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Derek was sleeping in the closet. He was hiding from Angie, because he REALLY needed a nap, and he sure as hell didn't want to do her paperwork again.

"Attention Doctor Stiles and Nurse Thompson, you are needed in the OR."

Derek slumbered on, unaware of the time slipping by.


5 hours later, Angie found him in the closet. She had been so worried about him...

"Hey Angie, where's your boyfriend?" Tyler teased.

"I don't know, and he isn't my boyfriend." Angie snapped.

"Ooh, touchy, eh?"

Angie threw a scalpel at his head, purposely missing, but not by much.. He shut up.

"I really should do that more often, it works so well..."

"Where is Derek, anyways? He BETTER not be sleeping."

As time passed, Angie grew more and more worried.

"What if he got hurt or something?"

Angie was walking, or more accurately running, past the storage closet when something shifted inside.



"What the hell?"

Angie opened the closet door, ready for anything. She relaxed slightly when she saw Derek's sprawled form on the floor.

"Derek...I am going to kill you."


Derek snapped awake, and hit his head hard on the wall. His head jerked forward, as he slipped into unconsciousness again.

Oblivious to his head injury, she continued to yell. "DON'T YOU DARE IGNORE ME NOW, YOU IDIOT! WAKE UP!

Angie kicked him hard in the ribs, hoping it would wake him up.

To her dismay, it didn't. What it did do was crack two of his ribs. One nicked his heart, effectively stopping it.

Angie suddenly froze when she heard the cracking noise, realizing what she did.

"Derek? Oh, god!"

"What did I just do?"

She reached down to check his pulse, and stopped. She did not feel a heartbeat.

"Derek? Derek? Someone, help!"


She began to perform CPR while calling for help.

Tyler ran in just as she was blowing air into his mouth.

"What the hell? You need help to kiss him or something? Well, first you-" He started to laugh, but stopped when he noticed the tears streaking her face and the fact that she was now compressing his chest.

"What happened?"

"I-I don't know!" Angie stammered. I think he has some fractured ribs, and one may have nicked his heart! It isn't beating!" Angie cried, lying through her teeth.

"What the hell? How did that happen?" Tyler wondered.

"Ooh, speaking of which, what where they doing in the closet…?"

Tyler had some very perverted thoughts before he pulled himself together.

"It doesn't matter right now! Get him to the E.R!"

Derek's heart has been stopped for 3 minutes...Doctor, you need to restart his heart!" Angie pleaded.

"Got it! Let's begin the operation!"

"He doesn't do it as well as Derek does…" Angie giggled to herself.

She snapped herself alert. It had been HER fault he was like this, and she had the audacity to LAUGH about something like this? What kind of person was she…?


Tyler grabbed the defibrillator. "Charging to 200! Clear!"

Derek's heart didn't stir.

Meanwhile, Angie was free-falling in a spiral of darkness, guilt encasing her heart.

"If he dies..."


"Because of what I did..."

"Charging to 300! Clear!"

"I don't know..."


"How I'll live with myself."

"Charging to 360! Clear!"

"Derek...Please, wake up..."


"Please...Because I love you! Please!" Angie started to cry uncontrollably.

Tyler's hands were growing heavy. Barely holding back tears, he looked at the clock.

"Time of death..."

"NO!" Angie screamed, snatching the paddles from Tyler and slamming them onto Derek's chest. "CLEAR!"

Derek's body jerked, but his heart didn't make a sound.


She refused to give up. She shocked him again, and again, and again.

"Wake up, Derek!" Angie screamed.

"Angie." Tyler said, laying a reconciliatory hand on her shoulder. "Give it up. I-It's already been 10 minutes..." He was barely holding back tears himself.

"N-No...No...This...C-Can't...Be...H-Happening..." She said it so quietly that she barely heard herself.


She fell back against the wall, her eyes rolling up in her head.

Angela Thompson blacked out.

She didn't hear the beeping sound that signaled the return of his heartbeat.

"C'mon, Tyler, it's been three weeks. Can I get discharged yet?" Derek pleaded.

"No." Tyler said, almost smugly.

"Fine." Derek said, defeated.

"But can I see Angie?"

"Come to think of it..." Derek thought to himself. "She would have checked on me by now. I haven't seen her at all. Where could she be?"

Derek immediately grew worried when he saw the smug look get wiped off Tyler's face.

"Where is she?"

Tyler dropped his eyes to the floor.

"Angie's...gone missing."

Derek voiced his thoughts.


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