I woke up well rested, despite sleeping alone and having to get up early to go to the hotel on a Saturday.

I usually go in on Saturday for half day, but tonight's concert was so important to the hotel.

I didn't trust very many people to work on this concert, so only the best would do.

Unfortunately that meant I'd be stuck with both Mike and Eric today, they are working on the same project but not together.

Of course they were grouching about it too, but oh well I'm the boss and I make the decisions.

Thank God for Angela, she's the peace in the storm at work. She held me together more times than she knew. She definitely earns her bonus' every time.

I truly loved my staff, aside from their quirks they really did a great job.

I walked into the bathroom and turned on the water in my tub, I added some of my bubble bath and then walked down to the kitchen to start the coffee.

It was quiet and I usually liked it, but lately the quiet has just made me feel lonely.

I couldn't believe that Edward asked me to move in with him, and what surprised me even more was that I said yes.

I couldn't wait to see him tonight. He's coming from the airport straight to the concert and he'll get to see me in work mode. Hopefully he'll like what he sees, sometimes I can be quite the bitch at work.

I turned the coffee pot on and then walked back upstairs, once inside my room I stripped off my pajamas and slipped into the bathtub.

I leaned my head back and just relaxed in the water.

I was nervous about tonight, a lot was riding on this concert. It was the start of the summer season at the hotel and the first concert usually dictated how the rest of the summer went.

That's why I suggested Kid Rock as the kick off. He could bring a crowd in for sure and if it went the way I hoped it would we would have a great year.

I let the water soothe my nerves as I thought of all the things that could happen tonight, the worst thing that could happen would be something happening with the sound system but knowing how Kid Rock operates he'd probably do the concert unplugged.

I knew I shouldn't let my nerves get to me, things would be fine. I had a great team and I knew how to do my job and trouble-shooting was a strong suit of mine.

I knew that Angela was coming in early with me, and everyone else would be there around noon.

I got out of the bath and dried off, then I went to get dressed.

For this morning I would just wear a some pants and a shirt and later I would put my work attired on, my fitted business suit.

I was really excited to see Edward later, especially now since I've agreed to move in with him.

I hope that his mom doesn't think its too soon for us to move in together, it just feels right for us.

I'm either spending the night at his house or he's spending the night at my house.

So to him it made sense for him to ask me to move in.

After getting dressed, I walked into the kitchen to grab some coffee and a muffin.

I stood at the counter eating and sipping my coffee as I checked my messages, I didn't have any from Edward but I did have another one from Benjamin.

What in the world could he want.

I didn't listen to it, I just erased it and finished my coffee, then I grabbed my briefcase and keys.

I was walking down to the parking garage, when I got a text from Edward.

He said that he was heading to the airport in soon and he should be here in time for the first song.

Once I got in the car, I sent him a quick text.

I drove to the office with a smile on my face, I couldn't wait to see him tonight.

I got to my office and Angela was waiting for me with a large Vanilla Caramel Latte from Starbucks.

"Thanks Ang, how did you know I'd need it?" I asked dropping my briefcase on the desk.

"Because of how important this concert is tonight and the fact that both Eric and Mike are working on the same project," she said as she took a sip of her own coffee.

"Right. Why did I put them both on this one?"

"They are the best at what they do," she said with a smile.

"I guess so, I hope they are on their best behavior tonight, because I won't hesitate to fire their asses," I said sternly.

We both laughed as we started going over the prep work that needed to be done before the show.

It was noon when we finished all the prep work as some of the others were trickling in.

Mike and Eric seemed to be having some sort of tiff.

I swear if they cause any sort of problems tonight, I will fucking fire them and make sure they never work at another hotel in this town.

I watched as Angela delegated everyone's tasks to them as I went over the list of everyone that was on the VIP list.

Kid Rock's list wasn't as long as some other artist's.

He was very specific in the foods that he wanted in the green room and some of them we had to order from Detroit, but that is nothing compared to this star from England that only wanted foods from England and special bottled water from France.

I can truly say that was one of my least favorite events that the hotel had and of course I had to work closely with her.

I'm glad that we were able to get everything she wanted and the show went off without a hitch.

I hope this one does too.

I'd hate to have to fire some of my staff or demote them, but I can see that happening.

I walked around and checked over various things as I came up behind Mike, who was busy texting on his phone.

"What are you doing?" I asked surprising him as he dropped his phone.

"Fuck Bella, you scared me," he said.

"Watch your mouth and do your job. I'm telling you right now you and Eric are on very thin ice."

I walked away before I just flat out fired him.

I walked over to Angela and told her I was going to my office.

"I'll come find you if I need you," she said as I walked away.

I nodded.

I knew I could count on Angela to keep the ship moving along.

Once in my office, I sat down behind my desk and looked over at the framed picture of me and Edward from the pier.

I missed him, even though its only been one night.

I haven't felt this way about anyone in a long time.

I don't even think it was this way with Benjamin.

I wonder what he was wanting, I haven't spoken to him since we broke up and now all of a sudden he's been calling and leaving messages.

Something was definitely up.

I'm not the least bit interested in what he has to say and I'm not going to answer his calls or messages.

I spent the majority of the afternoon in my office, working on various other projects and overseeing what was going on downstairs.

I knew that Angela would have it all taken care of, that is why I made her my executive assistant.

I had be down in the green room at about five-thirty to meet with Kid Rock and his people.

I sometimes hated meeting these "big" celebrities. You never knew what they were going to be like in person.

Sometimes the way they are in front of the media is all sweet and kind, but when you meet them they are really assholes.

But I guess we will see in an hour.

I went into the bathroom and changed my clothes, I fixed up my make up and took my hair down from the ponytail that I had it in.

I pulled up the sides but left the back down, Edward loved when it was flowing down my back.

In less than three hours I would see him.

Yes, its only been one night but I missed him so much.

I know that sounds pathetic but when you're in love I guess it's okay.

Once I was finished, I grabbed my binder and went down to the green room where Angela was waiting.

"How did the afternoon go? Any problems out of Mike and Eric?" I asked.

"It went great. Everything was followed as per your instructions," she said tapping her binder.

"And Mike and Eric?" I said looking up at her.

"Well, I did have to separate them a few times. They were having a heated argument and then Mike would go and work in another area and then Eric would get mad because he was talking to another male co-worker. So I sent Eric up to work in catering, and Mike stayed down here."

"Great job, Ang. I knew I could count on you."

"Thanks Bella, I knew what you'd expect from everyone. So I just did things that I thought you would do."

"Excellent, are you trying to take my job?" I asked with a laugh.

"Hell no, B. Your job is way too stressful for me. I've seen you work and I admire what you do and how you do it, but I don't want the job," she said seriously.

"I was just joking. I know you don't want my job."

We both laughed.

It was nice to have that camaraderie with someone you work closely with, and I've always been comfortable with Angela.

"Any word from Kid Rock's people?" I asked.

"They sent an email saying that they were just about ready to land and that they would be arriving within forty-five minutes. They said Kid is looking forward to meeting you and your competent staff."

"I hope it all goes well, I just have a feeling that something will go wrong," I said.

"Not on my end. I followed everything to the letter of your instructions," she said with a smile.

"I know you did. Has Benjamin been around here? He's been calling and leaving messages at my house and my office."

"I haven't seen him. What does he want?"

"I'm not sure, I haven't listened to the messages and I don't want to.

"I will definitely look out for him tonight," she said with a smile.


We walked around and checked everything.

All the 'Made in Detroit' items were placed properly on the tables as specified by Kid Rock's team, and then we made our way into Kid Rock's dressing room.

It was set up with all his favorites from Michigan and other things he required.

He certainly wasn't hard to please, but he was specific in his wants.

We dealt with many celebs, so it wasn't hard to put together items that were requested.

We were walking back to the main ballroom when we heard and seen his entourage arrive.

I've seen Kid Rock in his videos, but never in person.

His manager came up to us and introduced us to Kid Rock, and then I showed him to his dressing room and asked him if there'd be anything else he would need before the sound check.

"Everything looks great, Ms. Swan," he said with a wink.

"I hope you enjoy your stay at the Tropicana," I said not sure what to call him.

"You can call me Rob," he said with a smirk.

"Not many people know what to call me. Most call me Kid, but I let a few call me Rob."

"Okay, just let me or Angela know if there's that you require before the show."

"Will do," he said as he sat down. "I think you've done a great job."

"Thank you," I said walking away.

That went smoothly, he certainly is a charmer.

As we were walking back to my office, we ran into a flower delivery man.

"May I help you?" Angela asked the man.

"Yes, I'm looking for a...Isabella Swan," he mumbled.

"That's me," I said.

"Then these are for you." He thrusted a large bouquet of assorted flowers into my hands as Angela started to give him a tip.

"It's been taken care of by the purchaser."

"Thank you," I said as we continued towards my office.

"Who are they from?" Angela asked excitedly.

I sat them on the desk and plucked out the card.

"Edward," I said with a smile, as I read the card.

I couldn't help but tear up at what he wrote, no one has ever said anything as beautiful as that to me.

"What did he say, Bella?" Angela asked noticing the tears.

"Happy tears, Ang."

She nodded, "Well?"

"He said, "Hey love, just wanted to send something almost as beautiful as you. I couldn't decide on a flower, so I sent an assortment. I missed you beyond words, love. I know we were only apart one night but it seemed liked more. I love you with all my heart, and can't wait to see you very soon. Take care and know that I'll be seeing you tonight.- Forever Yours, E.

"He's definitely a romantic one," Angela said.

"Do you think he could give Ben a few lessons?"

We both laughed as we sat down as the phone rang and Angela picked it up.

"Isabella Swan's office, how may I help you?" she said.

I looked over at her as she wrinkled her brow.

"I'm sorry, Benjamin she's indisposed at the moment. Is there anything I can help you with?" she said.

She listened intently to whatever he was saying and then she hung up.

"What did he want?" I asked looking at her.

"He said and I quote, he needs to speak to you about a personal matter pertaining to your past relationship, and that he'd really appreciated you getting back to him in a timely manner."

"What the fuck, a personal matter pertaining to our past relationship. I don't have anything I want to say to him. I'm not calling him back," I said as I sat down. "We have been over for awhile now."

"I know, Bella. I will just keep telling him you are out or do not wish to be contacted anymore, and if he persists I will threaten him with harassment charges."

"Thanks, I don't know what he is up to."

"Don't worry, I've got your back."

"You always do, Ang," I said as I looked over my schedule for next weekend.

Edward's party was next weekend, I had to oversee that one with Esme.

This week I had to finalize the plans, and get the Grand Ballroom set up.

I finished the necessary paperwork that needed to be done, I looked up at the clock and noticed the time.

"We better get down there, the concert is about to start," I said to Angela.

"Great, and your man will be here," she said with a smirk.

"That he will, and I can't wait to get him home tonight."

We walked out of my office down the the Grande Ballroom and went back stage.

We were standing there listening to the opening band as Kid Rock went through his pre-concert routine.

It was amazing to watch these big stars before they took the stage, their backstage personas were so different than their onstage ones.

By far, Kid Rock has been the easiest celeb that I've worked with.

"Bella," he called as he noticed me.

"Hey, I hope the show goes great and that everything is to your liking."

"Thank you, everything is great. I just wanted to say your hotel is amazing and I hope that we can play here again next year. I want you to personally oversee it."

"That is awesome. I'm sure that can be arranged."

"I hope that there is someone special in your life, Bella. You definitely deserve to be cherished."

"Thank you, there is someone. He'll be here tonight," I said with a smile.

"I hope I get the chance to meet him," he said as his manager told him that the press was here.

"I guess duty calls," he said with a smile. "Would you come and have your picture take with me?"

"Sure," I said as he extended his arm to me.

We posed for pictures as I felt someones eyes on me.

Once Kid Rock left to go onstage, I turned around and Benjamin grabbed my arm tightly.

"Isabella, you've been avoiding my calls," he said.

"I've got nothing to say to you. Let go of me."

I pulled my arm away.

"Bella, there is something important I need to talk to you about," he said.

"What could be so important that you've been calling and leaving messages for weeks, and now you're here. What is it? It better not be how you want me back or something. I'm in a relationship now."

"With who?"

"With me." I heard from behind me.

"Well then, what I have to say to you would involve him too, as well as another other partners you may have had since we broke up," he said.