Hey guys...here is a story i thought would be really cool...its a B/V, G/CC, K/18 fanfic...hope you enjoy it.

Bulma POV

You know, there aren't many wonders left in the world that haven't been discovered.

Then again if there are things that don't want to be discovered they'll do everything in their power not to get discovered.

Well what if I were one of those things?

Would I be considered some type of monster?

A freak?

Something that should only be considered a myth?

Well guess what, I am very real, now whether or not you fear me or not, well that's your problem.


"BULMA! Wake up or you'll be late for school!"

You would think that being the same species my mom would understand that I can't stand getting up this early to learn things I learned when I was six. Then again, she just thinks that school is just a place for me to be sociable with others my age.

The thing is that not everyone my age can shift into an animal. Everyone in our "pack" can shift into an animal. What animal, though is not our decision, but the animals.

See long ago, when the first people of the world came, the animals instantly became attached to them. Unfortunately whenever the animal died, its spirit stayed there wandering forever alone. The humans could never let that happen, so they made a treaty with Kami, guardian of this world. The treaty was that with each newborn child an animal spirit could chose it to stay here or go into the next life. The animal could stay in the body as long as the human can use all of its abilities, including being that animal. The thing was that the animal and human could not pass into the next world; they would just simply fade away from existence.


"I'm coming, I'm coming!"

Almost falling over my sheets I go into my bathroom take the fastest coldest shower I have ever taken, come out in a maroon formal sweater, black jeans, my favorite black all-stars shoes, with my hair down like usual.

Going down the stairs I saw my father working in his lab on something that was supposed to help figure out the compatibility the animal would have while the child was still a fetus in the mother. I don't believe that will work really well considering no one knows what the animal prefers in humans. I tried to tell my father that but he doesn't want to listen, so I just try to support him to the best of my abilities. Then I saw my mother doing the usual, in the kitchen trying to cook as much food as possible so she could give it to the rest of our pack mates.

"Mom, you gotta let the others cook their own food or they'll never learn to fend for themselves."

"But Bulma dear, if I didn't I would feel bad because I always cook so much that I always throw away what doesn't get eaten so why not give it to people?"

"I just don't want you to be taken advantage of, that's all."

"Oh that's pish posh, besides if the did you would get them back for it so I don't worry that much."

"Well if I don't want to miss my first day as a junior, I better just get a piece of toast, take whatever you're cooking for Goku, Chichi, Krillen, and Eighteen, so they can eat on the way. Bye mom, bye dad!"

As I raced out of our suite, as everyone in the pack has one, I saw Goku come out his on my left and Eighteen on my right.

I said "Hey guys, how's it goin'?"

"Hey Bulma, is that food I smell?"

"Jeez if I were to go on your personality and sense of smell I would say you were a dog, not an oversized monkey."

"Eighteeeeen that hurt. I'm not a monkey, I'm a gorilla. Besides that I can't help it if my stomach can't stay full."

"Whatever, I still say you're a monkey. Hey we better get going if we want to get there on time."


After handing Eighteen her little brown paper sack of food, and Goku his backpack of food we headed to the elevator that would lead us to the ground level. Once we got out we saw Chichi and Krillen waiting for us at the lobby's giant glass window doors. To the untrained eye, the building we live in seems like a very expensive hotel that only elites can get into unless you strike the owners interest. Which is our cover at school, because who really wants to break it to the humans that the hotel they all want to stay at is the home of a bunch of shifters. No one does, well not the sane shifters any way.

After a few minutes of chatter and giving them their food we head towards the wooded area so we could shift, well most of us anyway, to make up for time. The only ones that haven't been through our first shift are me and Eighteen.

You shift when you're fully matured and when the conditions are right which is different for everyone. It could be because your life is in danger, or it could be you're at the happiest in your life. I know I will shift my first time in these next two years because my hearing is starting to improve, and I can hear things that happen downstairs with my parents a lot clearly too. And I must say my parents are pretty boring.

When we reached the forests beginning, Goku, Krillen, and Chichi started stripping out of their clothes and gave them to us so they wouldn't get ruined. Luckily all of us have seen each other naked starting when we were five months old.

Krillen shifting into a giant mole, the size of a Great Dane, dove into the dirt with great speed that to the untrained eye would be hard to keep up with. Goku shifted into a big silver back gorilla, almost as big a fully grown normal gorilla, but Goku is still growing, so I don't know how much bigger he's going to get. Eighteen jumped on his back since she had both boys' clothes. Chichi shifted into a human sized raven and lowered her body so I could get on her back.

The best part of the forest is where it starts towards the east end of the "hotel" and ends at the south end of our school. This is convenient because not many people use the south parking lot, except us shifters.

The reason we go to school with humans is quite simple, to keep hidden. Hunters have after us ever since some of the humans who weren't chosen by the first animal spirits found out. Their hatred of the animal spirits spiraled out of control. What you might have called the witch trials was actually a cover up to what was actually the revolution between humans and the peaceful shifters. When they started doing mass murders we had to hide for our safety as well as for the younglings who might be subjected to the cruelty that humans could be a part of.

When Chichi touched the ground, I immediately jumped off so she could shift back into a human. I gave her her clothes, turned to the clearing to find the others clothed and keeping a look out.

"Do you guys sense that?" Eighteen asked as if slightly amused, but we all knew that was a cover up she uses to mask her worry.

"Yeah it's weird, especially if me and you could sense it, can you guys?"

They all nodded, any trace of humor vanished. All we know as of now is that something, or someone, is new and entering our school and it isn't completely human. Which leads to two questions: who is it and what is it?