot," I growled into the phone.

"Okay," she said as I heard her turn it on.

"Push it against your clit, love," I said softly.

I could hear her move and then I heard her hiss as it pressed against her.

I could imagine the her legs spread apart, her pink pussy lips slick with her arousal and her pushing her toy against her hardened clit.

Fuck, I felt my cock harden more at the images in my head.

"Yes," she said softly.

I moved my hand up and down my shaft as I listened to her soft moans and whimpers.

"Mmm.. baby, I wish I was there to help you," I said as I quickened my pace.

"Me too. Hold on," she said.

I heard her move around and then she clicked a button on her phone.

"Okay, I put the phone on speakerphone. It was hard to do this holding the phone," she said with a small laugh.

I put my phone on speaker so that I could be hands free too.

"Is that better, baby?" I asked..

"Mmm ... yeah. Now I can rub my clit and move my toy in and out of my pussy."

"Bella," I growled.

"What?" she asked.

"Just the image of that baby, I'd love to see it."

I groaned as I felt the coil in my belly tightening.

"Maybe one day you will."

"Are you close, love?"

"Y..yes," she whimpered. "Oh god, yes... so good."

"Not better than me, right?" I asked.

"No, never baby. Nothing compares to you," she said as she moaned loudly.

"That's it baby, fuck yourself. Think of me doing it," I cooed.

I could just imagine her rocking against the toy, it sliding easily in and out of her pussy.

"Oh god, Bella, fuck.. so close. Keep going baby, fuck your pussy," I growled. I pumped my fist over my shaft faster. It wouldn't be long now.

"Yes, fuck Edward. I want to feel you pulsing inside me," she said quietly.

"I do too, baby. There's no better feeling than being balls deep inside you. Fuck," I growled as I my cock jumped in my hand and hot cum flowed from me in streams hitting my stomach. "Oh god, Bella. Fuck, fuck," I groaned out as my breath came out ragged.

"Fuck yes, ooh yes, Edward," she screamed as I heard her thrashing on her bed. "Yes, yes fuck, Edward."

I laid there listening to her breathing and envisioning her laying on her bed, her breasts rising with each breath. Sweat glistening on her brow and between her breasts, her whimpers as she moved her hands over her nipples.


"Hmm.." she replied.

"Are you okay, love?" I asked.

"Yes, perfect. That was intense. I've never came that hard by myself," she said softly.

"What were you thinking abou?" I asked.

"I was thinking about you pounding into me, and I closed my eyes and I could see you and I just.. my body just exploded and I .. wow.. It's never been this way for me. Thank you for wanting to do this with me. I love you."

"I love you too, baby. I wish I could have been there tonight."

"I know, but I understand about work. I was just really looking forward to being with you, but I do understand about work and I don't want to be that type of girlfriend. We are both successful people and are capable of being apart for one night."

"Bella, you are so perfect for me. No one has ever understood about work. I know you may think its too soon, and I really wanted to ask you in person, but I can't wait."

"What is it?" she asked with trepidation in her voice.

"Will you move in with me?" I asked.

I hoped she didn't think it was too soon. I just wanted her with me when I went to sleep and when I woke up and when we came home from work. I know it is soon, but our relationship is strong enough for this and I hoped she thought so too.

"Edward, I ..."

"Baby, we can find a new place together or I can move into your place or you can move into mine. I know it may be fast, but I don't want to sleep apart from you any longer. Please say yes, please?"

"I want to move in with you. We can move wherever you want, my place or your place. It doesn't matter as long as we are together."

"Oh god, Bella. You've made me the happiest man alive. Well for now anyway," I said with a laugh.

"Edward, we can talk about where to live when you get home. I can't to see you tomorrow," she said softly.

"It's actually tonight, since it's after midnight."

"Wow, I didn't realize it was that late."

"Yeah, I guess we lost track of time," I laughed.

"I love you so much, Edward."

"I love you more, baby. I can't wait to see you."

"Okay, the concert is at seven and I'll leave your name and backstage tickets at the door. I'll be backstage and just find Angela and she'll get you to me. Kid Rock has many things he requires before the show, and I'll be personally overseeing that everything is right. Sometimes rock stars are the worst," she said with a sigh.

"Cool. I'm looking forward to seeing you work, baby. I love you and I hope you get some good sleep."

"I will now, you wore me out. I love you and I can't wait to see you tomorrow," she said excitedly.

"Yeah, if you think I wore you out tonight. Wait till I get my hand on you," I said with a laugh.

"Night baby," she said softly.

"Night love," I said as we hung up at the same time.

I laid there thinking that it was easy to ask her to move in with me, and I was surprised when she said yes. I wasn't sure at first. I really thought she was going to say no.\

But I'm so glad she said yes.

I couldn't wait to get home and see her working and then take her home and make love to her all night.

Life was good.

I curled up and fell asleep with thoughts of my brown haired beauty.