Chapter 22


This week was very busy for me, between putting the final touches on Edward's party and making time to go to the doctor to get a stupid test all because of Benjamin was making for a very grouchy Bella.

Edward and I spent two nights together, but mostly I stayed at my house.

We still planned on moving in together, but I haven't even started to pack yet.

"Angela, do you have the binder for Edward's party?" I barked into the intercom.

"Yes, you left it out here. I'll bring it right in. Do you need anything else?"

"Coffee, please."

"Sure thing, B."

I've been snapping at people all day, things were just getting on my nerves and I was so ready for this day to be over.

Edward and I were going to spend the night together and then go to his birthday party tomorrow.

I had to work a bit late so I was going to meet Edward at his house after I was done.

"Here you are, B," Angela said.

"Thanks Ang. I'm sorry that I was being a bit snappy."

"It's okay. I know how you are under pressure."

"I'm usually not this bad," I said with an uneasy smile. "It's just been a tough week."

"Yeah, I can see that," she said as the phone rang.

"Isabella Swan's office," she said picking up the phone. "Yes, one moment please."

"B, its the clinic downtown," she said.

"Thanks," I said as I took the phone from her hand, and hoped that my hands weren't shaking.

"This is Isabella," I said.

"Hi Isabella, this is Bree from the clinic. I have your results," she said.

"Oh," I said as my stomach clenched.

"I want you to know that your test results came back negative."

"Thank you so much," I said into the phone.

I hung it up and leaned back in my chair, breathing a sigh of relief.

I was so glad to hear that I was clean and everything was okay.

"Everything okay, Bella?" Angela asked.

"Yes, its perfect," I said.

I sent a quick text to Edward with just a smiley face and told him I loved him.

"Good. I was worried about you this past week, after Benjamin showing up and how you and Edward seemed distant."

"Have we really seemed that way?"

"Yeah, the sparkle in your eye wasn't there and I haven't seen him much around and he hasn't called as much. I was afraid to ask how things were. I hoped that Benjamin wasn't causing problems for you two," she said as she sat down across from me.

"We're fine. It's just been busy, and Benjamin's visit was unexpected to say the least and what he had to say wasn't very pleasant. But it's all fine now. Edward and me are closer than ever. He asked me to move in with him."

"Are you going to?" she asked excitedly.

"Yes, I just don't know when. We haven't talk about it much since before the Kid Rock concert."

"I'm sure it will all work out, you two are perfect together. I watched you at the concert while Benjamin was talking to you. It looked like Edward wanted to kill him."

"I think he did, especially after Benjamin called me a bitch. Edward was livid," I said as I flipped through the binder.

My phone chimed on the desk, and I looked down to see a message from Edward, "All is good here too. Told you so. See you tonight. Much love. -E"

I couldn't help the smile that was on my face.

"Edward?" Angelea asked.

I totally forgot she was there.


"I'm glad to see that smile again. It's been missing for a long time."

"Thanks Angela. Do you have the number for the caterer and the bakery? I want to check on everything."

She went to get the numbers and I sat back in my chair.

I'm glad the party was at Esme's house, having it at the hotel wouldn't be as personal or as relaxed.

The little goodie bags were all set to be delivered as was the picture booth, and the cake was being delivered on Saturday.

Once I had the numbers I called and confirmed that everything was on schedule for tomorrow.

It was so, I went ahead and put in a call to our favorite restaurant to have dinner ready for us when I left the office.

I hoped to leave early and get dinner, and then get home to Edward's before he got there so that I could make his house a little festive for a pre-birthday celebration, just the two of us.

My phone chimed as I was lost in thought about tonight.

I looked down at my phone and smiled as I read his message; "I'll be home by 5 tonight. Executive decision. Love you, E."

I buzzed Angela after looking at the time and she came in promptly.

"What's up, B?"

"Do I have anything that needs my attention within the next two hours?" I asked.

"Nope. Your schedule is pretty clear today. Why?" she asked with a smirk.

"Awesome," I said as I packed the binder and my other things into my messenger back. "I am heading home then. Just send any calls to phone and I'll get to them."

"Okay Bella, have fun and don't do anything I wouldn't do. Oh hell, do what I wouldn't do," she said with a laugh.

"Sure Ang, what wouldn't you do?" I asked with a laugh as I went out the door.

She just smiled as I got on the elevator.

I couldn't wait to get home and get everything ready for Edward.

Tomorrow is his birthday, but we are celebrating it tonight, just the two of us.

I got in my car and started it and drove to our favorite restaurant to pick up my order, and then I drove to his home to get everything set up for my love.

Once there I parked in my spot and gathered all my stuff and I quickly went inside.

I sat the food in the oven and turned it on warm, and then I went to change into something a bit more comfortable, of course it would be something in blue.

I checked the time and saw that it was a quarter to five, so I went into the kitchen to pull out dinner.

I wanted to have everything set up for when he walked in the door.

I plated our food and placed it on the table, then I went to get the wine and glasses as I heard his keys jingle in the lock.

"Hey baby, I'm home," he called as he entered the house.

"Hi," I said as I came into the dining room carrying the wine.

He looked over at me and the most beautiful smiled graced his lips.

"What's all this?" he asked.

"I thought we could celebrate your birthday early and that everything is fine," I said as I handed him his wine.

He took it from my hand and sat it on the table.

"I knew everything would be," he said as he pulled me into his arms and kissed me. "I've missed you."

"I've missed you too."

He leaned in and kissed me again as my hands slipped up into his hair and he growled low in his chest, as he held me tighter.

Our tongues were sliding against each others as his hands slipped down to my ass and pressed me against his already hard cock.

I groaned into his mouth as I felt him against my covered core.

"Mmm... Edward, let's eat and then continue this after," I cooed into his ear.

"If we must," he said as he led me over to the table.

"We need to eat to have enough energy for later activities," I purred as he pulled out my chair.

"You got my favorite dinner?"

"Of course, I wanted to surprise you," I said as I took a small sip of wine.

"You did. I'm sorry that this week has been so busy for us," he said looking over at me.

"I know, me too."

"Bella, do you still want to move in here with me?" he asked.

"Yes, why wouldn't I?"

"I guess since we haven't talked about it. I thought maybe you changed your mind about us."

"Edward, I haven't changed my mind about us. I want us more than anything in the world. I love you and I want to move in with you. Things this week were just busy for both of us. We have all weekend to be together, well tomorrow we have to share our time with others at your party, but the rest of the time it will be just us."

He smiled over at me as he took my hand.

"I love you too, Bella. You mean the world to me, and I never want to lose you."

We ate and chatted about our week as he held my hand in his.

"This is amazing Bella, thank you for doing all of this for me," he said quietly.

"You're more than welcome, I just wanted to make tonight special."

"Every night with you is special, baby," he said as he squeezed my hand as we ate.

We finished eating and he cleared the table for me since I set everything up for us.

"Do you want more wine?" he called from the kitchen.

"Yes, please," I said as I moved to sit on the couch as I untied my robe.

I watched as he walked in the living room carrying the bottle of wine and our glasses, "You look beautiful sitting there waiting for me. Is that new?"

"Yes, I bought it just for you," I said as he held my wine glass out to me.

"Mmm... I like it, but I think I like what is underneath more," he said as he slid his hand up my leg.

I couldn't help but moan as his fingers moved up higher on my leg.

"Edward," I whispered as I scooted closer to him.

I set my wine glass down and reached out for him, pulling his face close to mine and I pressed my lips against his.

We slowly leaned back against the couch as his tongue invaded my mouth and my hands went to the back of his hair.

Our lips moved against each others, devouring each other as we moved against one another.

"Bella," he murmured as he moved his lips down to my neck.

"Mmm... yes baby," I breathed against him as his lips sucked and nipped against my skin.

He moved his hand up under my gown as he made his way up to my breast, he slowly cupped it and ran his thumb over the hardening nipple.

I arched up into him as he closed his fingers over my nipple.

"Edward," I cried out as he moved back to my mouth.

His fingers plucked and pulled at my nipple as I arched into him.

My body rubbed against his as I felt his cock getting harder against me.

"Bedroom?" I asked as his fingers pinched my nipple.

"Yes," he murmured as he pulled away and stood up.

He reached for me and lifted me up into his arms and then he carried me into the bedroom.

I kissed up and down his jaw as he held me in his arms.

Once in the bedroom, he shut the door with his foot and strode to the bed. He laid me down in the center of it and then stripped out of his clothes.

I watched as he dropped his pants and shirt on the floor and then he crawled up onto the bed and hovered over me.

"You are so beautiful, baby," he murmured as his hands skimmed along my thighs pushing my nightie up.

"Edward," I murmured softly as his hands slid up my body.

"These underwear need to go," he said hooking his fingers in the sides and pulling them down quickly.

He tossed them to the floor as his fingers ghosted over my slick folds.

I moaned as his fingers moved over my skin.

"Please, don't tease me. I need you," I murmured softly as he continued his exploration of my body.

"I wouldn't dare, love," he said as he pushed the gown up over my breasts and then he pulled it over my head.

I reached up and gripped his shoulders as I pulled him down to me and I crashed my lips against his.

I felt his fingers brush over my nipples as I tangled my fingers into his hair.

"Mmm... Edward."

"Bella, fuck you feel so good. I want to make love to you all night, will you let me?" he murmured against my lips.

"Yes," I said breathlessly as I felt at my entrance. One small move on my part and he'd be inside me.

He moved his hand to his cock and he guided it into me.

"Yes..." he grunted as he slid in easily.

"Fuck, so good," I said as I pulled my legs up and wrapped them around his back as he pulled back and then thrusted back in.

"Yes, Edward again."

He pulled in and out several times as we found our rhythm and moved against each other.

Our lips fused together as our tongues explored and our hands pulled and tugged at each other.

Fuck he felt so fucking good, I couldn't get enough of his cock sliding in and out of my wet pussy.

"More, harder baby," I panted as I gripped the back of his hair as he slammed into me.

Our moans and grunts were all you heard.

"Fuck Bella, you're so fucking wet," he said as he lifted his hands to the headboard and gripped it tightly as he used it to slam into me.

"Oh fuck, yes, Ed.. ward," I cried out as he hit deeper inside me.

I could feel the coil building within me as we moved against each other.

His lips found mine as our bodies were slick with sweat and we kissed tenderly.

"I ... I fuck, yes, baby," he murmured against my lips.

I loved watching as the pleasure registered on his face.

His mouth opened and his eyes closed as he thrusted deeply.

"F.. fuck Edward, so deep. I love feeling you this way," I panted as I met his thrusts.

"Oh god, Bella, fuck. I'm so close."

"It's okay, let go. I'm there too," I panted against him as I felt my walls tightening around him.

He thrusted a few more times before his stilled over me and I looked up at him as his release shook through his body.

"Holy fuck, yes," he yelled as his body trembled and he held me close.

"Yes, baby, fuck," I screamed as my body exploded against him and my pussy clenched around him.

I clung to him as we rode out our orgasms.

Panting and sweaty, we stayed connected as he placed small kisses over my face and lips.

"I love you," I said softly.

"I love you so much, Bella. I never want to let you go," he murmured as he gently rolled us to our side as he slipped out of me.

I hated losing the feel of him, and I must of frowned as he did.

"Don't worry, love. We'll be doing more of that soon. I just need a bit of recovery time," he said with a smile.

We laid there cuddled together, talking, touching and kissing. It was one those times where nothing existed but us.

I smiled up at him before I laid my head on his chest.

"Are you excited about your birthday party?" I asked as I drew circles over his chest and nipples.

"Mmm.. yeah. I'm sure there will be a certain brunette by my side and I get to go home with her and make love to her all night."

"Hmm... You're sure of yourself, huh?" I said with a laugh.

"Definitely, I already have her in my arms right now," he said as he moved me so that he could kiss my lips.

I couldn't help the moan that escaped my lips as our tongues moved against each others.

I slipped my fingers into his hair as we kissed deeply.

"I love you, Edward," I breathed out against his lips as we parted.

"I love you too, Bella. My words cannot express the depth of my love for you," he said and I couldn't stop the tears that sprang to my eyes.

This wasn't like me, usually I'm not a sappy person at all.

He leaned in and kissed my cheeks where the tears fell, "It's okay, baby. I'm never letting you go, I can't wait for tomorrow night."

"Why?" I asked looking up into his eyes.

"You'll see tomorrow," he said as he laid me back on the bed and settled between my legs.

I loved the feel of his cock at my entrance, and I loved the way that he gently slipped inside of me.

It was like we were made for each other.

We made love slowly, showing each other the depth of our love .

It wasn't hurried. It was slow and full of love and passion as we brought each other to a shuddering climax.

We fell asleep in each others arms after making love several more times.

I woke up and looked over at him, sleeping on his side with me in his arms.

He looked so peaceful that I didn't want to wake him up, but I wanted to go and make us breakfast.

I quietly slipped out of the bed and went into the kitchen.

Once in the kitchen I set out to make omelets for breakfast, along with toast and cut up fruit.

I put everything on a tray along with juice and coffee.

I slowly walked up the stairs to make sure I didn't spill anything or worse drop it all.

I opened the door to see him just starting to move.

"Bella," he murmured.

I walked over to the bed and sat the tray down.

"Happy Birthday, " I said as I moved his hair out of his eyes.

"Where did you go?" he asked sitting up.

"I went to make your birthday breakfast," I said as I put the tray in his lap.

"You made all this for me?"

"Yes, and me, if you want to share," I said softly.

"Of course, I'll share. It looks wonderful."

I reached under my nightstand and picked up the gift bag that was there.

"This is for you, I wanted to give to to you alone. I do have another gift for you that you'll get at the party."

"Thank you, love. Shall I open it before we eat?"

"Yes," I said.

He picked up the card and opened it as he smiled over at me.

"Thank you, baby," he said as he pulled out the wrapped box from the bag.

He unwrapped it, and pulled the watch out of the box.

"This is amazing, Bella. I needed a new watch, my band is breaking on mine."

"I know," I said as I turned it over in his palm. "I had it engraved, too."

He looked down at it.

"From one trip to the Picture Booth to love... Forever Yours, Bella."

He reached for me and pulled me to him, crushing my lips to his.

"I love it, baby. Thank you so much."

"You're welcome. I'm glad you liked it. It was hard to figure out what to buy for you."

"I would've have loved anything you gave to me," he said as he fed me some of the omelet.

I smiled over at him as I took the fork and fed him some of the fruit.

I watched as his lips closed over a piece of pineapple, they looked so succulent and fully kissable.

We continued feeding each other between our kisses and touching each other until we were satisfied.

I got up and moved the tray to the dresser and then came back to the bed to be enveloped in his arms.

"Do you have any plans for us, love?" he asked.

"No, not till we have to be at your parents house."

"Mmm... good. Shower with me?"

"Of course, on one condition," I said.

"What's that?" he asked with a questioned glance.

"Fuck me in the shower."

"Anything for you," he said as he lifted me up and carried me into the shower.