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3rd Person POV

While Vegeta was off hunting, Radditz and Nappa, being who they are wouldn't stay in the 'house' for more than an hour at a time, left. Sensing a powerful shifter close by prepared a trap so they can interrogate it. After the preparations were done all that was to do was wait.

Thankfully they didn't need to wait long, but the beast they saw was not what they were expecting. It wasn't the fact that they were scared the trap wouldn't work, because it worked with every type of shifter. No it's the fact that the amount of power coming from the beast wasn't male, but female.

Surrounding the animal, one facing her face the other her tail, which was all but still. Smiling they analyzed her. She, not liking the scrutiny growled like the animal she is at the moment. All of her body was low to the floor ready to pounce when needed.

"Hello there kitty, what's a beauty like you doing out here? You know it's dangerous for young ladies to be out in the forest alone."

Bulma POV

The hell? How does he know about shifters, or the fact that I am young? Don't get me wrong but he doesn't seem like the nice guy trying to strike a conversation. My tail was the only thing signaling I was listening.

Forgetting about whose chasing me for the moment, I try to come up with a plan that will get me away from this, sorry these, guys with minimal damage done to me. Not knowing if they have any weapons on them means that charging and clawing them to death is out of the question. I could follow along with them and hope they just leave, but the way there looking at me, by which I know quite well, they won't let me go. Which leaves me with one other option, do I run for it? What if that's their plan though? I could be walking straight into a death trap. Death trap or death, one I could live through the other I won't. Great. Fuck it, I chose the hope of living.

The only thing is which way do I run, obviously these two blocked off the front and back for a reason. Probably assumed if I had the chance I would run in one of those directions, smart move on their part. Now left or right, one way could have a trap, both could have a trap, or none have a trap and they are extremely cocky. I pray for the last.

"What are you thinking about little girl? You don't want to us fine gentlemen?"

What should have been a grunt came out a cross between a whine and a sneeze. Hearing footsteps, I knew I had to think fast, since the thing is too far away to smell. When you don't know who is coming assume it's backup for the enemy, that's what Goku taught me.

It's time to choose, left or right, because if backup does come for them then you're doomed. Eenie meenie minee mo, left it is. Hunching my back, swatting at the guy by my tail he falls and the other I roar at, I turn my body to the left. Which was unfortunately the one with a trap.

A branch I ran over was the trigger and a metal like rope wrapped around my paws like a snake would slither up a rock and pulled tight. I can tell you it dislocated all of my paws, which means even if I were to break out of the rope I wouldn't be able to run away. But with my heritage of stubborn people, I can't give them the satisfaction of seeing me scared or what not.

The stranger I heard I can now smell, it was the same person I saw not even fifteen minute prior. Vegeta.

"Nappa! Cut her loose before I cut your head off! Didn't I tell you there was a pack of them around here somewhere?"

"And how do you know she isn't one of them! Their pack could be spies for them for all we know!"

"With that much energy leaking out of her? You're kidding right? Even you would be able to sense her from a mile away!"

With that said, I plummeted to the ground.

Vegeta POV

Dumbasses! All of them are, even if the blue eyed bitch was working with Frieza capturing her is the stupidest move, they'd surely find then. And she's stupid for falling for the trap. And a simple one too.

As soon as fancy feet plopped to the ground, not on her feet surprisingly, she let out a groan, looked at Nappa and growled.

"Not my fault you can't land on all fours!"

"…my fault….won't…..away…feet….fixed!"

Considering she just went through her first shift and able to get that much of a sentence using telepathy out, I am impressed. Until I notice she isn't standing up. Which means something is wrong with her. Whether it's petty or not I don't know.

"What the hell's wrong with you!? Stand up!" She answered by groaning then made a noise close to a whimper. Rolling my eyes I go over to her and inspect her injuries.

Great somebody is gonna get hurt when the pack figures out what happened to her. Her fur around all of her ankles is dark red signaling blood. Most likely dislocated feet, and when I bet when the idiot dropped her she landed on her shoulder, getting that dislocated too.

Everything else about her seemed normal, then suddenly an idea struck me.

Touching her forehead, I concentrated until I formed a psychic link with her.

Where's your pack?

You think that they'll let you go once they find out about me?

I don't plan to meet your pack, just get you back within their boundaries.

We're in the boundaries, this whole forest I ours or was last time I checked. So is the school for that matter. What does the location of my pack have to with anything, you can't help a shifter when in their first shift. It is the law so these injuries would have to heal on their own anyways.

Your point? If that's the case then I'm going.

Starting to leave I can feel waves of anxiety coming from the wounded lion, but would voice it, she just laid her head on the green foliage, that tail moving as if nothing happened to its mater.

Never once I had ever had a guilty conscience about anything I did, until today. Grumbling loudly I walked back to the beast, and climbed the tree she hanged off of. Always carrying a big knife comes in handy. Cutting branches five inches thick and ten feet long I start making a sled to pull her on. Using smaller branches off the ground the sled made it took all three of us to drag her weight across it. Now all we had to do was avoid the pack, that by the way live in the forest that I do, get her healed and still manage to keep a low profile. Just another walk in the park isn't it?

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