Bruce looked at him calmly. "There's something fundamentally wrong with you, Stark"

"Oh, c'mon! Admit it... you've wondered." Tony said hotly.

Bruce raised his eyebrows and shook his head.

Tony looked across at Clint. "Tell me you haven't thought about it?" he demanded.

Clint's eyes narrowed. "I generally try not to think about my co-workers' junk, actually."

"Where is the scientific curiosity?" Tony cried, looking around at his fellow Avengers. "They take a guy who is five-foot-five, weighs a hundred pounds, tops; and they make him into Captain America- six-foot-something, two hundred pounds of pure muscle, less than ten percent body fat... so..." Tony gestured down towards his hips "What happened to that? I mean, did it get bigger, to stay in proportion to the rest of him? Or did it stay the same size he was?" He laughed to himself "That would be awkward! can you imagine the look on the face of any woman who gets him naked?"

The other men in the room looked at him like he was horribly insane. Natasha rolled her eyes.

"Well, I guess you have to think about it like this" she chimed in "To make his muscles and tissues bigger, he was directly injected all over his body with Erskine's super soldier serum, right?"

Everyone nodded thoughtfully.

"Well, that would mean... if his organ also got bigger, to be in proportion with his new body... he would have to have had the serum injected into his penis." she rationalise.

All three men squirmed uncomfortably in their chairs.

"Wow, can you imagine?" she elaborated. "A whole bunch of micro-injection into an incredibly sensitive area. Must've been excruciating. But he must've had them, right? Maybe we should ask him, 'hey Steve, tell us about having injections in your dick. Did it hurt? Did you throw up?' "

Clint leaned forward on the table and took a deep, slow breath.

Bruce swallowed nervously.

Tony swiped off the sweat that had suddenly sprung up on his top lip.

Natasha wasn't quite finished making them suffer. "Imagine having needles stuck into your wang for your country? That's patriotism!"

"Okay, stop now" Clint said flatly.

Bruce's right eye was twitching. "Seriously, you need to stop."

"I'm sorry I asked. So, so sorry." Tony muttered, his face blank.

Natasha leaned back, satisfied.

The door to the briefing room opened, and Steve walked in. He slowed as he looked around the table, taking in his teammates' stunned expressions. "What's wrong?"

He shifted nervously when he noticed that all eyes were on his groin area.

"You are a brave son-of-a-bitch." Tony breathed. "I know I never say it, but you amaze me in every way."

"Uh, okay... thanks, Tony" Steve said uncertainly. Steve looked at Natasha.

She shrugged.


Author's note: I know I wasn't the only one wondering about this during the scene in Captain America, where Jumbo Steve pops out of the pod! And so, this story is what happens when I joke about it with my friends. thanks to Voiceofdisbelief for checking it over. Obligatory disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters, I just write for fun... and I LOVE feedback! Thanks for reading.